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Entree Recipes for Weeknights, Holidays, Casual Entertaining or Dinner Parties
Peruse the 300+ Entree Recipes when you’re on the hunt for a new dinner dish for your family or entertaining guests. From Shrimp Fajitas to Beef Teriyaki Kabobs, you’ll have Easy Main Dish Recipe inspiration in every entree category. For weeknights, a quick stir fry or pasta dish comes to mind. Peruse these recipes to get delicious inspiration to shake up your menu.

Main Course Recipes featuring chicken are everyone’s go-to when nothing else comes to mind. From roasting whole chickens to grilling bone in chicken breasts or kabobs to stove top recipes, there are loads of tasty ideas for your dinner menu. Stock your freezer so it’s full of your favorite cuts of chicken in amounts suitable for your family. Next, check out my favorite recipes!

Pork recipes are also meaty favorites. My family adores pork!You’ll find grilled, roasted and sauteed alternatives for pork tenderloin, chops and roasts. Ideas for every occasion and every season.

Top of the list of Entree Recipes for entertaining guests is anything with beef. Burger recipes are ideal for casual entertaining, but there are also beef tenderloin and prime rib recipes for holidays and special company. Consider a beef entree for any occasion! When there’s a birthday approaching, I know I’ll be serving beef for dinner.

As the holidays roll around, our Main Course Recipes often include turkey and lamb. Plus, there are a number of seafood and meatless recipes for Lent, meatless Mondays or those following a vegetarian diet. And of course, there must be Honey Brined Turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

All these Entree Recipes will be the base for your meal planning. Start with one of these winning recipes and your family will be thrilled. Then you can visit my side dish, salad and dessert recipes to round out your menu!

Fan Favorite entrees include Maple Mustard Salmon, Cubano Sandwich Recipe and this Chicken Salad with Grapes.

I recommend this Spinach Casserole as a wonderful side dish for any entree! Bon appetit!

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