Irish Chocolate Mousse Cake

Irish Chocolate Mousse Cake | Perfect St. Patrick's Day dessert

This Irish Chocolate Mousse Cake is infused with Irish Cream for your St. Patrick’s Day pleasure. An Irish Cream Infused Mousse A slosh of Irish cream, specifically Kerrygold Irish Cream, passes a little luck o’ the Irish to your taste buds. Have you tried Irish cream before? It’s a magical blend of cream, Irish whiskey […]

Classic Banana Walnut Bread

Classic Banana Walnut Bread | Moist, tender and delectable

With sour cream and nuts, this Classic Banana Walnut Bread is the best you’ll ever taste! A Request for Banana Bread I’m always in search of inspiration. So when my daughter spotted a recipe card for banana bread that fell out of one of the myriad catalogs piled up on my kitchen counter, and actually […]

Chocolate Lava Cookies

Chocolate Lava Cookies

You’ve seen numerous lava cake recipes on my blog, but how about Chocolate Lava Cookies? Interested??? You should be as they were unbelievable! Chocolate Lava Cookies I’d only heard of this type of cookie recently. My friend, Jen, inspired me with her delicious version stuffed with fudge sauce. I decided to forgo the shortening and went with […]

Salmon Salad Niçoise | Heart healthy, gourmet meal!

Salmon Salad Niçoise #SundaySupper

This Salmon Salad Niçoise is a scrumptious twist on the French classic. The Omega-3 fatty acids in the seafood make it a heart healthy dish that doesn’t taste like health food! Salad Niçoise Typically made with canned tuna, I  actually prefer my version with rare ahi tuna or grilled salmon.  Niçoise translates to “prepared in Nice,” […]

White Chocolate Mousse with Frangelico

14 Days of Cookbook Giveaways #CookbookAffair

Welcome to Day 14 of the 14 Days of Cookbook Giveaways! On each of the first 14 days of February, one of my blogger friends has offered up a favorite cookbook as a giveaway. And lucky you, since I am the last poster, all these stellar cookbooks are still up for grabs! White Chocolate Mousse with […]

Ganache Topped Truffle Brownies | Fudgy brownies glazed with more chocolate!

Ganache Topped Truffle Brownies #GalentinesDay

These rich, Ganache Topped Truffle Brownies are the perfect Valentine’s Day treat. Or serve them up to your gal pals and celebrate Galentine’s Day! My Inspiration Today I’m celebrating Galentine’s Day, a marvelous faux holiday. This day is all about celebrating, supporting, and encouraging the ladies in your life. Thanks to my blogger friends, Courtney of […]

Mascarpone Filled Chocolate Covered Strawberries #ValentinesDay

Mascarpone Filled Chocolate Covered Strawberries #ValentinesDay

A sweet, creamy mascarpone filling make these luscious Chocolate Covered Strawberries even more irresistible! My valentine ate his before dinner! A New Twist on Chocolate Covered Strawberries I’ve filled gorgeous ripe, Driscoll’s strawberries with sweetened cream cheese and with mascarpone cheese as well  as just dipping them in melted chocolate. But I had a plan to […]

Raspberry Amaretto Bundt Cake | Pound cake full of fresh raspberries and flavored with extracts and liqueur

Raspberry Amaretto Bundt Cake #BloggerCLUE

This sublime Raspberry Amaretto Bundt Cake is sweet, dense and packed full of ripe berries. Amaretto, vanilla, almond extract and Fiori di Sicilia flavoring make this one extraordinary dessert! My BloggerCLUE Match Welcome to our 4th month of the Blogger CLUE Society. My food bloggers friends are each assigned to another blogger’s site and must create and share […]

Cranberry Walnut Pumpkin Loaf…Baking with Julia~

An intense electrical storm rolled through on the last Friday night of the summer. We awoke to no cable TV or Internet. I started the laundry, swiffered the dog hair, made a pie crust, baked a batch of Milky Way cookies, and cooked my French Fridays with Dorie dish for the following week. Still no […]

Tres Leches Cake

My daughter, Katie, turned 22 today…and, of course, she got to request her favorite dinner and birthday dessert. She fell in love with a Tres Leches cake I made a couple years ago…the rest of us thought it was OK, but she adored it! So, much as I tried to ignore this request, I went […]


Raspberry Danish Braid #TuesdayswithDorie

This cheater version of a laminated dough was right up my alley. Made in the food processor, then rolled and folded like puff pastry, this method avoided the messy layering of butter, but produced similar results. Bea Ojakangas, the contributing baker for this exquisite Raspberry Danish Braid in Baking with Julia, relayed that danish is […]


Feta Chicken Kabobs #SundaySupper

Imagine you’re on holiday walking along the azure blue Mediterranean Sea. The aroma of garlicky grilled chicken permeates the air…and you stop to buy some kabobs from one of the street vendors lining the beach. Biting into the tender chicken flavored with garlic, Dijon and feta satisfies all the senses…these Feta Chicken Kabobs are winners. […]

Triple Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies

Triple Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies #SkinnyTip

Oatmeal Cookie Craving Besides his rule of only not eating cherries unless they’re in Kool-Aid, my not-so-gourmet hubby only eats oatmeal when it’s boiled and served with milk and brown sugar. So when you see oatmeal cookies on my blog, it’s because “I” have a craving. Chewy and chock full of three types of chocolate discs […]

Crab-Avocado Ravioli #FrenchFridayswithDorie

Crab-Avocado “Ravioli” #FrenchFridayswithDorie #SkinnyTip

Pasta Free Ravioli I was flummoxed for a brief second when looking down the short list of ingredients for this Crab-Avocado “Ravioli.” The quotation marks in Dorie Greenspan’s title provided a clue that this wasn’t any ordinary ravioli. Instead of a filling between two pasta sheets, this ravioli was a crab, shallot, cilantro and lime salad nestled […]