Our grill is in service 12 months a year whether there is rain, snow, or sub-zero temperatures. Here are some of the Best Grilling Recipes from the blog for you to test out with your family no matter what time of year!

These Grilling Ideas range from entrees to appetizers to salads and desserts! Now you have many reasons to fire up the grill.

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Why You’ll Love these Grilling Recipes

  • When it’s summer and the days are hot and humid, cooking dinner outside is a spectacular idea!
  • There are recipes for beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and even side dishes and dessert!
  • Grilling adds a smoky flavor along with creating the Maillard reaction which you can read more about below.

There was that time when our Big Green Egg grill was frozen shut. I was out of town so Bill and Nick carried it into the house to let it defrost. Mind you, this thing weighs a ton. And is full of charcoal and ash. That is determination! Obviously, we do a ton of grilling at our house, so over the years, I have collected plenty of barbecue recipes from entrees to desserts. Here are some favorite grilling recipes from the blog.

A terrific way to jazz up your poultry. The marinade is fabulous and the grill just adds more flavor: Grilled Thai Chicken. Or try these Honey Glazed Chicken Kabobs.

Grilled Entrees

Main dish recipes that are perfect for the BBQ. From seafood to beef, I've got you covered!

Grilling fruit and vegetables provides exquisite caramelization. If you love eating the veggies skewered on shish kabobs, you know what I mean!

Grilled Side Dishes

Grilling corn or peaches is a delicious way to bring out their flavor. And using them in side dishes adds an extra tasty nuance to the recipes.

The hubby swooned over these smoke-kissed desserts! Your grill is good for baking, too!

Grilled Dessert Recipes

Using a cast iron skillet makes it easy to grill cobblers and crisps. The flavors are phenomenal!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Advantages of Grilling Instead of Roasting?

Grilling imparts delicious flavor. Almost any cut of meat can be grilled. Just remember that
a large roast or turkey must be monitored more carefully if grilled, compared to chops, steaks or burgers which take much less time. Plus, using a gas grill is no more difficult than cooking on the stove.

What is the Maillard Reaction?

The browning that occurs from cooking, or the Maillard reaction, occurs above 285º F. This happens with both grilling and roasting, but the grilling process is generally is faster due to the higher temperature of most grills.

The reaction reduces sugars and proteins via a chemical reaction giving browned foods a most distinctive flavor!

Can You Grill All Year Long?

Yes, we live in an area of the country with cold winters and occasional snow and grill through the winter. The grill can still be fired up, though it may take charcoal a while to get hot enough on a bitterly cold day if you don’t have a gas grill.

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