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Whole-Cherry Clafoutis

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This Whole-Cherry Clafoutis is a simple, rustic French dessert! If you’re not a fan of fresh cherries, adapt it with your favorite fresh fruit.

When this came up in our French Fridays queue, I knew it would be a hard sell  with the family. An earlier peach clafoutis was not well received by the hubby, and he really is not a fan of cherries! But I had other plans for this lovely French dessert.

Whole-Cherry Clafoutis in a white ceramic tart dish

Whole-Cherry Clafoutis

A clafoutis is a simple, rustic French cake or as Dorie describes it, “a firm, eggy, flour based pudding.” The texture and flavor reminded me of crepes; no wonder I was an instant fan.

Cherries are the classic addition, but stone fruits, mixed berries and even rehydrated dried fruits are delicious options. Apparently leaving in the pits allows the cherries to retain extra flavor, but I was handing this dessert over to my oldest to take to a BBQ with his beer drinking contemporaries. Providing bowls to politely place the extracted pits was not a viable option. I could easily see the party deteriorating into a pit spitting contest!

Overhead view of a Whole-Cherry Clafoutis  in a round white baking dish

A Rustic French Cherry Cake

You may have heard me speak of the hubby’s disdain of cherries, plus he wasn’t nearly as fond of my previous peach attempt as the kids and I were. My youngest, Nick, was out of commission after getting 4 wisdom teeth extracted this morning, and Katie was still savoring my homemade fudge sauce over vanilla ice cream, so giving this beautiful, rustic French Cherry Cake to Tom and his friends was the easy answer.

They eat anything, even my flops. I knew they’d be thrilled this cherry clafoutis even if it was sans pits. The Bing cherries were plump and super sweet.  And even Bill gave it a double take when he came home from work and spotted it on the counter until I mentioned the dreaded fruit. C’est la vie at Chez Berg.

Numerous bloggers have shared this recipe, so I will share today’s recipe for this French Cherry Clafoutis with you all!

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Whole-Cherry Clafoutis

The classic French clafoutis made with dark cherries. Recipe from Dorie Greenspan.

  • Author: Liz
  • Prep Time: 20 mins
  • Cook Time: 45 mins
  • Total Time: 1 hour 5 mins
  • Yield: 6 servings 1x
  • Category: Dessert
  • Method: Mixing, Baking
  • Cuisine: French


  • 1 pound sweet cherries, pitted (1 1/2 pounds with the pits)
  • 3 eggs
  • ½ cup sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • ½ cup all-purpose flour
  • ¾ cup whole milk
  • ½ cup heavy cream
  • Powdered sugar, for dusting


  1. Center a rack in the oven and preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Butter a 9-inch deep-dish pie pan or any baking dish with a 2 quart capacity.
  2. Put the cherries in the pie pan in a single layer
  3. In a medium bowl, whisk the eggs until they’re foamy, then add the sugar and whisk for a minute or so. Whisk in the salt and vanilla. Add the flour and whisk until the batter is smooth. It may take some elbow grease!
  4. While continuing to whisk, gradually pour in the milk and cream and mix until well blended. Tap the bowl against the counter to knock out any bubbles and pour the batter over the cherries.
  5. Bake for 35 to 45 minutes, or until it’s puffed and lightly browned and a knife inserted into the center comes out clean. Remove to a cooling rack and serve at room temperature.
  6. Dust with powdered sugar right before you bring it to the table.


I’ll be unplugged for the next week…reading, boating, hiking, swatting mosquitoes and toasting marshmallows over our evening campfires. Feel free to leave questions or comments…I”ll check them out upon my return.

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49 comments on “Whole-Cherry Clafoutis”

  1. Have fun on your vacation! This Cherry Clafoutis looks beautiful!

  2. I get a feeling you’re probably right about the cherry pits at the party-boys will be boys:@) Have a great vacation!

  3. Lizzy, your cherry clafoutis look awesome! I can’t imagine how your husband dislikes cherries. I love cherries but they are terribly expensive here in Malaysia as they are imported from USA or Australia. Hah! Hah! How sweet that Tom and his friends eat anything, even your flops 😀

  4. Ooops, forgot! Have a great vacation with your family!

  5. Enjoy your break from blogging! Hopefully the mosquitoes aren’t that bad, they’re pretty minimal for us this year!

  6. Have a great vacay, Liz. Hope the bugs aren’t too bad where you are going, they were brutal for us at our place. I love the simplicity of a clafoutis, and cherry is definitely a classic. Bill doesn’t know what he’s missing out on!

  7. Have a great vacay! Lovely clatoufis.

  8. Gorgeous, as usual, Liz. I love cherries but the only way I can get Brian interested is if they’re already pitted. Since I just got my OXO pitter, that’s no longer a problem. 🙂 Enjoy your vacation!

  9. Oh, the things we do! I am sure the crew will enjoy.

    We are having our dental week next week. My youngest finally gets her braces off Monday after suffering for three & 1/2 years (Just in time for college) and my eldest gets all four of her wisdom teeth pulled next Friday… Poor kid.

    Enjoy your time away!

  10. As always, your photos are beautiful. Glad this was well liked! My hubs is not a fan of cooked fruit or cherries either!

  11. So pretty and picture perfect! Enjoy your time off Liz!

  12. Clafoutis or flagonarde? I never Cantrell the difference. I just use the name interchangeably—whichever one i feel lik pronouncing. :). I hat to dis MS. Aetna but I thought all clafoutis had to be with berries, or do I have it backwards. Have a great weekend?

  13. I remember watching a dessert cooking show on Food Network a long time ago and that is the first time I heard of a clafoutis. Your version looks more amazing!

  14. Enjoy your vacation, my friend…you totally deserve it! Your Clafoutis look AMAZING!!!!

  15. Lizzy, it looks like everyone is thinking of ‘cherries’ right now! Coincidence that I also made a cherry dessert (little different). Love the way your Cherry Clafoutis turned out…simply divine, and beautiful! xoxo

  16. Beautiful! Enjoy your trip; my husband’s mother is from Wisconsin. It’s a beautiful state. I think you made a good call on pit removal. I think even my adult sons would be tempted to try pit spitting at a BBQ with their friends!

  17. Flops- hahaha. This one i’m sure they enjoyed cause’ it looks delicious.
    wisdom tooth…that hurts..all the best with that.. and btw I call my older one Nik too..

  18. I love summer desserts with fresh berries and cherries. This is so elegant and easy, Liz. Thanks for sharing!

  19. My dear friend Liz.
    I love especially the cherry clafoutis. And this was all very inviting to be tasted. Now the most important is to have a great vacation with your family, that we’ll be waiting your turn soon, already with many homesicknesses.

  20. Your clafoutis is a triumph Liz. Have a great weekend.

  21. That’s a lovely looking dessert and your cherries seem very well organised in that dish. I love the taste of a clafoutis. I have never made one and today’s excuse is that cherries are not in season! xx

  22. I love clafoutis Lizzy!! xo

  23. have a nice and fun time dear Lizzy!

  24. Well, yours looks gorgeous… as usual. Pit spitting contests… yes, that’s why I pitted them. You can’t trust American’s to not spit pits. Bon Voyage.

  25. Lizzy, Have a great vacation, and enjoy your time unplugged!! Beautiful clafoutis…laughed out loud when I read why you pitted your cherries. I pitted mine, too…but, for a different reason!

  26. Enjoy your time off Liz! This Whole-Cherry Clafoutis looks amazing!

  27. I’ve always wanted to make clafoutis and this is a beauty! Enjoy your vacation! 🙂

  28. yours looks SO pretty!!! at least it went over well 🙂

  29. Eat lots of smores!

  30. As I stand in front of the heater, I’ll be thinking of you swatting mosquitos and lounging in the sun. Now if you only had this cherry clafoutis beside you, life would indeed be perfect. 🙂

  31. These look so yummy! I don’t mind having your son’s share! Your poor son, he must be feeling the pain after the extraction! And I supposed he must be on a soft diet for the time being!

  32. Your cherry clafoutis is beautiful. It’s one of my favorite desserts. 🙂 Thanks for reminding to make one soon. Enjoy your well deserve weekend and time off.

  33. The clafoutis looks so good. have a nice vacation !

  34. I love your cherry clafoutis!
    Enjoy your vacation!

  35. Très intéressante that one is to leave in the pits while baking a clafoutis.

    I’d say oui, oui, s’il vous plait to la belle clafoutis au cerise du Chez Berg =)

  36. This looks so gorgeous! Enjoy your vacation Liz 🙂

  37. I liked your description as I’ve never made clafoutis. Sounds very simple.

  38. Liz, have a fantastic vacation!!! Your Whole-Cherry Clafoutis looks absolutely delicious!

  39. Oh Liz, I would have welcomed this with open arms and wide smile, very possible salivating and grabbing the pie dish from right out of your hands too 😀 I adore cherries and this is a beautiful clafoutis. Have a fabulous holiday xx

  40. Your clafoutis looks wonderful in that tart pan. I was on my own for this one, too. Kevin’s developed an allergy to cherries, unfortunately. On the other hand, I’ll have another piece for my breakfast tomorrow, so it’s all good.

  41. Looks perfect Liz. I just had some cherries in the house which I ate fresh. Had I only known…

  42. Lovely clafoutis! Good precautionary measure to take the pits out – laughing at the concept of a clafoutis pit spitting party 🙂

  43. Your family is very fortunate to have Mama in the kitchen, constantly catering to their ever wish and whim. Your clafoutis, as with all your offerings, looks fabulous. Yeah, the pit thing would not have worked well. Good choice. Enjoy your vacation with your family. I’ve already seen pictures – looks like a good adventure.

  44. WOW! This looks delicious!

  45. Liz, have a wonderful vacation sans the blogging! Love your photo of the whole cherry clafoutis! It’s a perfect summer combination of tart fruit with creamy bready type pudding-ishness that’s beautiful in a kitchen. I must try out this tried and true recipe. 😀

  46. I would have worried about sending this one out of my house with the pits in too. Safer if I am on hand to give the warning.

  47. Hope you enjoy your time off… this clafoutis sounds amazing!!

  48. That is BEAUTIFUL!! Hope the boys appreciated it. Have a great vacation.

  49. I think your husband and mine would be neck and neck in a contest for food “issues”, um, I mean preferences. Your clafouti is gorgeous.

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