Here are The Best Holiday Pies and Tarts to come out of my kitchen, suitable for a celebration! The perfect indulgence for any holiday!

Whether you’re looking for Thanksgiving Recipes or Christmas Recipes, pies are a wonderful way to cap off a holiday meal! 

Why You Must Make

  • Chocolate is always requested when it comes to dessert for family gatherings. So it’s probably no surprise that a number of our favorite holiday pies are laden with chocolate.
  • Pies are not an everyday dessert but, instead, reserved for special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. So it’s best to use a tried and true recipe worthy of a celebration.
  • There are numerous varieties and flavors of pies, so there will certainly be one that your family will love.

I’m the lone family member who swoons after a bite or two of coconut cream or pecan pie, but I can only rotate those into the mix every few years. Double-crusted fruit pies are crowd-pleasers, too, whether apple, raspberry, or blueberry.

I love searching for new inspiration each year, like this post on Favorite Thanksgiving Pies! What’s your favorite pie?

Best Holiday Pies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Pies and Tarts?

Tarts differ from most pies since they traditionally only have a bottom crust, and straight sides and are baked in a tart pan with removable sides. Pie plates have sloped sides and can have a single or double crust. If you’re short on time, a tart is often a speedier alternative!

What are the Types of Pie?

There are one-crust pies, double-crust pies, lattice-topped pies, deep dish pies, cream pies, chiffon pies, hand pies, and no-bake pies.

What are the Types of Pie Filling?

Pies can be filled with fruit, nuts, custard, cream fillings, and even savory fillings like a chicken pot pie.

More Holiday Pies and Tarts:

Any of these amazing pies would be great Thanksgiving Recipes and Christmas Recipes, or anytime you’re craving a yummy pie!

Pie-Making Essentials:

Does your family expect a pie on Thanksgiving? What desserts are a tradition at your house???

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