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Berry Smoothie topped with a ripe strawberry

Berry Smoothies

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Chock full of vitamin C and calcium, these easy berry smoothies will please your palate while boosting your daily nutritional needs! Plus you can whip one up in no time!!!

This is one of those Recipes for Berry Smoothies that can be tweaked depending on what berries are in season or what’s in your fridge! Make it a triple berry smoothie with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries!

Berry Smoothie topped with a ripe strawberry

International Food Bloggers Conference

The trip to Seattle for the International Food Bloggers Conference was fast and furious. A whirlwind of activities, friends, laughter, learning, and inspiration. I was exhausted when I returned home. Three days was not enough to travel across 4 time zones and back without some repercussions. But within a day or two, I found out that I was a winner of not just one, but two of the conference sponsors’ giveaways! Such a fabulous bonus.

First to arrive was the most powerful blender I’ve ever experienced! These strawberry smoothies were whirled to perfection in my spankin’ new Nutri Ninja® Blender DUO™ with Auto-IQ. The built-in intuition of this small appliance was amazing. It pulsed and blended to the ideal smoothie consistency. I have never owned or used one of those high-end blenders, but this one exceeded my expectations and seemed to do everything the competitor does but at half the cost.

Overhead view of a Berry Smoothie with two red and white straws

Easy Berry Smoothies!

Noosa Yoghurt was another one of the #IFBC sponsors. They hosted one of the conference’s breakfasts where we were able to sample their seasonal pumpkin yogurt, now available at Target. It was terrific. Noosa is one of my favorite brands of yogurt; it’s thick, creamy with the perfect amount of sweetness. It seemed logical that it would be fabulous to make a berry smoothie with their coconut yogurt.

The cultures come directly from Australia, but the yoghurt is made in Boulder, Colorado. We used coconut for these smoothies for a touch of tropical flair. I also was gifted two Analon non-stick skillets. Technology has certainly improved since my last purchase as you can actually use metal spatulas to flip food while cooking.

There were lots of goodies in the “gifting suite,” too, like this Complete Citrus Tool from Crisp Cooking. And Crisp Cooking, which showcases unique tools for healthy eating, has generously offered some of their products for one of my readers! Scroll down to see how and what you can win. (This giveaway is over).I’m so grateful for all these conference bonuses. Bill thinks I should be out there buying lottery tickets, but I think it’s someone else’s turn to be a winner!

Berry Smoothies in a short glass with a berry garnish and two straws

 How to Make Strawberry Smoothies

My sister and I whipped up these easy berry smoothies when she was in town. Tossing in a frozen banana, frozen strawberries along with yogurt, milk, and honey, we gawked at the blender doing its thing. We sipped and giggled and decided to make another batch…this time jazzing up the recipe with fresh ginger and vanilla.

Maddy nearly choked on her first swallow of the new version and burst into laughter. “Cough syrup,” she spat out in hysterics, “It tastes like cough syrup!” Blech. That batch was not able to be salvaged. Next time we’ll blend up some margaritas!

Berry Smoothies | A yummy way to incorporate lots of berries into your diet!

Berry Smoothies

A healthy berry smoothie that's whipped up in no time!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Yield 2 servings


  • 1 peeled banana, frozen
  • 5-8 ounces frozen berries (I used raspberries and strawberries)
  • 1 cup milk
  • 8 ounces coconut yogurt
  • Sugar or honey to taste if needed


  1. Add all ingredients to blender and puree till smooth. Garnish with berries if desired and serve immediately.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 522Total Fat: 5gSaturated Fat: 2gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 3gCholesterol: 12mgSodium: 136mgCarbohydrates: 114gFiber: 24gSugar: 74gProtein: 16g


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49 comments on “Berry Smoothies”

  1. Sounds like you had a great time at the conference! I like the wavy knife:@)

  2. Liz, I’m always down for a great berry smoothie!!! and I totally want a zester from Crisp cooking!!! love this giveaway!

  3. Beautiful recipe! And DANGIT I need to get to that conference. We need to hang out again! 🙂 (or more, or actually hang out) 🙂

  4. My favorite tool is the herb mincer.

  5. The crisp looks so cool! And I totally missed going to IFBC. Hope to see you next year. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy this berry smoothies for breakfast.

  6. This smoothie looks like something we all might need after all the indugences over the Thanksgiving weekend, thanks Liz!

  7. Congrats on all the goodies, Liz! They are in good hands in your kitchen:)

    I don’t mind saying I have become the “queen of smoothies.” Seriously, if you would have made yourself a nice and nuticious smoothie when you returned from such awesomeness, you would have felt like a new woman just thinking about it!!!

    I have the Nutrabullet which I love! However, I am contemplating bigger and better, lol…Do yourself a favor and freeze lots of bananas right now!!! I use them in every smoothie I make with lots of yogurt too.

    Thanks for offering this give-away Liz and of course thank you so much for sharing…Have fun with your new “toys.”

  8. The herb mincer looks like something I would love.

  9. My favorite tool is the wavy knife

  10. Since David loves corn, the corn stripper is intriguing to me…As is your fantabulous looking smoothie…Wish this Ninja Baker had a Ninja blender!

  11. These look berrylicious – love that pretty pink color!

  12. Interesting name for the yoghurt, Liz. Is it Australian? Love the sound of your smoothies… yum. Good luck to those entering your giveaway!

  13. i like the straight paring knife and the corn stripper. Well I like pretty much all of them but come pay day I think I’m going to order the knife and stripper. Thank you for the drawing.

  14. I like the straight paring knife. I can never have enough of them!

  15. hi, your smoothie is pretty much like the i eat all the time, except i use coconut milk, i love the serrated paring knife, i only have one but should buy another, thanks for the great giveaway, can never have to many kitchen tools

  16. I think i’d use the herb mincer/chopper the most! How fun!

  17. What fun! Guess i better rub your belly for good luck next time i see you! I love Noosa yogurt. Always makes me think I’m having dessert! And this smoothie looks even better!

  18. Never seen pumpkin yogurt. That sounds great. Love smoothies … this one reminds me of the ones I used to make my sons all the time. They loved them!

  19. I would love the cherry pitter.

  20. I love the wavy knife.

  21. The serrated paring knife.

  22. How exciting to win not once but twice! That does sound like a whirlwind trip but I’m sure it was very worth it. And I think I have the more expensive version of your blender. Since buying it we have been having smoothies for breakfast and really enjoying them and we’re all eating so much more raw fruit and vegetables. This morning I had pineapple, mint, apple and watermelon – a very welcome way to start the day as we’re in the middle of a heatwave with temps around 40C (104F) for the next 3-4 days. It’s too hot to go outside! xx

  23. I love the herb mincer or the pair knife, straight.

  24. The corn stripper would make a obscure job a lot easier 🙂

  25. What a pretty color.

  26. Looks so rich and delicious, love strawberry smoothies. I have been waiting in anticipation to try coconut yogurt but I have not been able to find in any in HK yet. Do you like it? I am delighted to you were able to go to the conference- great fun! Take Care, BAM

  27. Hi Liz, great give-away!! love this smoothie!

  28. Lizzy,
    I would love the mini strainers. Thanks for the lovely giveaway. Congrats on the wins.

  29. That smoothie looks so cool and refreshing and on this hot day, it would be a treat indeed!

  30. Hi Lizzy, Such a yummy smoothie…although I never heard of Noosa yogurt, or seen it in our supermarket; doesn’t mean that they don’t carry it, perhaps I just missed it! Love the clever wavy cutter knife, which is so clever. I do have a wavy cutter; old fashioned stainless steel which I’ve used to cut fancy carrots, but not nearly as nice as this knife! xoxo

  31. The herb chopper I hate chopping herbs so it would be great

  32. My favorite is the avocado tool!

  33. My favorite tool is the Herb Mincer, but I also like the Corn Stripper.

  34. A great smoothie, Liz. I want one now.
    I wish you a beautiful weekend!

  35. My favorite tool is the cherry pitter.

  36. I like that little cutting board, something you don’t think you need, but once you have it I bet it would get used all the time.

  37. This is just the kind of thing I absolutely love for breakfast with a new nuts and chia seeds or a little homemade granola. I recently bought a Vitamix and I love it way more than I should 🙂

  38. I like the herb mincer.

  39. Just discovered your blog, love it! I had never heard of this company until today, wonderful innovative kitchen tools for a bargain! I love the idea of making things easier around the kitchen and of course making it fun!

    I would LOVE to try their tools with recipes!

  40. I need a melon knife, and theirs looks fantastic!

  41. It’s hard to pick just one, but I think I would love to have the bird’s beak paring knife.

  42. Weird! I thought maybe you’re on vacation, ’cause i haven’t received any email notifications from your site, but guess something is not working properly =/
    The smoothie looks so delicious!

  43. I like the zester on their site.

  44. I honestly could not narrow it down to one tool so I’m going with the berry baskets – they are so pretty!

  45. Love the avocado tool!

  46. I would love to have the Salsa Set Holiday Bundle.

  47. Glad you had a great conference! Love this berry smoothie and need it more than ever during the holidays! I’ve finally decided to attend a blog conference in February! Hope I learn a lot, cuz I sure don’t know much!

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