It’s that time of year again. Life is busy with carpooling and after-school activities. Who doesn’t need some quick, delicious Family Dinner Recipes?

Along with my blogger friends, I’ve compiled over 20 marvelous 30-minute Back-to-School Meals that take less than 30 minutes to get on your table!

20+ 30-minute back to school dinner recipes collage.

Why You Must Make

  • From pasta to casseroles, soup, and chicken dishes, you’ll find a tasty array of entrees that can go from stovetop or oven to your plate in a half-hour or less. 
  • Between homework and afterschool activities, these recipes will help you serve a homemade dinner that your family will love.
  • Quick meals are great for the weekend, too. And all these recipes will help you shake up your menu.

Family Dinner Ideas

There are many quick meals that are great for family dinners. Pasta, pizza, soup, Italian and Tex-Mex recipes can be both easy and delicious!

Easy Pasta Recipes

Pasta dishes are always family favorites as they’re easy to throw together whether you cook it all in a skillet or bake in a casserole dish. And sloppy joes have been around for decades and homemade versions always trump the canned sauce variety. It only takes a couple more minutes to make the filling from scratch.

Easy Pizza and Soup Back-to-School Meals

Forget delivery and make a French bread pizza at home. No crust to make, no fuss and such a quick and easy meal. And when autumn weather arrives, a bowl of soup or chili will hit the spot!

Easy Tex-Mex and Italian Recipes

Tex-Mex and Italian dishes are lovely family-friendly meals…think tacos, burritos, enchiladas, or variations made in the oven or in a skillet. For easy Italian, have you ever made an Alfredo sauce? Rich, delicious, and super simple. You’ll get rave reviews when you make these Back-to-School Meals!

More chicken, stir-fries, pasta, and even a braided pot pie! Click on the links below the photos to check out the recipes. What is your go-to easy dinner recipe when the kids are back in school and time is limited???

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Good Categories of Kid-Friendly Dinners?

Pastas, simply grilled meat, burgers, and sandwiches will all work well. Make sure they each have a source of protein like meat, cheese, or seafood.

What Basics Should You Include in Your Dinner Menu?

Meals should include a main dish (protein), a side dish or two (fruit and/or vegetables), plus I like having a starch to help fill up very hungry children (rice, potatoes, bread).

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Easy Family Dinners

Kid-Friendly Recipes that are perfect for the school year. Most are ready in about 30 minutes!