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Favorite Brownie Recipes

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I’ve baked up loads and loads of brownies over the years. Here are some of my absolute Favorite Brownie Recipes!

Favorite Brownie Recipes photo collage

Some of My Favorite Brownie Recipes

Picking a favorite brownie is like choosing a favorite child. It just can’t be done. So today I’m sharing some favorite brownie recipes that truly made my family swoon.

I’m delighted that my children’s palates have matured past the frosted box mix that was the gold standard to beat when they were in grade school. I made batch after batch of those quick and slightly cardboardy brownies, with no complaints from the crew. In fact, when I would sneak in a homemade version, they’d balk that there wasn’t frosting! Sheesh.

One bowl fudgy brownies
Fudgy Brownies – My go-to, one bowl brownies! SO easy and outrageously delicious!

Chocolate Glazed Walnut Brownies

Chocolate Glazed Walnut Brownies – If you love nuts in your brownies, you must bake up a batch!

Raspberry Brownies with White Chocolate Icing

Raspberry Chambord Brownies – a slosh of Chambord liqueur and white chocolate frosting, these brownies will rock your world! They won a baking contest judged by a national sugar brand!

The Best Brownies from My Kitchen

Besides chocolate chip cookies, brownies are the second most frequent dessert at Chez Skinny Chick! There is one rule, which I do break on occasion, NO NUTS!

This isn’t due to a nut allergy, just a picky family. Mainly the ol’ ball and chain. Yup, he gets the blame. Both his parents love nuts, so it’s just his personal quirk.

And the kids have followed suit. You’ll see at least two magnificent nutty brownies, plus a few with some special touches.

Ricotta Cheesecake Brownies | Fudgy Brownies with a delectable cheesecake swirl #SundaySupper #WisconsinCheese

Ricotta Cheesecake Brownies – when you cannot decide between brownies and cheesecake, why not make both in one recipe!

Front view of a platter of chocolate caramel brownies on a white serving tray

 Caramel Brownies – I fell in love with these brownies in college. Rich and incredibly delicious plus no-cake mix involved!!

Turtle Brownies on a small white plate with a bowl of pecans

Turtle Brownies – This Cook’s Illustrated recipe does not disappoint! If you love turtles, you’ll swoon over every bite!

A Brownie Resource:

I hope this will be a resource you will return to and peruse again and again. When you are getting shaky from chocolate withdrawals, I guarantee that you’ll find the perfect antidote amongst these recipes.  I hope my favorite brownie recipes will soon become yours. You’re very welcome.

Simple Fudgy Brownies on an oval white dish garnished with fresh berries

Simple Fudgy Brownies – This Alice Medrich recipe had an unusual technique that resulted in an amazing texture and flavor!

The best fudgy brownies on a white dessert plate

David Lebovitz’s Best Brownies – The fudgy interior and thin, crisp crust make these some of the best classic brownies in my repertoire!

Milky Way Brownies stacked on white dessert plates!

Milky Way Brownies -If you love Milky Way Candy Bars, you’ll swoon over these caramel-filled brownies!

Fudge Topped Brownies lined up on a white platter with fresh raspberries to garnish

Fudge Topped Brownies – A fudgy topping push these yummy brownies over the top!

Red Velvet Brownies with White Chocolate Icing | Perfect for Valentine's Day or just because!

Red Velvet Brownies with White Chocolate Frosting – What these lack in chocolate, these red velvet gems make up for in deliciousness! The thick white chocolate frosting is incredibly delicious!

More Brownie Recipes You’ll Love:



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  1. Wow! Lizzy all amazing brownies ! I love brownies more than cupcakes:)I will make one of these!

  2. They all look great but I have to say the walnut ones are calling me:@)

  3. I would love to try all of them!

  4. You are truly killing me here. They look so luscious. You really should open a brownie shop.

  5. First of all I guess those emails I use to receive from your blog posts and others will never come again. I’ve resins robed and still nothing. So I guess I just have to remember to check my feedly everyday. That’s why I’m here I can’t imagine why they stopped, unless Feedburner is no longer working.

    That said, all these brownies look wonderful, but if you had to gravitate towards one over the other which would it be? Which is the fudgiest?

  6. So much for auto correct. I meant to say, I signed up again and still no emails.

  7. They all look so delicious. It would be so hard to decide which one looks the yummiest. Brownies would be on the top of my list for baked goods.

  8. I cannot possibly choose one, but I guess that’s the whole point!

  9. Oh my goodness gracious – what a resource. THANK YOU!!!!

  10. There isn’t a single one here that I’m not dying to try!!

  11. As I scanned down this list, Liz, I was making a mental note of which ones I liked the look of the most, but I soon lost track when I realised I pretty much loved all of them! Definitely pinning this for the future. Great post!

  12. Your presentation is amazing.

  13. I will take a brownie…anywhere…any time! Mmm!

  14. Pinned earlier. I’ll take one of each!

  15. Brownies are pretty much my ultimate weakness. Each and everyone one of these looks amazing!

  16. oh so many wonderful choices! I think the cheesecake swirl ones are my favorite

  17. This is like heaven for me! I looooove brownies!

  18. SO Many Choices Liz – but if i had to pick just one – it might be the caramel or the raspberry chambord or the – see – so many choices 🙂 Love this page!

  19. There is one big problem with this post. No telling how many brownies I’m going to have to eat to try and see which one is my favorite…they all sound good. 😀

  20. Oh wow, all of these look amazing!

  21. I’m hungry and should’ve stopped here after dinner! They all look and sound delicious!

  22. You absolutely cannot have too many brownie recipes! I was a little embarrassed at how many I had on my old blog, but now I am filling up the new one. Brownies For the World!

  23. You are killing me here, Liz!

  24. Definitely bookmarking this. I always drool over your brownie post! I just can’t choose a favorite!

  25. My goodness Liz! I wish I was a member of your family and got to taste all these amazing brownies!

  26. I remember some of these from the first time around. They are still as fabulous. I think the milky way are my favorite followed by the fudge topped. Seriously though I would take any of them and be super happy.

  27. So, I must confess that I NEVER let myself make brownies unless I know that as soon as they come out of the oven, I can head out the door with them to a party. Otherwise, they are just way too dangerous to have around, because brownies are the one thing I can’t resist. Pinning this for next time I’m invited to a party 🙂

  28. YOU ARE the brownie queen!!! all hail!

  29. I squeaked when I saw this fabulous round-up. Flat-out squeaked. Your brownie squares are so gorgeous, varied, and (in a feat I will never manage) clean cut! I almost always cut off slivers from my brownies, until they become lopsided messes that I cringe to hand out, so props to you for some tremendous willpower. Especially around the fantasticness that is your brownie party. So glad you shared, I’m going to go check them ALL out now!

  30. I’d have to say that you wrote the Bible of Brownies! So hard to decide,..they’re all so fabulous and tempting…I think the mood tonight is leaning towards the red velvet brownies with white chocolate frosting!

  31. It’s amazing just how many recipes there are out there for brownies. These all look amazing and I can’t decide on a favourite – maybe the chocolate glazed walnut brownies because I love a chocolate glaze and I think nuts give great texture to a brownie xx

  32. Life is like a box of brownies…you’ll never know what you’re gonna get! LOL! I’m more inclined to pick the variant with dark chocolate and almonds, walnuts or almost any kind of nut 🙂

    Gourmet Getaways

  33. I’ve got a girl’s luncheon Saturday this will be perfect for!

  34. I was just telling my husband how much I’m craving brownies. Lucky for me I’m stopping by your blog at just the right day.:) The hardest part will be choosing the first one to bake. Thanks Lizzy!

  35. I definitely see why this is the favourite, it looks absolutely dense and fudgy and awesome 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  36. Wow! You certainly have made your share of brownies. They all look fabulous – impossible to pick just one.

  37. Oh men, Liz! Thanks for the wrap up. I can get lost in the brownie world, especially since I’m not en expert! I’ll be checking on those!
    🙂 ela

  38. Oh, my, Liz, this post is like a thesaurus for brownies. Each entry an exquisite treasure <3 Merci beaucoup!

  39. wow I am in brownie heaven, Liz. Fudgy brownie is my favourite!

  40. I would have a very difficult time picking just one for a favourite, they all look incredible. For me a good brownie has a deliciously fudgy centre with a nice crispy topping, no frosting required, but I sure wouldn’t turn down your caramel brownie!

  41. Hi Liz, I’m thrilled to tell you that I just made you Cheesecake Swirl Brownie and I must say it’s delicious! Great recipe, worked just like you said…I just couldn’t wait 2 hours to cool….so I had some after 40 minutes and it was fantastic ! Thanks, I knew you were good!
    🙂 ela

  42. Great round-up of brownies, Liz! May I send in my orders for take-away??

  43. You’re killing us. Seriously? (But you are right, one can’t have too many brownie recipes.) Great roundup of chocolatey goodness, Liz.

  44. oooh! I love this list of brownies! Wow! Never knew how many brownies you’ve made before! They all look so delectable I’ll have a hard time picking which one to make!

  45. Fantastic pictures for pinning and a recipe to favorite.

  46. You must be the brownie queen! I’m convinced I need to try one of each ;).

  47. Wicked line up! they all looks to die for! 🙂 especially love the milky way ones!

  48. Amazing brownie roundup, you are the brownie queen 🙂

  49. This is brownie heaven and I have bookmarked this post for future reference, I want to try every single recipe on this list. I just don’t know where to start!

  50. What a great resource! We have about 4 or 5 brownie recipes that are the “best,” but in truth, the best is the one we happen to have in front of us! Well except for those ones made from mixes — I’d be happy to leave those to your kids. 😉 Terrific post — thanks.

  51. Oh my gosh I love this round-up! I can imagine how hard it is to pick just one favorite!

  52. how can i sleep now after watching this party ? which to choose help me…… opps got to wipe my mouth… so yummy looking

  53. Get outta here! How could you do this to me?!?! I want to make all of these immediately, but that would be A) bad for the waistline and B) there would be no dinner. Cruel!

    I think I’ll have to start with your caramel brownies. No, no the Chambord raspberry brownie. Oh I don’t know! It’s all so overwhelming

  54. It might be possible to live on brownies and I volunteer to try – starting with one each of these.

  55. I’m visiting from Hotly Spiced cause I found it hard to believe there WERE 12 brownie recipes out there. All of these look wonderfully tempting. I agree that the chocolate glazed walnut ones are decadent but the raspberry (my favourite berry) chambord and red velvet with white chocolate also look mouthwatering.

  56. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a gorgeous assortment of brownies. They should be in a fancy bake shop.

  57. Lizzy,
    Your brownies always look fantastic. I’m lazy when it comes to brownies and use Ghirardelli mix. They’re just a touch shy of homemade.

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