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Roasted Rhubarb over a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Roasted Rhubarb

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A lovely, seasonal Roasted Rhubarb recipe from Dorie Greenspan is the perfect topping for a big scoop of  vanilla ice cream.

Roasted Rhubarb over a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Roasted Rhubarb

I made rhubarb muffins earlier this spring from my measly crop, so I was shocked to discover a few remaining stalks in the garden.   Granted, they were thin as pencils and nowhere near the pound called for in Dorie’s recipe, but I was pleased to have some of my own rhubarb to contribute to this dish.  Shopping at Fresh Market, I checked the produce department for fresh rhubarb, but there wasn’t any. I was pleasantly surprised to find a stash in their frozen food aisle.  Whew.

Garden rhubarb

Simple, Seasonal Rhubarb Recipe

This was one simple recipe.  Coat the rhubarb with a generous amount of sugar to offset the tart flavor, sprinkle with orange zest, and roast covered for 15 minutes.  Uncover and continue roasting till tender–about 5 more minutes.  That’s it.  I adore rhubarb, so it’s no surprise I was a fan of this sauce, but I’d actually enjoy it even more without the hint of orange. It was a wonderful topping on vanilla bean ice cream. And once again, I didn’t have to share it with anyone!

Roasted Rhubarb

Dorie has generously shared this recipe on her delightful blog. That link is gone, so check out the recipe here.

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45 comments on “Roasted Rhubarb”

  1. Oh with ice cream! That sounds sooo good!

    I was so upset that I could not find rhubarb, anywhere.. not even frozen … So I’m sitting out this week :((

  2. Roasting really concentrates that lovely rhubarb flavour and orange goes so well with this wonderful Summer treat. Rhubarb season is nearly over here so I’d better be quick to make this lovely sauce.

  3. Your photos are beautiful. We served our rhubarb with ice cream as well, but I’m sad to say that I’m still not a fan.

  4. Looks wonderful! I have never tried roasted rhubarb before–I need to while my rhubarb is still good! Our rhubarb grows like crazy for some reason. Last year we divided our plants and gave some away. Now those people have a bumper crop even after only one year. And they were nice enough to give us some strawberry-rhubarb jam they made with it. 🙂

  5. I have not got the chance to try rhubarb yet…your recipe sounds so simple yet delicious! The photos said it all:)

  6. I love the word “roast” It conjurs up many thoughts of flavor and smell and is a sure fire way of bringing out the best in any ingredient!

  7. So lovely! I never thought of roasted rhubarb, but why not!

  8. Hey Lizzy, I’ve been looking for a nice rhubarb recipe EVERYWHERE – I always see it in the shops and I’d love to try cooking it 🙂 Yay. I love your blog, your pictures make me very hungry when I really ought to be on diet. 😉 x Stacey

  9. Ooh, I’ll have to remember the frozen rhubarb option because the fresh stuff was only at the farmers market but not my grocery store.

  10. I totally need to try the rest of mine over ice cream. I liked the taste, not the texture though….

  11. wow This must be tasting wonderfully delicious!

  12. I think this week is going to be hit or miss depending on everyone’s love (or non-love) of rhubarb…
    I had mine warm out of the oven with a side of ice cream as well! Yum

  13. In Italy rhubarb is not so used as in US…in the seventies there were liquors and candies with rhubarb, then nothing more! Looks delicious!

  14. Rhubarb really seems to be enjoying a resurgence in popularity of late. Good for it! I do so love it’s pinky-red hues!

  15. Rhubarb is one of my favorites! Yours looks great…I served mine over vanilla ice cream too! My hubby and I both enjoyed it! Have a great week-end!

  16. Yours looks gorgeous. I am guessing I really do need to try it over ice cream, you make it look too tempting!

  17. Sweet find in your garden;-)
    I’m trying this with vanilla ice cream next time, I really liked this recipe, even though I changed the spices in the rhubarb, forgot the orange at the market and didn’t want to go back;-)

  18. Perfect way to ‘delish-up’ some vanilla yogurt! Great FFwD!

  19. Simple…yet delicious. What a perfect recipe for the summer. Thank you for sharing another great treat, and thank you always for your kind words on my blog. They mean more to me than I can easily express.

  20. Looks great! I love the flecks of orange on the ice cream, but I’m sure it would be delicious without the zest as well.

  21. I need to go get rhubarb at the grocery store while they still have some. I ran in yesterday to get some carrots and saw that the rhubarb was really gorgeous this year! I’ll have to try it roasted!

  22. Off to sit with Kate in the no rhubarb corner! After reading some of the posts, I’m considering attempting to grow a little patch in our backyard, if the tropical weather allows for it. The ice cream with the little flecks of orange zest looks so tasty!

  23. Nothing says spring to me like rhubarb. Looks great on the ice cream. Your napkin matches the gorgeous color of the rhubarb perfectly!

  24. you are cute, so american

  25. I am so in! It looks like a great, easy way to enjoy one my favorites. I have a feeling I could go all ‘green eggs and ham’ on this. I could eat it with a spoon, over cake or in a monsoon.
    Great recipe and great pic!

  26. I just baked with rhubarb for the first time today – such a fabulous coincidence!
    The roasted rhubarb looks delicious….

  27. Nana and I are already on the hunt for more rhubarb, since I managed to screw this one up 🙂 Interesting to know it is available frozen – I had not even thought of that route. I seriously think mine was a bit too green – everyone else’s fell way more into the red spectrum. We’ll see. And your napkins – Oh my goodness they are gorgeous with your dish !!! Simply stunning presentations and photos ~

  28. Your newest follower! Stop by my blog & follow if you like. 😀

  29. How great that you were able to add some rhubarb from your garden to make this, Lizzy! It looks so good with the ice cream. I want to try it with the orange zest next time.

  30. It’s really amazing to see how creative all foodies are. You are definitely no exception and in fact your cooking skills are beyond impressive! Looks really great with ice cream!

  31. Ok… I NEED to try and cook rhubarb!!!! This looks sooo good on that ice cream! Ohh, I wish it was summer!!!

  32. I admit it. I’m jealous. All this rhubarb really gets my mouth watering and it is pretty rare around here. Nice you have it growing in your garden and even better that you use it.

  33. Lizzy-You always find great alternatives. I’ve never seen frozen rhubarb in the freezer section at the supermarket, but I will be going to Whole Foods this morning, and see if they have fresh rhubarb there.
    This look so easy and yummy. I wouldn’t share my ice cream either, and just enjoy it by myself…LOL

  34. I am so impressed you grow rhubarb in your garden – a true cook! I also served mine over ice cream. This was my first experience cooking rhubarb. I love reading the posts from the rhubarb experts. I have learned so much.

  35. Rhubarb always makes me think of my Grandma. She’s my only living grandparent and sadly she lives pretty far away. She adores rhubarb though. So every time I see a rhubarb recipe – I bookmark it. I hope to give her a few to choose from when we visit. This is lovely Lizzy!!

  36. I would love to try this I have never had rhubarb can you believe it! I love the way this looks and sounds!

  37. I always find amazing goodis on this site! Have a fabulous weekend! Miriam@The Pioneer Cookbook

  38. Rhubarb…I’ll tell you a secret..don’t tell anyone…I have never used rhubarb in anything ever. I really should get on that because this is absolutely stellar. Seriously. I’m drooling a little, but that’s entirely too much info. Thanks so much for your kind words on my guest post. I’m honored by that, given your talent in the kitchen. Wonderful post as always!

  39. What a fantastic way to be ending the rhubarb season! Would love to have some 🙂

  40. beautifully done Lizzy this looks delicious

  41. Oh how I love me some rhubarb! My Dad’s crop was whimpy this year too. He thinks it was because we got so much rain and not enough sun. It’s not in the stores here yet either. Apparently it gets shipped in from somewhere else and comes in later in the season. Once I finally get my hands on some I’m gonna make this. It looks so simple and delicious!

  42. Going out for vanilla ice cream – have the last of the rhubarb still waiting… in the rain. I love the brilliant red/pink of the rhubarb against the white.

  43. You always have the most gorgeous photos! I love the one with your dog in the background.
    I’m with you on skipping the orange.

  44. I put it over vanilla ice cream, too. I used lemon zest with a pinch of cinnamon and loved the flavour. It was even better the next day. This is an easy alternative to stewing rhubarb and one I’ll use again.

  45. I never thought to roast rhubarb, but now I plan to for sure! What a lovely dessert idea, I bet it tastes amazing! Yum, Hugs, Terra

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