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Smoked Salmon Platter

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Smoked salmon is an elegant appetizer. If you’re expecting company for breakfast or holiday brunch, this spectacular smoked salmon platter is easy, impressive and utterly delicious!

Learn my tips for making a beautiful smoked salmon appetizer!

A Smoked Salmon Platter on a white, leaf shaped ceramic tray

Smoked Salmon Platter for a Crowd

With the holidays approaching (very quickly, in fact!), it’s nice to have an easy elegant breakfast or brunch idea in your back pocket. I’m a huge salmon lover and have made homemade gravlax more than once. But during this crazy season, I head to the market and pick up some roasted as well as smoked salmon to make this morning feast.

Along with the salmon, there are a few accouterments that are imperative. Capers, minced red onion, lemons, dill and either cream cheese or creme fraiche. Artfully arrange the salmon on a platter and make sure to pick up a variety of bagels and dark bread. Instead of a smoked salmon recipe, this is more of a “how-to” post. Just pick up the ingredients and make them pretty!

Close view of Smoked Salmon Appetizer on a white ceramic tray

Smoked Salmon Garnishes

I have to let you in on a little secret. I put this smoked salmon platter together the night before I had a group of volunteers coming to my house for a coffee. I took the photos and parked it in the fridge. It was only after my company was departing that I took a taste.

I had accidentally pulled out the jar of green peppercorns in brine instead of capers. Uh, oh. My mouth started burning after my first bite. Not the pickled caper berries I expected! Those suckers look A LOT alike! But lesson learned.

I should read the labels. Of course, my lovely guests didn’t say a word. I promise this will delight any guests as long as you use the correct accompaniments! I like whipped cream cheese or creme fraiche, capers, fresh dill, thin lemon slices or wedges, diced or thinly sliced red onions, and sliced or diced tomatoes. PRO-Tip: To cut the sharpness of the red onion, you can soak it in some ice water while you prepare your other garnishes. Drain, pat dry, and add to your platter. Use some or all. It’s up to you!

Provide whatever you love to eat with smoked salmon, and make sure to go out of your comfort zone and give some new ideas a try!

Here are a couple of items that will help you put together your smoked salmon platter:

Smoked Salmon Platter with two kinds of salmon, dill, capers and slice lemons

More Smoked Salmon Recipes

I adore salmon. Besides tasting wonderful, it is an amazing source of protein and healthy fats. I served salmon fillets for dinner frequently, but I also love using smoked salmon in appetizers, sandwiches and more. This Smoked Salmon Dip with Capers is definitely addictive, and this Smoked Salmon Reuben was created after seeing a tempting version in Alaska. I’d love a bowl of this Smoked Salmon Chowder for lunch on a chilly day and this terrific Smoked Salmon Guacamole definitely has my attention! Plus if you’re interested in How to Make Smoked Salmon check out this Dilled Gravlax recipe from Dorie Greenspan and How to Make Gravlax.

How to Make a Smoked Salmon Platter - An easy , no recipe needed dish to serve for breakfast, lunch or as an appetizer

Smoked Salmon Platter

A simple platter of ingredients that is sure to please all your guests!

Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Yield Varies


  • Smoked salmon or lox
  • Roasted salmon
  • Creme Fraiche or soft cream cheese
  • Capers
  • Fresh Dill
  • Red onion, minced
  • Lemon slices
  • Bagels and/or an assortment of bread


  1. Arrange salmon on a platter. Sprinkle smoked salmon with capers and minced red onion. Top roasted salmon with sliced lemons and dill. Serve with creme Fraiche and bread.


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