These 20+ Halloween Treats are part of a joint venture as I partner with some of my favorite food bloggers to bring you this round-up of holiday recipes!

From desserts to snacks to entrees, we’ve got you covered with a slew of Halloween Recipes!

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Why You Must Make

  • These recipes will allow you to celebrate Halloween all day long!!
  • Your little goblins will love all the special treats!
  • There’s even a Pizza Mummy Braid for a fun entree.

Halloween lands on Saturday this year, so your little goblins will have a whole day at home to get wound up for their big night of trick-or-treating. Why not make some special Halloween Recipes to make it a memorable one? We have so many terrific ideas in store for you today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Recipes Are Good for a Halloween Party?

Start with Pastry Wrapped Mummy Hot Dogs or Pizza with Criss-Cross Mummy Top Crust. Deviled Eggs for an appetizer, Caramel Apples or Pumpkin Bars or Cake for Dessert! Have dry ice in the cooler for a foggy drink receptacle.

What Are Some Activities for a Halloween Party?

If guests come in costumes, have a contest for the most creative costume. Try bobbing for apples, guessing how many Halloween-colored M&Ms are in a jar, and pumpkin bowling outside. Make sure to have prizes for the winners. Starbucks or Target gift cards are always a hit.

I hope you’ll find these Halloween treats and amazingly spooktacular recipes inspire you to make some special Halloween treats for your family this year!

25+ Halloween Treats

Recipes for Halloween Parties plus fun ideas to serve on your Halloween menu!

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Make sure to pin this post or click through to any of the recipes to pin your favorites. I’m in awe of the creativity this month. Check back at the end of October for our Thanksgiving recipe round-up.

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