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Best Holiday Pies

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A pie or two is a given at our house on Thanksgiving, but we also love indulging throughout the year. I’ve selected The Best Holiday Pies to come out of my kitchen, suitable for any celebration!

Whether you’re looking for Thanksgiving Recipes or Christmas Recipes, pies are a wonderful way to cap off a holiday meal!

10 Holiday Pies collage

Best Holiday Pies

Chocolate is always requested when it comes to dessert for family gatherings. So it’s probably no surprise that a number of our favorite holiday pies are laden with chocolate.

I’m the lone family member who swoons after a bite or two of coconut cream or pecan pie, but I can only rotate those into the mix every few years.  Double crusted fruit pies are crowd pleasers, too, whether apple, raspberry or blueberry.

I love searching for new inspiration each year, like this post on Favorite Thanksgiving Pies! What’s your favorite pie?

Classic Pecan Pie slice on a white dessert plate with a bamboo handle fork
Boozy Pecan Pie

Best Banana Cream Pie with bananas exposed
Banana Cream Pie

French Silk Pie slice garnished with chocolate curls and whipped cream
French Silk Pie

Fudge Topped Chocolate Ice Cream Pie on a white plate topped with a whipped cream dollop
Fudge Topped Chocolate Ice Cream Pie

Classic Apple Pie slice on a square white plate with forks and a red napkin
Classic Apple Pie

Freeze and Bake Blueberry Pie slice topped with ice cream on a white dessert plate
Blueberry Pie

Triple Chocolate Mousse Pie on a white plate topped with chocolate curls
Triple Chocolate Mousse Pie

Black Bottom Chocolate Mousse Pie on a white dessert plate with a red handled fork
Black Bottom Chocolate Mousse Pie

Lattice Topped Raspberry Pie on a red and white napkin
Raspberry Pie

Coconut Cream Pie slice on a dessert plate on a red and white napkin
Coconut Cream Pie

Two More Favorite Holiday Pie Recipes:

Since it’s only days until Thanksgiving, it would be remiss of me not to share my favorite Pumpkin Pie. It’s basically the recipe on the back of the Libby’s pumpkin can, but with an extra egg and heavy cream used in place of evaporated milk. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a slice of this gem topped with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream. Plus for another taste of the tropics, I adore a good Key Lime Pie!

Classic Pumpkin Pie slice topped with whipped cream and garnished with a cinnamon stick
Pumpkin Pie

Key Lime Pie with Graham Cracker Crust in a white ceramic pie plate garnished with lime slices and whipped cream
Key Lime Pie with Graham Cracker Crust

More Pie Recipes You’ll Love:

Any of these amazing pies would be great Thanksgiving Recipes and Christmas Recipes, or anytime you’re craving a yummy pie!

Pie Making Essentials:

Does your family expect a pie on Thanksgiving? What desserts are a tradition at your house???

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23 comments on “Best Holiday Pies”

  1. Yes please! I’d love a slice of all of them:@) Of course my boys asked for apple…

  2. Oh my. I wouldn’t know which to take a big spoonful of first!

  3. I want to sample them all!! Happy Thanksgiving Liz and Family!!

  4. Oh my, you’re reminding me Christmas is near! Great job, Liz! xoxo

  5. wooah Liz!! I am impressed. You really have a great collection of pies on your blog. I have saved the apple pie (it’s gorgeous looking) and the chocolate ice cream pie with fudge.

  6. If I skip dinner, can I have a slice of each 🙂

  7. What a wonderful line of pies. I would have a hard time to pick one of those pies would be my favorite, they all look delicious!

  8. I think I need to make all of these!!

  9. I’m definitely a fruit pie kinda gal, but I would definitely go for that fudge-topped chocolate ice cream pie in a jiffy!

  10. These look amazing! Great collection of recipes!

  11. I’m with your family on loving chocolate but I’ll join you in a slice of coconut cream pie anytime!

  12. What a great collection of pies, I’d love a slice of that blueberry one. Fruit pies all the way for me 🙂

  13. It’s definitely time for me to up my pie game. Sadly, apple and sweet potato are the only two in my stash. Thank you for these delicious suggestions. I made sure to pin this so I don’t lose it.

  14. Awesome i will defiantly try this on Christmas and hopefully it will be as good looking as yours.
    Thank you
    Lola A. Kyles

  15. Pinning that Banana Cream. I’ve been looking for just the right recipe.

  16. Raspberry is my all time favorite pie!

  17. Your pies are all gorgeous! Chocolate is always a favorite of mine – but they all look so good – hard to know where to start 🙂 Thanks Liz!

  18. Love that you’ve included traditional and not so traditional pies for the holidays. Something for everyone.

  19. I don’t know which recipe I want to try first!

  20. I want a slice of ALL of them! What an amazing collection of pies, it’s hard to pick a favorite!

  21. Your pies look ahhmazing! Such a delicious holiday collection!

  22. I wish I could try all these! They all look fantastic!

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