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Bar Cookies

Easy Bar Cookie Recipes
When you need to make dessert for a crowd, there are a plethora of easy Bar Cookies Recipes from which to choose. From these Peanut Butter Tagalong Cookie Bars to The Best Lemon Bars and even a tutorial on How to Cut the Perfect Bar Cookies,  your family and friends will rave over any treat you select.
What Are Bar Cookies?
A cookie bar is a baked dessert made with a dense dough like used for cookies. Pressed into a baking dish, it’s then cut into cookie sized squares after it’s cooled. Bar cookies are an easier way to make a dessert compared to scooping out individual cookies.

All of these tasty Pan Cookies, Tray Bakes or Squares are quick to prepare and less labor intensive than other desserts. Bar Cookies are a terrific way to serve dessert whether for a casual gathering with friends or for family meals!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are a family favorite and our most frequently baked dessert. Some variations include Fudge and Toffee Chocolate Chip Bars, Meringue Topped Chocolate Chip Bars, and Chocolate Chip Caramel Butter Bars.

If you have a bake sale, picnic, pot luck or need a lunch box  or after school snack, peruse these 90+ Easy Bar Cookies Recipes for inspiration!

Fan Favorites include Tagalong Cookie Bars, Chocolate Chip Caramel Butter Bars and the Best Lemon Bar Recipe. You’ll also love these Simple Meringue Cookies!