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25+ Eggs Recipes
Whether you are looking for a new breakfast recipe or bought an extra dozen eggs, scan 25+ egg recipes for tasty breakfasts, appetizers and more. From Deviled Eggs to a Baked Denver Omelet to Salad Nicoise, there are loads of recipes you’ll adore. Eggs are an inexpensive source of protein so why not add more to your menu.

How to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs is always a quandary. Both stove top and Instant Pot versions work well. What is your method? Or are you looking for a new technique? Check out these two options.

Then there are those easy Egg Casserole Recipes that are perfect for Mother’s Day, Easter or weekend company. Some favorites include Bacon and Egg Casserole and  Raspberry Mascarpone French Toast. If you’ve never made a breakfast casserole, you must try one of these impressive recipes!

Eggs are an integral part of so many recipes. Not just for breakfast and brunch, eggs belong in salads, appetizers, desserts like souffles and more. Ham and Egg Sliders, Egg Muffins in Ham Cups, and Easy Spinach Salad with hard boiled eggs and some non-typical recipes with eggs. There is more to eggs than frying or scrambling! And remember eggs offer a great source of protein and recent studies have debunked the theory that eggs will make your cholesterol sky rocket.

From Egg Desserts like Egg White Cookies, Pavlova, and Lemon Meringue Pie to classic brunch dishes like  Sun-dried Tomato Quiche with a homemade crust, there are an abundance of delicious ways to cook eggs! Peruse all these delicious alternatives to shake up your morning menu. There are 25+ Egg Recipes for any time of day!

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