Truffle Brownies #GuestPost

Truffle Brownies | Rich, dense truffle brownies over a shortbread crust

Guest Posting for Hip Foodie Mom Today, I’m guest posting for yet another dear foodie friend, Alice, from Hip Foodie Mom. So many of my food blogger friends are virtual buddies, but I’ve actually gotten to spend time with Alice at a couple of food blogger conferences. We were thrilled to dine together at the ultra […]

Cheesecake Ice Cream Sundae #IceCreamforOXO

Cheesecake Ice Cream Sundae | Ice Cream Recipe | That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Cheesecake Ice Cream When it comes to ice cream, my family is divided. There are the boys, well, “men” I suppose since my baby is 21, who always go for chocolate. Then there are the gals, who prefer vanilla plus the occasional peppermint stick for a special indulgence. We drove around the state of New Hampshire […]

Mango Raspberry Salsa

Raspberry Mango Salsa #SkinnyTip

Mango Love I’ve always been a bit apathetic as far as mangoes are concerned. Maybe it  was growing up in Iowa, where a bag of Angel Flake coconut was the most tropical fruit at the grocery store. When I received a delivery of luscious, ripe mangoes this spring, my tune changed immediately. I diced the sweet and juicy, golden-orange flesh of one […]

Chaussons aux Pêches | Peach turnovers for Bastille Day

Chaussons aux Pêches or Peach Turnovers #HolidayFoodBlogParty

Glorious Georgia Peaches Georgia peaches have finally made their way up north!  Elated after spying a sign at my local produce stand, I bought a few pounds of my favorite summer fruit and dashed home to pull the puff pastry out of the freezer. With Bastille Day approaching, I had planned to make the chaussons […]

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Pie

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Pie #SundaySupper

Hot Weather Calls for Ice Cream Pie June’s weather brought some oppressive temperatures with matching humidity. I broke out my ice cream maker numerous times to whip up a cool, refreshing dessert. I incorporated one of our family’s favorites when I developed this Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Pie.

Tomato Provençal Tian

Tomato Provençal Tian #FrenchFridayswithDorie #SkinnyTip

Herb Topped Tomatoes or a Tian. The choice is yours! For this week’s French Friday recipe, Dorie Greenspan gave us the option of making the ubiquitous herb and garlic topped tomatoes known as Tomatoes Provençal or a sliced version,Tomato Provençal Tian. A tian, according to Dorie, is a pottery dish, similar to a deep dish […]

Grilled Flank Steak with Soy, Garlic and Ginger Marinade | The BEST flank steak marinade

Grilled Flank Steak with Soy, Garlic and Ginger Marinade #SkinnyTip

Best Beef Marinade We do a ton of grilling in the summer…especially on Sunday evenings. And for Father’s Day, I knew I’d have to pull out all the stops. I dug deep into my recipe archives to find one of my favorite beef marinades. It can be thrown together easily as it’s made with handy […]

Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream | The BEST chocolate ice cream

Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream #ICTScoopAdventures #Giveaway

Heavenly Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream It has been hot as blazes in Indianapolis…with August like heat and humidity. Well there was one perk to our sultry forecast, ice cream season had arrived. I was lucky enough to be given a copy of Scoop Adventures, The Best Ice Cream of the 50 States by Lindsay Clendaniel. […]

Green Bean Bundles

    According to hubby, I hit a home run with these bacon wrapped beauties.  Not something I’d typically make on a week night, but I had extra bacon in the fridge and fresh green beans from our nearby produce stand.  Bill ate one bundle before dinner…and then another and another.  This recipe will be […]

Gorgonzola Apple Quiche~

This week’s French Friday’s with Dorie selection featured a combination of flavors I’ve never eaten before…Gorgonzola with apples.  Not certain if the family would go for it, I planned to take it to my knitting group this morning.  Hubby actually loves blue cheese in salads, so I had hopes that he wouldn’t poo-poo this dish…I […]

Apple Crostata

My wonderful friend, Sofie hit the blogging world by storm…she was never shy to offer advice, and good sound advice at that, and I love seeing all the traditional German recipes on her blog, The German Foodie. She’s a fellow member of the Facebook group, Food Blogger Network…and has become our resident expert on computer […]

Classic Madeleines~

I brought my trial batch of these madeleines to my knitting group last Friday…no, I can’t knit, or needlepoint, or do anything crafty, but I go to chit chat with my talented friends.  The honey spiced version got a wee bit dark and the classic ones stuck to the pan. They were yummy, but not […]

Gérard’s Mustard Tart

Gérard’s Mustard Tart…Week 2 of French Fridays with Dorie I had to giggle when Bill came home from work, took one glance at this tart and asked whether it was for dessert. He’s not used to me baking such an attractive savory dish! He grew more dubious when I listed the ingredients…mustard, carrots, leeks. But […]

Watermelon Sorbet #HolidayRecipeClub

Summer beckons as another holiday, Memorial Day, approaches. To celebrate, our Holiday Recipe Club chose watermelon, pork and beer as the ingredients for our challenge. With the local forecast predicting temps in the 90′s and humidity to boot, a cool treat seemed apropos. Watermelon sorbet was my first thought. Check out the Holiday Recipe Club site […]