My three sisters and I grew up eating simple fare…and dessert was more often than not a bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Mine had LOTS of chocolate sauce. On the rare occasion we’d take a road trip to the nearby metropolis of Des Moines to explore the art museum or planetarium, we’d cross our fingers and toes and wish for dinner at Bishop’s Buffet. Our trays ALL would all have a slice of chocolate pie topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, and we savored every mouthful. I have a feeling my matured palate would find fault with this mass produced pie today, but for a child it was pure heaven. I was thrilled to be named a GODIVA ambassador…and to promote GODIVA’s #TruffleTakeOff Tour. My inner chocoholic did a happy dance.


From the look on our faces, I don’t think chocolate was part of the day’s activities!

Fast forward a decade or two. I married into a family of chocoholics and am now the mother of three of my own. Katie and I go nutty for white chocolate while the boys savor anything from milk to bittersweet. As an avid baker, I’ve graduated from melting ordinary chocolate chips for my flourless chocolate cakes and souffles to utilizing premium chocolate bars. There is a world of difference in the finished product when using the best quality ingredients. Finer chocolates, whether for baking or eating out of hand, have subtle nuances and a silkiness that is not found in those waxy chips or the bars that are shelved next to the grocery store cash registers. I’ve made a complete mess of my kitchen making my own decadent chocolate truffles, so buying an assortment of exquisite chocolate confections seems much more appealing.


My rustic attempt at truffles…

GODIVA chocolates have a superb and undisputed reputation worldwide. When traveling, we often take a mid-afternoon beeline to the nearest GODIVA counter get our truffle fix…buying a few extras to take home as gifts (which usually get gobbled by our grown children before we can give them away!). GODIVA is now offering a variety of  new Truffle Flights™ including Cake, Dark Decadence, Heavenly Mousse, Nut Lovers, Milk Lovers and Ultimate Dessert packages . I know I’d have difficulty choosing a favorite. Perfect for parties, hostess gifts or for times you need a little personal chocolate nirvana. Like a wine flight, the variety in each package allows your taste experience to travel from the “lighter, delicate truffle and venturing to the strongest flavors and textures.” The truffles are placed in a specific order to facilitate the best tasting experience. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?


To experience the taste journey and order your GODIVA Truffle Flights™ visit godiva.com/truffles or stop by your local GODIVA boutique.

And here is a brief YouTube Video discussing these sweet wonders:

Disclaimer: I am bringing this post to you through my partnership with GODIVA and sharing the news about their #TruffleTakeoff Tour. This is a “sponsored post.” The company who sponsored this post compensated me via a cash payment. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be of interest to my readers.