That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Easy Approachable Recipes for Dinner, Breakfast, Brunch and Dessert

2 slices of baked salmon loaf on a white ceramic plate with a bamboo fork

Baked Salmon Loaf

This Baked Salmon Loaf has been an easy Lenten staple since my mother-in-law served it to us when we were newlyweds. My Salmon Casserole uses a can of salmon and comes together in a...

Slice of caramel tart on a plate with a raspberry and mint garnish

Chocolate Caramel Tart

Twix lovers will go nuts for this outrageously decadent Chocolate Caramel Tart made with an incredibly dreamy homemade caramel! This phenomenal tart starts with a chocolate crust, then a thick layer of caramel topped with...

Raspberry Amaretto Bundt Cake on a cake plate with fresh raspberries

Raspberry Amaretto Bundt Cake

This sublime Raspberry Amaretto Bundt Cake is sweet, dense, and packed full of ripe berries. Follow my pro tips for perfect results every time! Amaretto, vanilla, almond extract, and Fiori di Sicilia flavoring make...

Easy Chocolate Pudding Cake featured image

Easy Chocolate Pudding Cake

A rich, self-saucing dessert, this Easy Chocolate Pudding Cake is simple to whip up and absolutely delicious! You’ll never guess the secret ingredient! I first tasted this Chocolate Dessert nearly 20 years ago when...

Cheesecake Filled Carrot Cake on a white serving plate

Cheesecake Filled Carrot Cake

This Cheesecake Filled Carrot Cake is for those times you can’t decide between serving cheesecake or carrot cake. Or those occasions when you’re craving the most sublime, decadent version of carrot cake ever!! I...

Chicken feta casserole featured image

Chicken Feta Casserole

A simple combination of tomatoes, garlic, chicken, feta, and spices makes for a terrific meal. Served over rice or pasta, this easy Chicken Feta Casserole is full of flavor and a family favorite! When...