About me…

I grew up with a fabulous cook for a mother, but she didn’t bake often. The two desserts that stand out in my memory are an unappetizing apple pie with the peels left on the slices (ugh), and an incredible baklava soaked with orange flower water infused syrup. Living in Ames, Iowa, the sweet, flaky baklava was very exotic; I immediately fell in love. 

Our kitchen was chock full of cookbooks and recipe cards. I discovered the red and white checked Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and set out making beginner desserts for our family. I was complimented and encouraged, and that’s where my love of baking blossomed. I’ll be sharing some of my family favorites and hope to inspire you to recreate them in your kitchen.


  1. Looke forward to following your blog. How fun!

  2. Liz, this looks terrific~!! I am happy for you and happy for me too. No more sending you messages asking you how to make desserts. Now I can just read on~!

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