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M. Jacques’ Armagnac Chicken~

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It seems I always get a raised eyebrow when I mention that I’m making a Dorie recipe…I can’t say they’ve always received positive reviews from the hubby.  But a roast chicken on the roster drew promise.  The roaster, surrounded by sliced onions, carrots, potatoes, herbs, and a healthy dose of Armagnac (a French brandy), filled the kitchen with an amazing aroma during its hour in the oven.

As you can see below, my chicken did not come out golden, so required a little help from the broiler…but the meat was tender and succulent. A perfect Sunday night dinner.

Recipe can be found here.

And thanks so much to Mary, of Teenz’ Yummy Delights, for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award!!

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47 comments on “M. Jacques’ Armagnac Chicken~”

  1. I have never been to French Friday at Dorie’s blog. Heading over there now. Have a wonderful day and congrats on the Top 9.

  2. Roast chicken is such a crowd pleaser, may not be the fanciest meal in the world, but it’s comforting and delicious. We particularly liked this version, the meat came out so moist and tender. Hope your husband liked it too.

  3. Wow, that chicken looks wonderful! Wish I could have some.

  4. Congrats on the award!
    I hate when I can’t get my chicken browned and pretty! As long as it is tender and moist that is all that matters though.

  5. I hit the broiler as well with my bird. The chicken was very moist and Nana really loved it, but I tend to like a more crispy bird. I still may need to revisit this one after all…though coming after creme brulee and the brioche I think my family was just expecting another “miracle” in my kitchen 🙂

  6. Lizzy, This was a hit in our house, too! So full of wonderful flavor and easy to put together. I will definitely make this one again. Happy friday!

  7. I never cook the whole chicken,I should try,I check out the recipe is a lot of good flavored in it 🙂

  8. Glad to see your approval on Dorie’s chicken recipe. The use of the French brandy must give it an amazing taste. Your pictures are so inviting-wish I was at your dinner table when you served this. Have a great weekend Liz!

  9. I’d never heard of dorie’s blog. Gonna check it out. This roast chicken looks dynamite!

  10. Congrats on the blog award Lizzy and I will say yes to this roast because roasting is so much healthy and all the more you have pairing it with the veges but you know what, I will still enjoy it with my rice.

  11. Gorgeous photos of your bird!
    We enjoyed this recipe too, love a new flavorful simple roast chicken dish. Have a wonderful Friday;-)

  12. Yummy chicken! Congratulations on your blog award too.

  13. Hehe tanning bed indeed! I was totally fretting about how pale my chicken was until I read another blogger calling it “bake” instead of “roast”. Forehead slap! Of course!!

    Broiler is good but blow torch is more fun!

  14. This looks delicious, Lizzy!! Fantastic pictures! And congrats on your award! 🙂

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    Tammy <3

  15. Nice looking chicken meal. I put our back into the oven for a longer roast…needed to look more done. But…it just got more juicy and tender and started falling apart (which we love at our house) so our plated bird was not great looking like yours. We liked this meal…simple and tasty, and I liked the simple part during my busy week. I’ll have to remember that broiling works too.

  16. What is it about Dorie meals and Sundays? I should have broiled my whole chicken and not just the leg/thigh I was going to show in the picture. Your whole chicken looks fantastic, Lizzy!

  17. The roasted chicken sure makes a perfect weekend meal!
    It looks really tender and those veggies must taste great too.

  18. Lizzy, I get questioned every week about what the Dorie recipes are and not always met with great – excellent can’t wait to try – sometimes it’s like, well we don’t have to make a meal out of it…then he ends up loving it! Except for the potato chip tortilla – couldn’t redeem that one.

    Great photos and the chicken looks delicious!

  19. The Armagnac addition sounds wonderful on the bird. I used Armagnac recently in a dessert and over the holidays ate a chicken leg with Pernod. The French do like their booze everywhere 😉

  20. I totally agree.. you are a versatile blogger. Congrats on the well deserved award. I also wanted to congratulate you on your Top 9 today… gotta love a meatball soup. 🙂 This Dorie recipe looks amazing.. one of these days I will open her cookbook and actually make something rather than just drool over the pictures. Yes.. I have the book and I’m getting the courage to cook from it. Have a great weekend my friend! ~ Ramona

  21. Cooking anything with any form of alcohol usually results in delicious food. 😛

  22. This chicken dish is a great weekend meal, all the ingredients cooked in one pot. I can just imagine how good your kitchen smelled, with the chicken roasting away in the breandy.

  23. Congrats on #1 top 9 today! You are on a roll this year what a great start … another one right here these photo’s are awesome hope you put them on Foodgawker.. just perfect! love them and the recipe.. thanks for the stumble today… xo! Claudia

  24. The chicken looks so yummy… i love to taste that.. mmmmmm… yum..

  25. congratulations for the award! this chicken looks fantastic

  26. It looks great, Lizzy! I am sure this was a hit with your family. Don’t you just love the one pot meals? Loved your comment about needing a tanning bed. 🙂

  27. This looks wonderful. I love chicken. Congrats on your award!

  28. This looks delicious! I’m a huge fan of roasted chickens and this one is perfect! Congratulations on the award – well deserved!

  29. Liz…what a beautiful bird! I bet the brandy added such a special richness to the meal. And with all of those luscious roasted veggies! Congrats on your well deserved awards! : )

  30. I love Armagnac and am not sure if I would sacrifice some of it on a chicken, but I am sure it gave an amazing aroma and taste.

  31. I just love roasted chicken. Even though your didn’t turn out golden, as long as it’s tender and succulent, thats all that counts. Nothing worse then a dry bird! I think I may make one tonight, going to see if Trader Joe’s has any! have a great weekend!!

  32. This look really deliicous Lizzy I love cook with brandy or cognac:)

  33. Now that looks very good!

  34. The tanning bed is an excellent idea. My chicken was pale so I carved it and removed the skin before serving. The chick was so moist and delicious the skin was not missed! A trip under the broiler is what I’ll do next time.

  35. Roast chicken is one of my fave things in the world to eat. It’s just so yummy. I keep thinking about doing the Dorie thing but I am not sure we’d like most of them. Kudos to you for having at it. You rock sistah!

  36. I get that raised eyebrow too. This one got a thumbs up in the end. No one seemed to get a golden skin, we all needed the tanning bed. Fortunately, it didn’t take away from the end result. So yummy!

  37. This chicken sounds like it was full of flavor. This sounds like something my husband and I would love.

  38. I can only imagine how wonderful your kitchen smelled while this was roasting! Looks like another great Dorie recipe.

  39. I don’t know if this was a coincidence or not, but yesterday I cooked a chicken in the same way :-)!!

  40. This one definitely needed a little help in the color department!
    Roast chicken is always a crowd pleaser in our house.

  41. Un rico pollo bien saludable con verduras y ese toque de brandy me encanta,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  42. This looks great, although I’d probably put it under the broiler too. I like meat with a bit of color!

  43. Chicken looks wonderfully done….
    Roasted chicken is always a wow at my home….
    Congrats on your award….

  44. I’ll bet that DID smell amazing when it was cooking! :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  45. Immagino che profumo!!!
    Un pollo degno di una cena domenicale!!
    Bravissima!! Mi hai fatto venire fame!!!!
    Un bacio e un abbraccio!!!

  46. I’ll bet this really did smell amazing! I’ve yet to try a Dorie Greenspan recipe that I haven’t absolutely loved.

  47. So elegant and delicious! The brandy is an awesome touch! Thank you so much for sharing on Fit and Fabulous Fridays!! I’d love to have you back this weekend. 🙂

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