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Witches Fingers Cookies on a round white plate

Witches Fingers Cookies

Whip up some gnarly Witches Fingers Cookies for Halloween.  They’re a fun, not super spooky Halloween Treat that will attract all sorts of attention as well as loads of compliments as they’re as tasty as...

Loaded Cowboy Cookies stacked on a square white plate

Loaded Cowboy Cookies

I hit the jackpot with these chewy, buttery, Loaded Cowboy Cookies Recipe! Delicious oats, chocolate, coconut and pecans in every bite! Whether you call these Cowboy Cookies or Ranger Cookies, this Oatmeal Cookies Recipe...

Chocolate Frangelico Truffles | Exquisite truffles flavored with hazelnut liqueur plus a guide for tempering chocolate

Chocolate Frangelico Truffles

The timing was right for making these exquisite Chocolate Frangelico Truffles, as the hubby was scrounging for Oreos in the pantry.  I needed a refresher on how to temper chocolate since I hadn’t made these...

Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookies on a square white plate

Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookies

I took these marvelous Triple Chocolate Fudge  Cookies to a neighborhood gathering. Our friends raved with every delicious bite flavored with cocoa, milk chocolate chips and white chocolate chips!

Chocolate Oreo Gooey Bars | The classic gooey bars with a chocolate and Oreo twist!

Chocolate Oreo Gooey Bars

My family adores the classic gooey bars that I’ve been making for decades. When I spied these Chocolate Oreo Gooey Bars on Hugs & Cookies XOXO, I knew I had to whip up a...

White Chocolate Raspberry Bars stacked on a round plate

White Chocolate Raspberry Bars

I was heading to northern Minnesota for a family reunion. Of course, baked goods were expected! These tasty, buttery White Chocolate Raspberry Bars were boxed up, loaded in my suitcase, through TSA to a...

Simple meringue cookies in a white ceramic bowl

Simple Meringue Cookies

Meringue cookies are incredibly light, ethereal cookies made from whipped egg whites and sugar. These simple meringue cookies will melt in your mouth and tantalize your sweet tooth!  This easy meringue cookie recipe will...