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In the beginning…

My mom was an amazing cook, but she wasn’t much of a baker. When my sisters and I yearned for a sweet treat, I turned to our trusty BH&G cookbook and zeroed in on the dessert tabs. My love of baking began in my childhood kitchen. I started my blog in 2010 to chronicle my baking journey. With 40+ years of experience with cooking and baking, I’m happy to share my tried and true recipes and tips with you.

My Niche 

I have a passion for baking rich, irresistible desserts and garnishing them to perfection. Chocolate Desserts make my family swoon, and I have a thing for Cookies, too! I love to bake from scratch, but on rare occasions will use a little shortcut to make life easier. Head over to my Recipe Index to hunt for a recipe or use the Search Bar on the top of every page. Plus, if you’re wondering how I keep in shape surrounded by desserts, check out my Skinny Tips.

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