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Easy Pasta Recipes

Check out the plethora of tasty 45+ Pasta Dishes to feed your family. There’s something tasty for every palate and occasion, from quick to slow-cooked. From Hearty Lasagna with Ricotta to an Italian Spaghetti with Meat Sauce to a kid-friendly Spaghetti Pie.

Homemade Pasta Recipes are welcome additions to your menu. Penne alla Vodka is one of my daughter’s favorite meals and super quick to make on a weeknight. My husband and sons rave about this Cheesy Baked Pasta with Prosciutto,  If you’ve never made your own pasta, this

Plus Easy Pasta Salads like a Tomato Basil Pasta Salad or this Pesto Pasta Salad are great for picnics, summer parties, and pot luck meals. Plus if there’s some protein added, these salads also make a terrific hot weather dinner.

Classic and Easy 45+ Pasta Recipes are also family-friendly. Kids love them and moms don’t mind making them. This Chicken with Broccoli, Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Pasta is a frequent request by my hubby and youngest. They never grow tired of it! So many of these comforting dishes will be a hit with your family, too!

Do you know the best way to cook pasta? Bring a big pot of water to boil on your cooktop. Once it’s boiling, add a liberal amount of salt. The water should taste like seawater. Then add the pasta and cook for the shortest listed time on the box, making sure the water continues to boil.

Check the pasta when the timer goes off. Depending on the recipe, you may want the pasta soft and cooked through or to the tooth, or al dente, with just a bit of chew. Drain and add sauce or cool if using in a salad. Voila! You’ve cooked perfect pasta.

Don’t forget that these 45+ Pasta Dishes are delicious enough for company! Have an Italian-themed party with Chianti, garlic bread, a big green salad, and one of these homemade pasta recipes. Top the table with candles and a red and white tablecloth, and thrill your guests with home cooking.  No matter the occasion, check out all these delicious pasta recipes.

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