With the hint of autumn in the air, here are my Favorite Apple Recipes to peruse. From decadent desserts to entrees, you’ll love them all!

No matter the season, I’ve got you covered with the best apple recipes! An Apple Crisp Recipe is made at least once every autumn. What is your favorite dish to make with apples?

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Best Apple Recipes

Going through all the apple recipes on the blog, I realized that I DO have a penchant for apples! I love eating a Pink Lady or a Honeycrisp apple with my lunch, but cooking and baking easy apple recipes is truly a passion. Starting with breakfast and ending with desserts, here are some of the best apple recipes I’ve shared over the last 12+ years! Plus a few notable recipes from some of my blogger friends.

Best Apples for Cooking and Baking

There are some varieties of apples that are versatile enough for cooking, baking, and eating. Others are not as versatile. Here are some popular apple varieties (from Allrecipes.com):

  • Braeburn – all-purpose, baking and eating
  • Cortland – baking, salads
  • Empire – all-purpose
  • Fuji – eating, baking
  • Gala – applesauce, salad, eating
  • Golden Delicious – all-purpose cooking
  • Granny Smith – all-purpose cooking
  • Gravenstein – baking, sauce, cider
  • Honeycrisp – eating, baking, applesauce
  • Ida Red – baking, salads
  • Jonathan – baking, salad, applesauce
  • McIntosh – eating, applesauce
  • Northern Spy – baking, juicing (my favorite pie apple)
  • Winesap – baking, applesauce

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pick the Best Apples?

Use all your senses. Apples shouldn’t have a strong aroma but instead, have a pleasant fragrance. Check the skin for bruises, blemishes, or signs of decay. Pick firm apples. The skin should have a slight sheen or shine. Dullness may indicate older apples.

Where Can You Buy the Best Apples?

Visit local apple orchards or farmers’ markets during apple season for the freshest apples.

When is Apple Season?

Depending on the variety, apples are harvested from late July to early November.

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Whether cooking or baking apple recipes, I’ve got you covered. Lest this post gets too long, here are a few honorable mentions plus some from my favorite bloggers:

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Best Apple Recipes for Autumn

From snacks to entrees to desserts, apples are a delicious addition to so many recipes! Perfect for autumn entertaining, but wonderful any time of the year!