Supernatural Brownies #SecretRecipeClub

Yes, ANOTHER brownie recipe…but in this house, there can never be too many brownies or chocolate chip cookies hanging out on the kitchen counter. Please tell me you can relate. I’ve been in Group C of the Secret Recipe Club since the month after its inception. And I still haven’t been matched up with a couple of my favorite bloggers!!! So when old friends like Lacy of NY City Eats (though she isn’t OLD at all…she’s cute and hip and young!) pop up in my monthly assignment, I can’t help but smile. I know Lacy from our Foodbuzz days…and have lost touch. This is one reason I adore this group…a chance to reconnect. I found two recipes I wanted to recreate from her blog immediately…a mixed berry bundt cake and some Choco-Lacy brownies. Of course, I went the chocolate route with these wonderful Supernatural Brownies.

I’m involved in Indianapolis’ 52nd annual Decorators’ Show House and Gardens tour…the country’s longest running show house event. The funds we earn support services and programs for our county hospital. I had volunteered to bring a couple desserts for the party we give for the designers and landscapers who transform a classic home into a showplace…and I loved that this brownie recipe made a TON…I was able to get 75 servings from this one batch. And they’re from Nick Malgieri, baker and cookbook author, who I adore. Dense and fudgy with the perfect thin crust on top. Bill gave these two thumbs up as his mouth was too full of glorious chocolate to give one of his witty reviews. And I quickly ran these down to the freezer, so I didn’t have to make a second batch! Thanks, Lacy!!!

Supernatural Brownies…#SecretRecipeClub

  • Adapted from Nick Malgieri via NY City Eats
  • 1 pound 4 sticks butter
  • 1/2 pound 8 ounces semisweet chocolate
  • 1/2 pound 8 ounces milk chocolate
  • 8 eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  1. Preheat oven to 350º. Spray a half sheet pan with non-stick spray, the line with parchment and spray parchment.
  2. Combine butter and chopped chocolate in microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 60 seconds, stop and stir and continue microwaving for 30 second intervals, stopping and stirring till mixture is smooth and melted. Set aside.
  3. Whisk eggs in a large bowl and mix in salt, sugar, brown sugar and vanilla. Stir in chocolate mixture, then fold in flour.
  4. Pour batter into prepared pan and smooth top with offset spatula. Bake for about 45 minutes, until top has formed a shiny crust. Cool in pan. Cover with plastic wrap when cool and refrigerate for easy cutting.
  5. To serve, run knife around edge of pan and flip brownies onto large cutting board. Remove parchment and flip back. Cut to desired size.
  6. Note: these taste even better the day after they’re baked.
  7. Yield: 48 brownies
  8. Total time: 24 hours if you refrigerate overnight.


  1. Agreed, Liz. No such thing as too much of a good thing; especially brownies and cookies!

    Love combining different types of chocolate which turns into a fudgy center with a thin crust on top.

  2. Happier Than A Pig in Mud says:

    Brownies always sound good! I love your second pic and bookmarked the berry bundt cake:@)

  3. I don´t see why making a second batch of these would be a bad idea… Love that they have both semisweet and milk chocolate. I make a flourless mousse cake from Nigella that uses both chocolates, and it´s so good. These sounds amazing Liz!

  4. I saw the photo that you had on facebook of the home that was redone. It looked amazing. What a great way to raise money for a good cause. I love the fact that this recipe makes a lot. Hubby and Dudette usually wolf down a batch of brownies in the same day and then are looking at me as though I’ve done something wrong. 🙂 More is always good.

  5. Oh my gosh! Liz, I don’t think I could share these brownies! They look so delicious! Great pick for the SRC! Love this recipe!!

  6. Lizi: These dense, fudgy brownies looks like made in heaven…Mmmmm!!!!

  7. Hey, you know me and cookie recipes, I can’t judge you for the brownies!

    Plus…I mean…brownies! YuM!

  8. Delightful brownies! It has been quite a while since I last bake any! I’m a big fan of Nick Malgieri, love his recipes!

  9. You could make anything look delicious, Liz! Love these brownies!

  10. What a great thing you are involved in and how lucky they are to have a master treat maker like you part of it. The brownies look textbook perfect. Are those raspberries real? They look so perfect…mine are always slightly mushed and not so brilliant!

  11. They look soooo good! 😀

    Have a wonderful week! 😀

  12. What chocolaty looking brownies. Yum!

  13. I love me a moist, dense, fudgey brownie. And with a family of 7 children I need a brownie recipe that makes a ton! This is right up my alley!

  14. Brian, the brownie monster, would like to move in with you. In exchange for a constant supply of brownies, he can fix stuff. 🙂

  15. Never can have enough study snack food in the house. Yes, I can completely relate. 😛

  16. Fabulous! Had I known these were hanging out in your basement I might’ve begged a sample yesterday 🙂 I’ll for sure make these next time I make brownies.

  17. Liz!! I’m so excited that you liked the brownies! It’s definitely my favorite brownie recipe of all time. I’ve been waiting to be assigned to your blog, but I’m so happy that you got mine! We have definitely lost touch, mostly because I’ve been slacking on posting but I hope to pick back up in the next month or two. I still am waiting for the SRC email that says I got That Skinny Chick Can Bake! 🙂 Hope all is well!

  18. Lizzy look amazing!! I love this!!

  19. These brownies look so amazing. Of course, they should with all that butter and chocolate 🙂

  20. 4 sticks of butter?! Wow-o! Must be supernatural brownies!!! They look fabulous!!!! yum!

  21. Seriously, there can never be enough brownie recipes in the world! YUM!

  22. Amazing! I think I’ll make these before I have my baby, then I’ll have tons of brownies in the freezer for when the craving strikes!

  23. misschelsmangia says:

    I will take a brownie any day of the week! These look extra special!

  24. cant agree more!! There are never enough cookies, brownies or sweets!! lol They look lovely!

  25. At first, I was like whoa, so many eggs but it’s deeeefinitely worth it! looks divine!

  26. I love the name for these and that thin crust looks divine!

  27. Yes, I can relate. Love the brownies!

  28. These look incredible, Liz! Perfect for dunking in a glass of milk!

  29. Hotly Spiced says:

    75 Servings? Excellent. One must never run out of brownies xx

  30. Nice! That sounds like an awesome amount of brownies!

  31. I need a recipe for a crowd. Another meeting this week. I think this will be the ticket.

  32. Oh Lizzy..when will you stop tempting me with all those brownies 🙂

  33. I went to scoop some ice cream tonight and realized (to my horror!) my freezer stash of brownies had run out. Proof you can never bake too many 😉

  34. That’s a huge batch of brownies! I made brownies and attempted to use your cutting technique, epic fail!

  35. 75 in one batch ,dense and fudgy with a thin crust. What’s not to love? There’s a big picnic party we are hosting next month, these brownies will sure please my guests.

  36. Darn ! That’s a lot of yumminess 😀 But then , why bake a measly amount when you can have loads , right ? Any leftover ? I bet it taste as fabulous as it looks 😉

  37. They certainly look moist, chewy and ultra chocolately delish! It was such fun having your blog this month and I really did have a hard time choosing what to make. Those cookies were a hit at my office and hubby’s office. I divided them in half and onward we went to work today. Hope you have a great week!!!

  38. One can never have too many options for brownies – these look so good!!!

  39. Wow, they look fudgy and gooey and buttery all rolled into one. now that’s a cookie bar!

  40. You’re right- one can never have too many brownie recipes or make too many brownies. They are a simple, classic dessert, and these look great.

  41. This is such a good contribution to your community Liz! And I am sure your brownies were a big hit! Who could resist them anyway!

  42. Liz you crack me up with your brownie recipes! I love it! These look crazy fudgy and delicious–gotta try these! I had Lacy’s blog last month and guess which recipe I chose? The mixed berry bundt cake (though I turned it into a more fattening blueberry lemon pound cake). Great minds!

  43. Almost dare not to bake brownies any more as I usually end up eating too much more than I should…these are so irresistible!

  44. there can never be enough brownie recipes in the world!

  45. I’m sure everyone enjoy these yummy and lovely brownies,You had a lot of Amazing brownies recipe here ,looks perfect with raspberry 🙂

  46. You can never have too many brownie recipes. Yum.

  47. You can never have too many brownie recipes 😉 This looks great, Liz!

  48. Deanna Segrave-Daly says:

    Oh yes, one can never have too many brownie or chocolate chip recipes in my book (and this is a dietitian talking!) These look absolutely heavenly – I’ll remember to make them the next time I’m baking for a crowd (which is often because my husband is one of 11 kids – ha.)!

  49. I fully agree with you, Liz – there can NEVER be too many brownies or CCCs. In fact, I’d prefer if I always had some of either, or both, within arm distance. And I would’ve gone the chocolate route too – as much as I love all desserts, chocolate will always be number one. These brownies look perfect – I love that thin layer on top! I bet all the hard workers at your party enjoyed every mouthful.

  50. My family wishes I made brownies like you… because there can never be too many brownies. 🙂

  51. Equally love the brownies and its name. 🙂 It looks very irresistable and I can’t promise how many I would eat if they sit in front of me. Thank you Liz and I hope you are having an enjoyable week.

  52. SRC is great! And so are these brownies. Although the titll threw me off, wondering if the were haunted lol

  53. Brownies once more! Next time I want to find a new brownies recipe, I won’t even hesitate and come here, straight to the specialist.

  54. Cristina says:

    What a cute idea that Secret Recipe Club. Love when brownies have that crispy top! Ok, I need a chocolaty, brownie fix now. 🙂

  55. Can never have enough brownies. If they were in my freezer my hubby would still find them. These sound perfect.

  56. Dear Lizzy, These brownies do look rich and fudge like!! They look delicious! I am glad you got to freeze some. Blessings dear, Catherine xo

  57. These look like perfection, I love trying new brownie recipes out.

  58. Oh gosh, I would love to make these, but I just can’t. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. Brownies are THAT THING that I can’t stop eating. I think everybody has something. Homemade brownies are mine 🙂 I can never make them, because I’ll eat the whole pan in 2 days! HAAHAHHA!

  59. your right- you can never have to many brownie recipes and they always seem to be a little bit different than each other. Love this particular recipe and i love the combo of semi and milk chocolate

  60. When it comes to chocolate treats the more the merrier! 🙂 I don’t think anyone would complain about another decadent chocolate brownie recipe. 😉 Especially some looking that good. I’m sure these are crowd pleasers and what a great treat to bring and share.

  61. Hi Liz,

    Brownies is never enough or too much at our house. Dense and fudgy with the perfect thin crust on top… sounds like our kind of brownies 😀


  62. Liz, you are absolutely right, you cannot ever have enough brownie recipes – having said that, I adore Nick Malgieri´s recipes, I baked one of his fabulous cakes with blueberries last week and we adored it – these brownies look fudgy and chocolaty and like a perfect treat for a very worthy casue/event!

  63. You can never have too many brownies Liz – especially supernatural ones like this!

  64. first of all, there’s no such thing as too many brownie recipes.

    second of all, yum. 😉

    Happy SRC reveal from a group C member!!

  65. Lora @cakeduchess says:

    I think I can’t ever tire of trying different brownie recipes…this is next on my list, Lizzy! look so good:))

  66. You made your hubby, the chocolate lover, happy with a sample of these. 🙂 That’s an awesome batch of brownies to feed a crowd.

  67. With all of that butter, these are definitely melt in your mouth brownies! YUM!

  68. Liz,
    Love these brownies. You can’t go wrong trying new and different brownie recipes.

  69. Deanna says:

    I made these today and they are spot on! I added some fresh made coffee to my batter to contrast the chocolate and added a caramel drizzle on top. They are intended for a party tomorrow but I am tempted to sit down by myself and take a fork to the pan. Awesome and simple brownie recipe! Thanks so much!

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