Curried Turkey Salad Sandwich

Curried Turkey Salad Sandwich | Made with leftover turkey and a hint of curry!

A Curried Turkey Salad Sandwich is a delicious way to enjoy leftover Thanksgiving turkey for lunch. But I won’t fault you if you want it for breakfast or dinner!

Best Holiday Side Dish Recipes

Best Holiday Side Dishes | Fabulous, festive side dishes perfect for company or holidays!

Try one or more of these Best Holiday Side Dish Recipes to shake up your menu! Get out of your rut with a delicious new dish!

Witches Fingers Cookies | A simple recipe to transform sugar cookie dough into gnarly fingers for Halloween!

Witches Fingers Cookies #SundaySupper

Whip up some gnarly Witches Fingers Cookies for Halloween. Even my nut hater husband enjoyed these spooked up sugar cookies. He removed the almond “nail” and munched away!

Cinnamon Apple Chips | An irresistible 3-ingredient snack

Cinnamon Apple Chips

These Cinnamon Apple Chips are a beautiful, fat-free snack that only requires three ingredients and some low and slow time in the oven!

Best Fall Crockpot Recipes

Best Fall Crockpot Recipes

Today I have some of the Best Fall Crockpot Recipes to add to your repertoire. With a chill in the air and busy autumn schedules, these fall inspired slow cooker recipes can be indispensable!  

Loaded Baked Potato Soup | Creamy soup with chunks of baked potatoes and topped with cheddar, bacon, sour cream and chives!

Loaded Baked Potato Soup #SundaySupper

This  Loaded Baked Potato Soup is perfect for your fall entertaining! Hearty and delicious with toppings of bacon, sour cream and cheese will please your family and your guests.

Frosted Black Bottom Cupcakes | Cocoa Cupcakes with a chocolate chip studded cream cheese filling and a swirl of dreamy cream cheese frosting #chocolate #cupcakes

Frosted Black Bottom Cupcakes #Choctoberfest #Giveaway

I dug out my mom’s old, tried and true recipe for Black Bottom Cupcakes with a dreamy cream cheese filling and jazzed them up with a delectable Cream Cheese Frosting. These gems were called “Filled Rich Chocolate Cupcakes” back in the 70’s, but no matter the name, they’re still finger lickin’ good! Thanks to our generous  gold […]

Loaded Cowboy Cookies Recipe | Chewy, buttery cookies with oats, chocolate chips, pecans and coconut

Loaded Cowboy Cookies Recipe #Choctoberfest

I finally hit the jackpot with these chewy, buttery, Loaded Cowboy Cookies Recipe! Delicious oats, chocolate, coconut and pecans in every bite!  Thanks to our generous  gold sponsor for Choctoberfest, Imperial Sugar, for providing sugar for my recipes this week. I was not paid for writing this post.

Buttery Homemade Crescent Rolls | Tender, flaky yeast rolls!

Buttery Homemade Crescent Rolls

I started baking these incredibly delicious, flaky, Buttery Homemade Crescent Rolls years ago. My kids (including the big kid, my hubby) have always loved those crescent rolls in a can. This made from scratch version trumps those by a mile!!!

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Chocolate Zucchini Bundt Cake #SundaySupper

Have neighbors been leaving bags of zucchinis at your doorstep? This double chocolate Zucchini Bundt Cake will be the tastiest treat you’ll make with your summer squash supply! Will I Finally Get the Hubby to Eat Zucchini??? This week’s Sunday Supper theme is squash! You may recall that the hubby avoids zucchini like the plague. […]

Kahlua Bundt Cake | A super easy, decadent chocolate cake !

Kahlua Bundt Cake

This moist, dense chocolate cake is a snap to fix. Kahlua Bundt Cake is still my go-to recipe when I need a quick, yet decadent, dessert. Kahlua Bundt Cake I know “semi-homemade” conjures up some bad images for many of my foodie friends: less than gourmet dishes, gloppy casseroles with canned soups, boxed “helper” meals, etc. […]

Cookies and Cream Cookies |Chocolate cookies loaded with Oreo crumbs and cocoa

Cookies and Cream Cookies

These Cookies and Cream Cookies are packed full of chocolate chips, cocoa powder and Oreo crumbs! Don’t they sound dreamy??? Cookies and Cream Cookies We have a new coordinator for my Secret Recipe Club group, and I was lucky enough to get her, our fearless leader, Debbi Does Dinner, for my blog assignment. Debbi’s original blog […]

Dish D’Lish French Seasoning Salt

I’m starting a new feature to showcase some of my favorite finds for cooking, baking and entertaining.    My dear friend, Shelli, shared some of this phenomenal Dish D’Lish French Seasoning Salt with me for my blog anniversary.  When my sisters were visiting, we put what we quickly dubbed “crack salt” on absolutely everything.  I have […]

Mozzarella, Tomato and Strawberry Salad

Due to the wacky spring weather, our local strawberry season was barely a week long…so I made this salad when these tiny beauties were at their peak.  We were having company for dinner, so instead of slicing a fresh mozzarella ball, I purchased the smaller bocconcini….and made a composed salad versus plating individually.  I served […]