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I knew this would be a hard sell.  My hubby tends to get zucchini and cucumbers mixed up…and he’s not a fan of either.  I thought if anyone could make zucchini appealing, it would be Ina.  I only made a third of Ina’s Zucchini Gratin recipe, and baked just three mini gratins.  The zucchini kept its shape and texture, and the creamy sauce flavored with onions and nutmeg was perfect.  I used less onion than called for, and added some diced red bell pepper for color and a sprinkling of fresh thyme.  The topping of fresh bread crumbs and Gruyere made a beautiful crisp topping.  I loved it…no one else did…but what else would you expect from a zucchini-phobic bunch? 

I will post a link later today so you can see what other Ina’s Garden members thought of this dish. The recipe can be found here.

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39 comments on “Zucchini Gratin~”

  1. This definitely puts the spotlight on zucchini and makes it a star!

  2. oh boy the freshness of this dish is just amazing, tomato, zucchini cheeses all equals a great tasting dish… perfect!

  3. Lizzy! I’m so glad you made this gratin for Ina’s Garden! I love your additions of red bell pepper and thyme. I also did a pared-down version, just in case!

  4. I really like your additions to this recipe, Liz. I love red bell peppers, and they really added some lovely colour to this dish. The thyme would be delicious too. Thank you so much for making this dish for Ina’s Garden!

  5. I agree with Maris… Zucchini is always side veggie in my household, but this will make zucchini very happy. 🙂 Looks DELICIOUS! I only have one zucchini now but want to try this soon!

  6. This looks fairly perfect for summer!! xxxx

  7. Great way to use zucchini, ‘French’ it up with lots of cheese:)

  8. Been there, done that! There are certain foods that I love and my family would turn their nose up to them when served…most likely this one! Sometimes you just have to make something you like! Another great recipe from Ina!

  9. I think I would love this too. Trying to find ways to use up some zucchini from the garden. This looks perfect, thank you!

  10. The idea of minis is a wonderful one. I think it is cool to give each person his or her own. They are adorable.

  11. I love Ina and your mini gratin dishes are so cute! I will try this recipe soon!

  12. Ina’s recipe gratin is my absolute favorite Ina recipe. Yours looks sooo good and I love how you put it mini gratin dishes. 🙂

  13. Ever since I made asparagus gratin I’m interested in what else can be gratin-ized. I’ll try this

  14. Those gratin sounds like a perfect summer bite 🙂 I am drooling 🙂

  15. Your family is missing out! I bet those are delicious 🙂 They certainly look yummy

  16. Perfect summer side dish Lizzy! They look delicious!

  17. Hi Lizzy, first of all this is such a great way to use zucchini!!! My husband is identical to yours in that he doesn’t like either zucchini or cucumbers too!

    Now on the long shot side of your recent comment…..this is so incredible! Yes, I am from Ames, and yes, my little sister is Kelly. My parents still live in the same house on Ashmore. Are you in the same graduating class as Kelly?

    my email is: paige1and2(at)wildblue(dot)net

    I’ll be going to Ames next Friday for my summer visit!

  18. Well I certainly love it! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  19. I would love this! My family wouldn’t either, but they are antiveggie. Great job!

  20. this looks perfect

  21. Dear Lizzy, Wonderful! I think this sounds delicious.
    Thanks for your visit and for following my blog. I appreciate it and look forward to your visits.
    Blessings for a beautiful day, Catherine xo

  22. Zucchinis are my fav and making a gratin with that sounds so perfect. I am craving for it 🙂

  23. sounds wonderful! maybe you could sneak some zucchini into muffins 😉

  24. I would’ve loved it! Looks like a great recipe.

  25. i am one of those rare people who actually likes zuchini but dont’ have many recipes using it. so, i am glad you made this zuchini gratin. i am sure you made Ina proud coz it looks fabulous!

  26. We all love zucchini here in our house. Courgettes, we call them out here. They are just so lovely. This dish is certainly a winner.

  27. With all the zucchini’s I have at the moment – this will be a perfect – I’m sorry your husband wasn’t initially thrilled!! They look SO pretty:)

  28. My husband doesn’t like zucchini, either! I haven’t had any in so long! I think I should make this for my lunch, because I like anything “zucchini” or “gratin.”

  29. I love zuchini and your gratin is tempting me to reach out and scoop a spoonful!! Yum

  30. We eat a lot of zucchini at our house! This sounds delish!!

  31. My baby zucchini are growing and soon they will land in this gratin. And we will all live happily ever after.

  32. What a great way to use the excess zucchini I’m certain my stepfather will be sharing later this summer. Gruyere makes everything better!

  33. I love zucchini and cucumbers! This recipe looks so delish. I am willing my zucchini’s to grow in my garden!

  34. Gorgeous gratin Liz – Your turn to make my mouth water!

  35. I love “gratin” with vegetables, and seafood as well! The zucchini gratin is one of my all-time favorites.
    Lizzy, you did an incredible job on these yummy gratins…love the individual little gratin dishes, as well.
    So pretty, and totally appealing!

  36. Yeah.. Mine also isn’t fan of zucchinis 🙂 But at least he likes cucumbers 🙂 Anyway, dish looks very delicious

  37. Ooh! This is such a beautiful dish and I love that you served these in individual portions! I’m going to make these the next time I have company over for dinner. They look delicious!

  38. Lizzy, I love this gratin.
    Now, with the zucchini in season, I’m always looking for new recipes and this one sounds like a winner.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  39. These individual gratin looks wonderful…I happen to love zucchini 🙂

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