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Oven Roasted Peach Cakes | A terrific, adaptable dessert featuring stone fruit!

Oven Roasted Peach Cakes

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These  spectacular Oven Roasted Peach Cakes are a twist on the plum version Marcel Desaulniers  baked up for Julia Child.

Oven Roasted Peach Cakes - A terrific, adaptable dessert featuring stone fruit!

Oven Roasted Peach Cakes 

I knew I had another post going up on the day that our first Tuesdays with Dorie post of September was to go live. When I opened my copy of Baking with Julia, I saw that the recipe was from Marcel Desaulniers, one of my favorite bakers.

I couldn’t NOT make it. We were leaving town for Labor Day weekend, but I had buttermilk in the fridge and 2 peaches in my fruit basket. I swapped out the plums and made four oven roasted peach cakes whether we needed another dessert in the house (err, no) or not.

Oven Roasted Peach Cakes - A terrific, adaptable dessert featuring stone fruit!

Desaulniers Did Not Disappoint

This buttery batter topped with ripe peaches created mini masterpieces. The final sprinkling of brown sugar assisted the juices in caramelizing and resulted in these most delectable mini-cakes. These could easily be glammed up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. So if you have any stone fruit in the house, bake up your version of these oven roasted peach cakes whether with plums, apricots, cherries, nectarines or, my favorite, peaches!

Oven Roasted Peach Cakes - A terrific, adaptable dessert featuring stone fruit!
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The recipe for oven-roasted plum cakes can be seen here. I made half a batch, baked them in 8 ounce ramekins and topped each with half a peach, sliced and slightly fanned. Feel free to use plums, peaches, apricots or nectarines.

To see what the other members of Tuesdays with Dorie thought of these Oven Roasted Peach Cakes (well, plum cakes), check the Leave Your Link thread here.

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37 comments on “Oven Roasted Peach Cakes”

  1. I dare say Desaulniers never disappoints, and I’m sure he’d be thrilld with this. Your little ckaes are beautiful. Brava!

  2. I would be very tempted to drop a little scoop of vanilla ice cream with these cakes ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oh my GOSH Liz! Your desserts always look like masterpieces in my book, but my jaw absolutely dropped with this one. That buttery crumb! I love it and am totally saving this one on file. Tuesday with Dorie sounds so fun! Love it!

  4. They look like they’d be great for breakfast too:@)

  5. Mmm, another excuse to use my ramekins!

  6. Dorie’s recipes are wonderful !
    And these peach cakes look beautiful!
    And all your recipes are absolutely georgeous Lizzy:)

  7. I can almost taste the goodness of these peach cakes. Truly decadent. I would be willing to give up my “must include chocolate” rule for one of these.

  8. Liz, these mini peach cakes are stunning!! absolutely beautiful! I didn’t know who Marcel Desaulniers was . . but now I do!!

  9. Beautiful Liz! I bet they were absolutely delicious made with peaches. I can almost taste them looking at your lovely photos.

  10. These really do look like a masterpiece dessert, Liz! I would say you definitely did need this extra dessert in the house!

  11. What cutie patooties! These look delicious and I bet the roasting imparted such a honeyed-flavor!

  12. My mouth is watering over these beauties, Liz! Peaches are definitely my favourite stone fruit to bake with. I can almost taste how delicious these are!

  13. they could not be any cuter! So dainty and sweet. I love this!

  14. Your peach cakes need no glomming up, Liz. The sweets resemble the ones gazing out of Parisian patisseries!

  15. Desaulniers never disappoints, nor do you. I always know when I click to visit your website I am going to love what I see. I’ve never made a recipe of yours that wasn’t a success.

  16. Hi Liz, what a beautiful dessert, you can tell it’s delicious! love Dorie’s recipes.

  17. Lizzy,
    These peach cakes looks scrumptious. My hubby would eat half a dozen at a time.

  18. These are such pretty looking cakes. It’s quite a coincidence but I’ve just posted a recipe on my blog with bananas that are caramelised in brown sugar. Okay, so totally not similar and not a Dorie recipe but a little similar xx

  19. Oh my those look good! I have some peaches on the go right now – might have to make these!

  20. These little peach cakes look aaaaaaaaaaaawesome!

  21. I love my own individual dessert. These are totally scrumptious! And the best part is there is no sharing involved!

  22. Those look great! I still have the plums that I never used for that recipe…. Hmmmmm. =)

  23. They are so cute, love the mix of fruits, peach and strawberrys, so yummy!!

  24. Wish the computers had taste-o-matic feature! This is gorgeous!

  25. What darling little cakes, I’d like one for breakfast! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Wow…you made THAT just as you were about to head out the door for a mini vacation! Awesome!

  27. These look wonderful. I love peaches no matter what shape they take, but especially as a dessert.

  28. Cutie Patooties and I wouldn’t need any extra glam!

  29. Oh I’ll take these with peaches rather than plums any day! What a beautiful little treat!

  30. I can see why you wanted to make these! Love the swap to peaches too.

  31. These look absolutely beautiful!! I love peach desserts…but I also love that you can use any fruit and make these with winter fruits as well. Will be saving the recipe for these ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. These little cakes are adorable, Liz! I bet they’re amazing for breakfast too ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. This dessert did not disappoint at all!
    Beautiful, Liz

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