Matafan, or Fluffy Potato Pancakes, from Dorie Greenspan were thick, tender and delicious!
Perfect for brunch or even dinner, these French pancakes come from the Savoie region, you can serve them with maple syrup or go savory with sour cream and bacon!
Matafan on a white plate with vegetable salad

Matafan AKA Fluffy Potato Pancakes

These fluffy potato pancakes were a family pleasing dish. Baked potatoes were riced, combined with eggs, flour and milk before being lightened up with whipped egg whites. Finally the batter was fried in butter, of course!

Front view of two fluffy pancakes on a w plate with a salad

Matafan Serving Suggestions

I paired our matafan with vinaigrette dressed greens and roasted chicken for a lovely weekday dinner. I wish I had made more of these little devils. They’d be nice for brunch or breakfast, too

Potato pancakes on a white plate with a green napkin
The details can be found in Around My French Table.

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