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About Me, That Skinny Chick Can Bake

I’m Liz & have been cooking, baking & teaching since I was a teenager, with over 40 years of experience to share with you via well-tested recipes. I share wickedly delicious desserts, entrees, and appetizers that can all be reproduced perfectly in your kitchen. Besides recipes, there are many tips to make the process go smoothly. Whether entertaining or feeding your family, these recipes will guarantee you the coveted reputation of a fabulous cook and hostess!!

My baking and cooking education started with my mom, who loved to experiment with cooking. She had the New York Times Cookbook to reference for dinner parties and she taught me how to make food beautiful and delicious. Never one to dissuade our creativity, she allowed my sisters and me to cook or bake anything our hearts desired. And I, as the oldest of four, helped teach my siblings to cook.

When my mom started grad school while I was in high school, I would cook for our family of 6 once a week. Experimenting in the kitchen was a nice break from Chemistry and Trigonometry. Baking became a passion, especially when my parents were generous with praise.

College led me to a career in Nursing, where Nutrition was part of the curriculum. For 5 years, I cared for inpatient cancer patients where good nutrition was key to their survival and recovery. Educating my patients was an important part of being a registered nurse.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did You Decide on A Blog Name?

When I started mulling over blog names, I focused on phrases using words like desserts, baking, and chocolate. They weren’t very catchy. But since I was known among my friends as an incredible dessert maker who was thin compared to other baking homemakers we knew, when That Skinny Chick Can Bake popped into my mind, I was sold.
It wasn’t until my husband (unaware of my new project) was walking our dog and a friend ran by him shouting, “I love your wife’s That Skinny Bi$#h Can Bake Blog,” that I wondered if I’d made a mistake. Nope, I stuck with it.

What is the One Recipe You’d Recommend to Home Cooks on the Blog?

I’d suggest my Simple Meringue Cookies. Once you master a basic meringue recipe, it opens up a whole world of new desserts. Pavlovas, other Meringue Cookies, Meringue Cakes, and Meringue Topped Pies. There are a few tips that are key to making meringues which are highlighted in my meringue cookie recipe.

What Do You Wish You Knew 10 Years Ago As Opposed to Now?

I wish I had researched writing a blog before jumping in without guidance. I wrote posts with family stories and pet photos that were not of interest to readers who didn’t know me personally.
When traffic picked up and I started visiting other websites, I realized a photography class and basic search engine optimization info would be key to my success. Now I strive to make my blog posts as helpful as possible.

Self-Taught Baker and Cook

As a young mom, I discovered the Food Network, where I watched and learned from Sara Moulton on her show, Cooking Live. While my husband was working long hours, I spent an hour a day being taught tips and tricks from the editor of Gourmet Magazine right in my kitchen. Though I focus on baking and desserts on That Skinny Chick Can Bake, a well-rounded diet, along with moderation is our motto at home.

As a college professor, my father used many of our family adventures as teaching opportunities. After my mother got her Master’s degree, she taught at the university level as well. I have taught numerous cooking classes in my home along with appearances on local TV stations. This love of teaching continues in my blog posts with tips included with the recipes so your experience in the kitchen is successful.

Finally, I started my food blog, That Skinny Chick Can Bake, in 2010 to chronicle my baking journey. With 40+ years of cooking, baking, and entertaining, I’m happy to share my tried and true recipes and tips with you. Only those recipes that have been tested in my kitchen and approved of by my friends and family make it to the pages of this blog.

Television Appearances

I’ve appeared on Indianapolis TV Stations including FOX-59, WISH-TV’s Indy-Style, Noon News, and Evening News. Plus a Radio Broadcast for 104.5 WJJK-FM.

Link to a July 2021 Appearance on WISH-TV and Banana Split Demo on LifeStyleLive (syndicated show on WISH-TV) August 2023.

Monthly Recipe Contributor to Stroll Magazine, Meridian Hills, and Williams Creek, Indiana.

Indiana State Fair Judge for the Splenda Cooking Contest (cookies), August 2023.

Notable Press Features

My recipes have also been featured in Parade Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Newsbreak, Kroger, Redbook, and Food52.

That Skinny Chick Can Bake Niche 

With a passion for baking rich, irresistible desserts and garnishing them to perfection, there is no shortage of sweets on this food blog. Chocolate Desserts make my family swoon, and I have a thing for Cookies, too! I love to bake from scratch, but on rare occasions will use a little shortcut to make life easier. Head over to my Recipe Index to hunt for a recipe or use the Search Bar on the top of every page. Plus, if you’re wondering how I keep in shape surrounded by desserts, check out my Skinny Tips.

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