The Halloween Project Week One is done! Are you gathering with friends to celebrate the holiday or would your wee ones like a spooky dessert before trick or treating? We’ve got you covered!

The Halloween Project Week One - Bloody Good Cheesecake

The Halloween Project Week One

My friend, Heather, of Sugar Dish Me, kicked off this 2015 version of The Halloween Project.

First up was her macabre Bloody Good Cheesecake! The gory knife and dripping blood is certain to send chills down your spine, but each creamy bite will soothe your rattled soul! Click the link to find her spooktacular recipe.

The Halloween Project Week One - Candy Corn Cupcakes

I rounded out the week with these easy, peasy Candy Corn Cupcakes. Made with a doctored up cake mix and some food coloring, they are definitely festive! Perfect non-spooky treat for the younger sect of ghosts and goblins before they head out to beg for candy.

Things you’ll need in this recipe:

Muffin pan

Cooling Rack

More Halloween Recipes:

The Halloween Project Week One: Meringue Bones- Perfect Halloween Treat

Or how about these Meringue Bones over a coagulated pool of raspberry blood???? An elegant dessert for those empty nesters who still want to celebrate Halloween.

The Halloween Project Week One: Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting

If you’re looking for something less ghoulish, try these moist Killer Pumpkin Bars with a thick, luscious coating of cream cheese frosting!

Do you have something you make every Halloween??? These Fudgy Tombstone Parfaits are one of my latest spooky creations. Let me know your favorites in the comments. And stay tuned for next Friday’s installment of  The Halloween Project.