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Winter Ceviche on a small white plate over a floral napkin

Winter Ceviche

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This Winter Ceviche from Dorie Greenspan features scallops, mango nectar, citrus and tarragon. Every bite was sheer bliss.

Winter Ceviche on a small white plate over a floral napkin

A Restaurant Worthy Recipe

Dorie’s recipe called for bay scallops, but those I saw at the market appeared a little sad and long in the tooth. No thank you. I went to my fishmonger where I purchased fresh, plump sea scallops.

Larger than the bay version, I wasn’t about to risk ptomaine or whatever you might get from eating raw, contaminated seafood. And the bonus of using sea scallops was that they didn’t deteriorate into mush by the next day.

I’d never eaten a ceviche made with scallops, but this was nothing short of ambrosial. I was an instant fan. I found a ripe mango and added a few sweet, vibrant cubes plus a little bit of bell pepper for color, otherwise I followed the recipe to a T.

Winter Ceviche in a clear glass over a floral napkin

Winter Ceviche

Winter or summer ceviche? I never knew there was a differentiation due to seasons. Dorie’s Tuna and Mango Ceviche, which we made in the fall, was more traditional, with onions and  chile peppers.

I’d say her winter version was Frenchified—using tarragon, a very French herb, shallots and no heat. Either version would please my palate no matter the time of the year. The fresh scallops were marinated in mango nectar, sherry vinegar, lemon and lime juice along with their zests and a spoonful of brown sugar.

The citrus “cooked” the seafood by changing the molecular structure of the fish, but it doesn’t have the capacity to completely render all the bacteria inactive. Salmonella is mostly held at bay when exposed to lime juice, but not so much with another bacterium, Vibrio parahaemolyticus. So the lesson is to be cautious and use only the freshest seafood from a trusted source.

Winter Ceviche overhead view on a white plate with a red handled fork

Here’s the recipe for Dorie’s Winter Ceviche. Or make it easy on yourself and buy Around My French Table, turn to page 177, and start cooking! I adored this recipe, but to see what the other Doristas thought, visit the French Fridays with Dorie website.

French Fridays with Dorie

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29 comments on “Winter Ceviche”

  1. I thought this one was ok, but I wasn’t a fan.

  2. Not being a fan of the raw seafood, I wouldn’t make this again. Your plate is very pretty though!

  3. Not sure about raw seafood ever, but seeing that lovely plate and serving in your photo, if I was presented that, I would definitely try it…looks so beautiful it must taste beautiful! 🙂

  4. We just loved this! We thought it would be lovely in appetizer sizes, too.

    Bon Weekend! xoxo

  5. Very well put-together.. as usual! I will get around this recipe soon!

  6. It looks terrific your winter ceviche ! I can imagine the taste sucré salé from seafood and mango. Great recipe and pictures ! Bon weekend Liz 🙂

  7. MMmmmm scallops in all forms, make my heart melt 🙂

  8. It’s very pretty and I’d give it a try, I love scallops. Have a good weekend!

  9. This was a total winner for me! 🙂 But I also enjoy raw seafood so there wasn’t any reservation there, just with the tarragon.

  10. Yes, I don’t have a trusted source for seafood you are fortunate. I found this too tame for mine or my family’s palate, but we are very accustom to Latin American seasoning. So glad you enjoyed it.. as always lovely pictures and are a pro.

  11. fresh, plump sea scallops with mango and bell peppers?! this is gorgeous, Liz!

  12. Those last few sentences sound like a warning from a cautious Iowa girl who grew up in Ames. Our rule always was if you look around and don’t see water, don’t order fish! I’ve always kept that thought in the back of my mind when ordering fish anywhere. I would go with the Sea Scallops also and just slice them in half or quarters. I don’t know about bad fish giving you Vibrio parahaemolyticus or Salmonella or Ptomaine Poisoning but I have heard it can give you terrible Poison Ivy. Man, Poison Ivy makes you miserable! Very nice presentation. Like your many flavor bumps. Thinking of your Mom, Dad, Maddy et al. as you wade through the travails of this aging process. If you and Bill come to Aspen, I’ll share my third “free” cookie with you and let you choose your favorite flavor.

  13. Lizzie,
    My hubby would love this. He loves scallops and ceviche. I don’t eat most seafood or ceviche. I’m more like your hubby.

  14. Lovely, Liz! Worth of a restaurant indeed 🙂

  15. Liz, this looks absolutely delicious! It’s Summer here in Australia so we can omit the first part of the title 😉

  16. Lovely presentation. I love sushi but am also very careful about preparing and consuming raw fish.

  17. I do love scallops but I’ve never braved making and eating ceviche before. It looks good though!

  18. My seafood loving hubby would devour this!

  19. Gorgeous plate as always, Liz! We really enjoyed this one, too.

  20. LOL- now I am REALLY glad I only ate a sliver before cooking them !! Yours look utterly delicious and the mango was genius to add right in there for a kick of color. Plus I always love hearing when someone really did enjoy any of the recipes we try so I was delighted to hear that you enjoyed this so much 🙂

  21. Dear Liz, what a lovely, fresh and elegant presentation – with such wonderful ingredients – it does make all the difference to be using the very best one can afford here – I could not agree with you more!
    I read in your comment to Mary´s blog post that your dear Mom is not doing well – wishing you and your family the very best and keeping you all in our thoughts!
    Take good care,

  22. I had to skip this one…I just can’t do raw seafood! However, if I wasn’t so squeamish…yours is the one I would try…just gorgeous, Liz! Happy Weekend!

  23. Having grown up in New York where really fresh seafood was available it is so hard for me to
    trust anything purchased in a super market. Even Wegman’s, which is pretty darn good, I am
    never sure. Evidently, Dorie knows her suppliers for most of her recipes and that is why she
    is so confident to go forward with these recipes. This was a lovely and sort of elegant appetizer,
    and makes a beautiful presentation. I love both your versions.

  24. I’m a fan of ceviches, but have only tried making crabmeat ceviches. I love the idea of the different seasons 😀

  25. Your scallops look like pale roses, Liz! And undoubtedly the taste was sublime =)

  26. No raspberries, Liz? I enjoyed this one too. The touch of summer was so welcome in February! I gather that Bill didn’t try it? Howard surprised me and ate the grapes.

  27. That’s definitely restaurant worthy and upscale restaurant worthy at that.

  28. What a beautiful gourmet dish, quite summery 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  29. I really enjoyed this one – much to my own surprise.
    The cut up mango was a nice touch and added a lovely little pop of color.
    Thinking of you . XO

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