These Christmas Dessert Recipes are perfect for the holidays! With all the festivities,  you’ll love this arsenal of amazing Christmas Treats.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas Desserts that are ideal for serving at the end of your celebratory meal or to package up and give to friends and/or family as holiday gifts! My family expects a rich chocolate dessert for Christmas, but we also gather together on Christmas Eve and often on New Year’s Day. Having some delicious Holiday Desserts from which to choose makes it less daunting to decide what to add to the menu!

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Why You Must Make

  • If you make the same recipes for each holiday dinner, here are some great alternatives.
  • Have a cookie exchange? Bake a tried and true, new recipe.
  • Need a show-stopping Christmas dessert? I’ve got you covered.

Have you baked up your holiday cookies? Planned your menu for Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve? How about dessert? Well, today I’m guest posting for my busy friend, Brianne, who just moved into a new home and is a bit overwhelmed unpacking and getting her new house set for Christmas with two little ones in tow. Being a bit crazed myself, I handpicked some recipes that are ideal for the season. Whether used to cap off a big festive meal or to share at a cookie exchange, I hope my list will inspire you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Americans Like for Dessert on Christmas Day?

Some popular Christmas desserts in the US include English Trifle, a Yule Log, Cheesecake, Fudge, Truffles, Apple Pie, Fruitcake, and even Chocolate Chip Cookies.

What Are Some Make-Ahead Christmas Desserts?

Candies like Fudge, English Toffee, Peppermint Bark, and Caramels can be made ahead of time. Just store them in airtight tins.
Cheesecakes freeze well, but wait to garnish until after defrosting. Many cookies can be baked a month or more ahead of time and kept in the freezer. These include gingersnaps, chocolate crinkles, unfrosted sugar cookies, and more!

Christmas Dessert Recipes

Impressive, delicious Christmas Desserts that are perfect for the holidays.

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