Grilled Butter Burgers #SundaySupper

Grilled Butter Burgers | With 2 hamburger patties topped with compound butter, buttered buns and all the fixings!

Wisconsin-based Culver’s made the butter burger a household name. I tossed thin hamburger patties on the BBQ, topped them with compound butter, then served these homemade Grilled Butter Burgers on toasted buttered buns.

Best Summer Salad Recipes

Best Summer Salad Recipes | Cool, refreshing salads that hit the spot on a hot day!

Now that summer has officially arrived, it’s time to focus on lighter meals and side dishes. When the weather is hot and sultry, you’ll be happy my blogger friends have shared their best summer salad recipes. They will definitely hit the spot!

Honey Glazed Chicken Kabobs | Marinated chicken, veggies and pineapple are grilled to perfection!

Honey Glazed Chicken Kabobs #SundaySupper

A simple marinade transforms ordinary boneless, skinless chicken into these splendid Honey Glazed Chicken Kabobs! Hello, barbecue season!!

Caribbean Salmon Quinoa Salad | Perfectly portioned, healthy salad with quinoa, mangoes, jerk seasoned salmon and vegetables!

Caribbean Salmon Quinoa Salad #BalancedBites

This healthy, flavorful Caribbean Salmon Quinoa Salad packs a punch with jerk seasoned seafood, an ancient grain and colorful fruits and vegetables. With some help from Rubbermaid’s Balance Meal Kit, you will have a perfectly portioned meal! This post is sponsored by Rubbermaid, but all opinions are my own.

Greek Shrimp Crostini | Garlic toasts topped with shrimp, feta, tomatoes and more!

Greek Shrimp Crostini #NationalPinotGrigioDay #LoveItShareIt

Did you know May 26th is the first annual National Pinot Grigio Day? I’m celebrating by pairing these Greek Shrimp Crostini, topped with seafood, tomatoes and feta, with a crisp glass of  chilled Cavit Pinot Grigio. This post is sponsored by Cavit. All opinions are my own.

Best Potluck Recipes for Summer | Terrific recipes to feed a crowd from my food blogger friends

Best Potluck Recipes for Summer

With Memorial Day just around the corner, and the 4th of July and Labor Day not far behind, this collection of Best Potluck Recipes for Summer will come in handy!

Spinach Feta Pinwheels | The marvelous flavors of Greek spanakopita without all the work!

Spinach Feta Pinwheels #SundaySupper

Flaky, buttery puff pastry is rolled around spinach, feta, mozzarella and green onions to create these outrageously delicious Spinach Feta Pinwheels!

Strawberry Bacon Brie Salad #LongLiveProduce #NationalSaladMonth

Seasonal berries dance with cheese, nuts and more in this scrumptious Strawberry Bacon Brie Salad with a Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette! Plus find out how I keep my produce fresh longer! This post is sponsored by Rubbermaid and all opinions are mine alone.

Coconut White Chocolate Truffles | An easy, decadent 4 ingredient recipe

Coconut White Chocolate Truffles #SundaySupper

 Just four simple ingredients and you can have these sublime Coconut White Chocolate Truffles for your sweet tooth’s pleasure! Coconut Nirvana Growing up, I had a penchant for those coconut bonbons in those boxes of chocolates that made the rounds on Valentine’s Day. Then my mom started making Mounds bars and I fell deeper in […]

French Cheese Soufflé flavored with Gruyère and a grating of nutmeg

Cheese Soufflé #FrenchFridayswithDorie

This traditional French Cheese Soufflé from Dorie Greenspan drew rave reviews from my gang. Flavored with Gruyère and a grating of nutmeg, it rose perfectly! Cheese Soufflé  Despite the array of dirty dishes and pots in my kitchen after whipping up this Cheese Soufflé, it was totally worth the dishpan hands due to its absolute […]

Chicken Piccata Pasta | A delicious and easy twist on a classic Italian recipe!

Chicken Piccata Pasta

I created this Chicken Piccata Pasta when I needed a quick meal with ingredients I had in my kitchen. Chicken tenders, lemon juice and penne pasta married perfectly for this speedy dinner recipe.

Brie en Croute with Cherries and Apricot Preserves

Brie en Croute with Cherries and Apricot Preserves

Brie en Croute…or more simply, brie wrapped in puff pastry, is an easy, yet impressive appetizer. I took this to a recent gathering and the dish was practically licked clean. Two of my friends stood at the kitchen counter and finished it off after dessert! I started with a small wheel of brie, which I placed […]

Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno Poppers #SkinnyTip

Jalapeno Poppers I’ve wanted to try Jalapeno Poppers for years! But you know the situation. I have the  hubby who only uses a microscopic amount of salsa on his chips and shies away from any dish with major heat. I had to tread cautiously. So when my turn to host book club came around again, I […]

Frangelico Truffle Cocktail

Frangelico Truffle Cocktail: I use Frangelico to add a boost of flavor to chocolate desserts, but this lovely aperitif proved that drinking the liqueur was just as amazing! Frangelico Truffle Cocktail  I am a huge fan of Frangelico, the exquisite hazelnut liqueur…but I mainly use it in my baking.  This incredible cordial adds a spectacular […]