Cantuccini AKA Almond Biscotti #TuesdayswithDorie

Cantuccini | Almond Biscotti from Nick Malgieri

Nick Malgieri is one of my baking gurus. So I’m always delighted to find Β one of his recipes selected for Tuesdays with Dorie. This week’s pick was Cantuccini, Β a simple almond biscotti. These twice baked cookies were flavored with vanilla and just a touch of cinnamon. A perfect dunking cookie. Malgieri recommended vin santo, an Italian dessert wine, but coffee or tea will work splendidly, too.

Cantuccini |Almond biscotti from Nick Malgieri

I cut this recipe in half when I realized it yielded 8 dozen. No one in my household will eat nuts except me, so I saw no reason to have a lifetime supply of almond biscotti at my disposal. Malgieri’s notes stated that the dough might appear dry, but mine actually needed extra flour as it adhered to my hands while I attempted to knead it. That may have been due to my inaccurate measurement of half of an egg. But, no worries, they baked up just fine. I added some white chocolate drizzle just for fun…and sent most of them home with my coffee drinking son after he stopped by for dinner on Sunday night. Not sure he will eat nuts, but he has hungry friends who love home baked treats.
Cantuccini | An almond biscotti
This Nick Malgieri recipe can be found here. All our Tuesdays with Dorie recipes can also be found in Baking with JuliaΒ .

Thanks to Cailee, of Hello Healthy Eating, for nominating me for the Liebster Award! She has requested that her recipients answer the following questions:

  1. What got you interested in blogging?Β I imagined it would be a way to chronicle my recipes to share with family and friends. Who knew it would snowball to what it is today????
  2. What are some goals you have for your blog? As with most bloggers, my main goal is to increase my audience. My friends and family are my best PR reps…even though some still think my blog is “That Skinny B**ch Can Bake” πŸ˜‰
  3. How do you stay motivated to eat right and be active?Β I try to exercise every single day. I also eat every few hours to avoid that starving feeling…which tends to escalate into overindulging.
  4. What are some tips you have to increase motivation?Β LOL, I’m not very motivated, but I am into a routine. I try to block out an hour of treadmill time each day. If I’m booked with activities in the afternoon, I’ll make sure to work in some exercise that morning.
  5. What is your favorite ‘treat’ food?Β I love cookies…so I’ll generally have one or two after dinner. Everyone deserves a little guilty pleasure.
  6. In a typical day, what would you usually eat? Some of my favorite nibbles are whole grain bread, hummus, smoked salmon, berries, pineapple, carrot sticks…and, of course, a cookie or two.
  7. What is your workout routine? Hot yoga 3x/week, a walk/run combo on the treadmill 6x/week.
  8. Do you like to cook more or bake more?Β Definitely bake!
  9. How did you form healthy habits that last?Β My dad was a runner and hiking enthusiast. Through his example, my sisters and I learned to incorporate exercise into our lives from a young age.
  10. Do you restrict junk food or eat it in moderation?Β I rarely eat junk food. I love salty things so once I start eating chips or popcorn, I cannot stop. It’s easier jut to avoid those triggers.

All of my blogger friends are welcome to answer these questions, too. Consider yourself officially nominated for the coveted Liebster Award!!!


  1. Beautiful biscotti, I love the white chocolate drizzle. These would be perfect with my morning espresso!

  2. This biscotti looks great! Perfect coffee food! πŸ™‚
    And congrats on the Liebster award. I enjoyed reading your answers. πŸ™‚

  3. Beautifully presented as always! I couldn’t believe the recipe made 8 dozen!! I too was going to cut the recipe in half, until I went for the eggs and found I only had one. Made a third recipe instead – turned out perfect. My dough was on the wet side as well. Looking forward to your lefse post!

  4. The perfect compliment to a hot chocolate or coffee!

  5. Lynn@Happier Than A Pig In Mud says:

    I have a biscotti recipe I’ve made a ton of different ways but it hasn’t made it to the blog yet… Yours looks great:@)

  6. This would be really a great treat with a glass of wine πŸ˜€

  7. I LOVE biscotti and yours looks and sounds delicious! Oh, I so enjoyed reading your Liebster Award Q and As …. now I think I know how you stay so skinny ;)!!! Exercise and moderation have to get worked into my routine – eek! Conrats on the award – you sure deserve it!

  8. I love your drizzle addition!

  9. i haven;t made biscotti in forever it seems. you are reminding me of how much i love it! Love your almond version. delicious!

  10. Lizzy, thanks for sharing the Cantucci recipe from Nick Malgieri! You did an amazing job with it…totally super perfect; love the drizzle on it, and your photos seem to be larger…or is it my computer?…Beautiful presentation, as well!
    If I didn’t know any better…weren’t the Liebster awards being presented at least 4 years ago?…is it going around again? You’re such a good sport, and are so gracious to be answering all these questions. Even if you didn’t do all those exercises…you would still be a ‘skinny chick’…that is your metabolism my sweet friend; just like Lora’s (…and I envy you both; LOL)

  11. Your biscotti are so pretty! Congrats on the nomination!

  12. Beautiful, Liz! The drizzle looks like a perfect additional. πŸ™‚

  13. That drizzle looks great! Maybe I’ll squiggle a little dark chocolate over my leftovers.

    Wow–you workout a ton! I’m trying to get back into running a few miles a couple times a week to compliment what I do with my trainer. So hard for me to motivate though…I just got a new pair of running shoes to try and get the spark going…

  14. You already know from my blog that I love biscotti, these are beautiful and I can see how well they would pair with the coffee or tea or even the libation! I adore the simple flavours in this recipe too, I’m sure it helps each one stand on its own and rise to the occasion.
    Congratulations on the Liebster award, it was so lovely to read about you your answers to Cailee’s questions. I’ve often wondered if you were just naturally skinny or had to work at it and I suspect it’s a little of both but diligence is definitely there! Lucky you. I too am a lover of salty things and would rather not have them in the house to prevent the triggers too.

  15. I was always wondering how do you keep in shape with all those delicious recipes you cook and bake πŸ™‚ Now I know… by working out! It is the best way to be able to eat some of the things that make you happy and take care of your body! You are a great example to all of us!

  16. Hotly Spiced says:

    Eight dozen! That’s catering quantities. I love nuts and I also love biscotti. This biscotti looks really good and I love the drizzle of icing. We seem to have grown up living parallel lives – my father was (is) also an exercise enthusiast and he instilled in us from a young age the importance of daily exercise. My father is 76 and still goes for a daily jog! How exciting about your son’s 21st. Is he having a big party? Do they do big parties for 21sts in the US? It’s a very big thing here although a lot of parents say, ‘Do you want the money or the party?’ Mine are the party type! xx

  17. Me like these!

  18. So it’s exercise an hour a day and eat cookies? I’m writing that down next to the recipe for these biscotti. πŸ™‚ 8 dozen of these beauties is probably 314 days on the treadmill.

  19. Absolutely beautiful! And that white chocolate drizzle puts these simple treats over the top! Well done, my friend. πŸ™‚
    I hope to make these this weekend. (was sick last week)

  20. These babes are just the right thing for my family specially with this white chocolate mouth watering on top of it. I hope I can exercise as much as you are… somehow I always do not have the time!!!! couch potato πŸ™

  21. LOL to Maureen’s comment! Beautiful biscotti, Liz. These kinds of biscuits are a favourite with me. Bookmarking now : )

  22. These look amazing! Love the added chocolate drizzle! I hate when I halve a recipe and then I need to eyeball half an egg…I am sure I could just whip out my scale, but where is the fun in that?

    Loved reading your answers, btw! Glad I’m not the only treadmill junkie in town!

  23. I haven’t had biscotti in such a long time — now I’m craving yours Liz. Congratulations on the award, how sweet. I’m the same way with popcorn and chips:)

  24. I love biscotti and haven’t made them in a long time. I need to try these with some white chocolate πŸ˜€ But with a yield of 8 dozen I may have to plan a party. Beautiful photos!

  25. Lovely. I haven’t tried any of his recipes before…now I know I should!

  26. Dear Lizzy, This is something I love!!! Blessings dear for a beautiful Easter. Catherine xo

  27. I love the white chocolate drizzle! So pretty. Some day you must share your photo set up because you pictures are so consistent regardless of the time of year. Beautiful, Liz!

  28. Oh, you must know, Liz, I love these…:) ela

  29. Beautiful almond biscotti, Liz. Chocolate drizzle is a nice touch.

  30. Your cantuccini look perfect and the chocolate drizzle adds to the oomph!!
    Congrats on the Liebster award. Like you, I too do yoga thrice a week but that’s about it. Of course, also avoiding junk food and having healthy eating habits helps.

  31. Gorgeous! I’m Italian, from Tuscany and this kind of biscuits is typical of my country! We have several versions and your chocolate drizzle is very very nice!
    It’s nice to see that foreigners love our biscuits! LOVE!
    Simona πŸ™‚

  32. I second (or third) your nomination for the Liebster Award, Liz! Congratulations!

    Your biscotti (cantuccini) do look delectable. I imagine the cinnamon does indeed enhance the almond.

    P.s. Could the sticky dough just be the fact that different climates produce different results?

  33. Beautiful white chocolate drizzle! I enjoyed reading your answers to the questions. I’ve wondered how you stay so skinny with all of the baking that you do πŸ™‚

  34. Hmmm, looks good especially with the white chocolate. I haven’t made biscotti in forever. I should change that! Have a great day, Liz. Thanks for your continued support. Appreciate it and appreciate you!! πŸ™‚

  35. Congratulations on your award! So fun to learn more about you. Your biscotti looks so good! They look perfect and bakery quality!!

  36. I am glad I am not the only one who has a cookie or two every night.

  37. Great answers girl!!! Thanks for the shout out!! πŸ™‚ Also, great job on your exercise routine! Super encouraging! I think you are a motivator!! πŸ™‚

  38. Congrats on the Liebster nomination!! That’s very cool πŸ™‚

  39. Love the drizzle! I want one, please! xx

  40. Lizzy,
    Your cantuccini look perfect. You could probably freeze them without the white chocolate drizzle. Then you could have them any time.

  41. Jean | says:

    Every time I make biscotti I think “Why don’t I make this more often? I love it!” Then it slips my mind for ages. Thanks for bringing it to my attention again. Love the little drizzle – I don’t like a lot of frosting.

  42. I love biscotti and these almond ones look delicious! Aaw, that was so nice of Cailee – congrats on the Liebster award – I loved reading your answers and hehe too cute on what your family and friend’s think the site is called sometimes πŸ™‚


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