That Skinny Chick Can Bake
Beef Burgundy Pasta in a small white bowl with a red handled fork

Beef Ragu Pasta

This flavorful and totally irresistible Beef Ragu Pasta is pure comfort food! A cousin to boeuf bourguignon & perfect for a chilly night.

This Pot Roast Pasta is slow-cooked in the oven with a beef chuck roast, tomatoes, red wine, and aromatics to make a flavorful pasta sauce.

Asian Green Beans in a white ceramic bowl

Asian Green Beans Recipe

If your garden has a bumper crop, these healthy, flavorful Asian Green Beans will be on your menu all summer long. This is a  super simple way to prepare sauteed green beans! These Chinese...

Overhead view of a blackbottom cupcake on a square white plate with a red handled fork

Frosted Black Bottom Cupcakes

I dug out my mom’s old, tried and true recipe for rich, moist, and delicious Black Bottom Cupcakes with a dreamy cream cheese filling. Then I  jazzed them up with a delectable Cream Cheese...

Overhead view of sausage and peppers on a decorative white plate

Sheet Pan Sausage and Peppers

After a girlfriend raved about Ina Garten’s easy, comforting Sheet Pan Sausage and Peppers, I knew it was destined to be on our menu! Bursting with flavor, this Sausage and Peppers Recipe is cooked...

One chocolate cheesecake on a square white plate

Chocolate Mini Cheesecakes

Chocolate Mini Cheesecakes provide perfect portion control while providing a rich, chocolate indulgence! Life is all about balance and a healthy meal can be topped off with a delicious Individual Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe. For...

Chocolate Angel Pie topped with whipped cream and chocolate shards in a white pie plate

Chocolate Angel Pie

This Chocolate Angel Pie is worthy of a special occasion! The melt in your mouth meringue crust is filled with luscious chocolate cream! My husband’s aunt was a terrific cook. She made this dreamy ...

Two popcorn balls in white ramekins surrounded by colorful candles

Easy Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

Easy Marshmallow Popcorn Balls are a tasty, irresistible way to celebrate life’s big and small events. So let’s have a party! This is my mom’s Popcorn Ball Recipe. Simple to make without a candy...