White Loaves

A basic, yet lovely recipe for White Loaves, a classic sandwich bread. 


White Loaves

The Tuesdays with Dorie group of bloggers have moved on to a second cookbook, Baking with Julia.  Twice a month, I will be joining the 300 members to bake a recipe chosen from this cookbook.  First up are these White Loaves, made from a simple, yet delicious bread recipe.

White Loaves

My dough seemed very elastic, and there was a bit of trepidation as I formed the loaves.  I almost tossed it in the trash and started over, thinking I may have added too much flour. But I trudged ahead. The dough rose beautifully each time and formed stately, browned loaves in the oven.  I took the bread out of their pans for the last 10 minutes of baking allowing the exterior to turn golden. A crisp crust and chewy interior. The taste testing hubby gave it his approval. Whew.
White Loaves

Our hosts will be the only ones sharing the recipe. It can be found here or here.  Next up, Chocolate Truffle Tartlets! 


  1. After seeing this, I’ve gotta try this bread out for myself. It looks perfect.

  2. Looks amazing! Great job! 😉

  3. The bread is so light fluffy and gorgeous colour – what a perfect way to wake up in the morning (or at midnight :P)
    Another winner of a recipe 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. looks great!

  5. WIneDineDivas says:

    Looks perfect! With beautiful crusty top and tender inside!

  6. Fabulous photos!

  7. Looks perfectly baked ! Love the crusty top . Nothing beats homemade bread 🙂

  8. That is one perfect loaf.

  9. The loaves look superb! I wish I had a slice!

  10. Quay Po Cooks says:

    I LOVE crusty bread!

  11. Deeps @ Naughty Curry says:

    wow! looks so beautiful, airy & golden..a perfect loaf

  12. What a fantastic loaf of bread!

  13. The bread looks perfect , Mmmmmm!!! A slice of hot bread with a little butter , pure heaven 😀

  14. Both rustic AND elegant!

  15. I love homemade bread! This one looks so great!

  16. The bread looks perfectly baked. Everything about it looks perfect – the shape, the colour, the crust, the soft interior.

  17. wow! they’re perfect!

  18. Of course your loaves turned out perfect! I would expect nothing less, Lizzy!

  19. Terri @ that's some good cookin' says:

    Perfect. The loaves are perfect. What a great new book to choose. I’m behind you 100%. Bake, girl, bake.

  20. Those loaves look perfect to me. I am still at the free form bread making stage or I flatten them out and make pizzas. I am going to actually put them in loaf pans on my next try, hehe. They look great and have a great day.

  21. Cher Rockwell says:

    Good morning! Absolutely perfect.
    This is going to be fun!

  22. Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite says:

    Wasn’t this a great recipe? Even for a bread newbie like me 😉 I won’t be baking twice a month otherwise I would never eat anything but Dorie food but will choose the things I find the most challenging (like bread) once a month. Excited to have you along for the journey with me 🙂

  23. Looks like a fantastic loaf of bread. I can just taste it! But making it so early in the morning….????? xo

  24. those are Beautiful loaves of bread!! I love the picture with the butter-that’s how I eat mine-thick slices of warm bread with tons of butter 🙂 looks fantastic!

  25. So glad you did not put it in the trash! sometimes it is best just to follow through, regardless of the instinct. Your homemade loaves do look amazing. I do need to get in the kitchen and bake some bread-it has been too long. Have a great day Liz!

  26. Jen @ Juanita's Cocina says:

    Gorgeous! And Tuesdays with Dorie looks like such an amazing undertaking!

  27. Lizzy,
    Great looking bread, especially slathered with butter. I want a piece for breakfast.

  28. Asian-spice mix says:

    Looks perfectly done white and lightly brown arround it.

  29. Inside a British Mum's Kitchen says:

    Honestly, they look completely perfect! I can only imagine how great they taste!
    Mary x

  30. The Mom Chef says:

    It’s gorgeous! I’m so glad you forged ahead instead of trashing the project. Wow, they rose so beautifully. Congrats on perfect white bread.

  31. The easiest way for someone to win my heart and belly is by baking me bread at least a few times a week 😉

  32. Cassie/Bake Your Day says:

    Yum,can’t wait to see what you bake up!

  33. No trepidation here – it’s a beauty. May have to pull out that classic cookbook – been awhile since I visited it. See what you started?

  34. Julie at Burnt Carrots says:

    That bread looks beautiful! I just made a spelt bread and its a tad on the flat side….. I’ll have to check out the recipe to see if I can figure out why mine didn’t rise as much. Cannot wait for the Chocolate Truffle Tartlets!

  35. Love this Lizzy and make me hungry I love Julia too:))

  36. I have never baked bread at home simply because I feel with two of us, I can’t into baking one. However, a home baked version is surely worth the try then the ready made ones esp after seeing the outcome from the pics.

  37. This sounds YUMMY..Bookmarked..


  38. So glad you had fun with this!!! We thought this was great – oh, and I made half into cinnamon rolls!!

  39. These look like perfect loaves 🙂 Well done. And go you for powering through!

    I am already slobbering at the next recipe 😉

  40. Grubarazzi says:

    Awww, this makes me want to make a big ole batch of home made bread. So yummy and reminds me of home.

  41. I never tried to bake bread and I looking at this loaf i know why: it looks so luscious I couldn’t stop eating it slice by slice.

  42. Crunchy Creamy Sweet says:

    Lizzy, these loaves looks gorgeous! I love the tip for crispy crust. I soooo need to get my hands on this book! Have a great day!

  43. Julie higgins says:

    Beautiful bread! I could survive on bread and butter…seriously!

  44. Red_Shallot says:

    That’s one sexy loaf of bread! How do you make a bread that moist? I’m jealous.

  45. There is such a beauty in a simple, delicious loaf of fresh baked bread 🙂

  46. Gorgeous photos! I would love to have a piece with a slab of butter and strawberry jam right this second! Mmmmm 🙂

  47. the Junkie book says:

    Jeez such a sexy bread that is. looks a parcel, a killer parcel!!!

    how do you manage to cook and blog at this pace? ;p

  48. Isn’t homemade bread the best! I love it, especially toasted. Hope this very successful batch has you eagerly wanting to try more. It looks wonderful.

  49. Cheap Ethnic Eatz says:

    Just a beautiful loaf. great idea to take it out a few minutes out of the mold and finish baking for a golden exterior.

  50. I want to steal your bread

  51. Great looking bread, so light and airy. We made a decision to always add whole wheat flour, making our bread 50/50 so we can benefit from the added fibre. I received the Baking with Julia book for Christmas this year; I have yet to bake anything from it, but it looks incredible.

  52. Geri Saucier says:

    Perfect loaves of bread. They look so delicious, I can almost smell them baking:)

  53. I have that book but haven’t cooked from it in years…need to open it back up again, it seems. I understand the trepidation, but the bread looks lovely!

  54. I look forward to the tartine post! Your loaves look fantastic.

  55. My goodness! Those are some spectacular looking loaves. The rise is incredible. Way to go!

  56. Soft and delicious perfectly yummy bread !!

  57. Perfectly beautiful bread! I really enjoyed doing a bread. I made one of mine with a cinnamon swirl. So nice to see so many FFwD people participating in this group. Looking forward to the tarts.

  58. Achu's Amma's Kitchen says:

    soft and delicious…

  59. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    300 members? Wow I certainly did not know that! That is an amazing food community. I love bread that has nice elastic texture. This looks so good. I can eat three times a day with simple toast with jam, sandwich, and maybe soup as a dinner with this bread. 🙂

  60. Oh beautiful bread, Liz! I’m glad you didn’t toss the dough! They look perfect! I bet a slice right out of the oven with a little dab of butter was just heavenly! : )

  61. Pacheco Patty says:

    Congratulations on your beautifully baked homemade bread! You’re off to a great start with this recipe, it looks wonderful;-)

  62. Pegasuslegend says:

    Wow !!!!! Now isnt this the perfect loaf! Another winner!

  63. That looks perfect to me! Yum!

  64. Jill | Dulce Dough says:

    Looks like they turned out perfect Liz!

  65. Kris' Kitchen says:

    HI…so glad you are baking in this group too. I’m really excited about some of these recipes and also really happy that I have friends, like you, baking along with me. Nice post and so glad your bread worked out.

  66. Elisabeth says:

    That is a beautiful, perfect loaf of white bread, Lizzy! This is the kind of bread that I’m used to baking…I went a little bit out of my “comfort zone” when I made the rye bread!

    I would love a slice of this with some jam with my coffee in the morning. Yumm:DDD

  67. Sometimes, I think bread baking can be surprisingly amazing! Some bread doughs can be nice and smooth but the breads can turned to be dry or tough…Surprisingly, some bread doughs can be watery or lumpy and yet, the breads can turned out to be soft and delicious….It’s all about chemistry!

    Lucky that you didn’t toss these breads into the bin and good that you went ahead to do the baking 😀

  68. Glad to be baking with you. This bread is perfect.

  69. Blackswan says:

    Always envy people who can bake. Nice recipe, Lizzy!

  70. Lynne @ 365 Days of Baking says:

    Great job that you didn’t give up, Lizzy! The loaves look beautiful!!

  71. Your bread looks great!

  72. It does look very soft and homemade bread…there’s nothing like it:)

    Btw, I am having a giveaway n I’d be happy if you entered my Giveaways

    International Asos & Anatomicals Giveaway

  73. Gretchen Noelle says:

    These look like lovely loaves! Great job!

  74. This is a perfect loaf of bread! I just recently got over my fear of yeast and want to venture into making more of my own bread!

  75. Jen at The Three Little Piglets says:

    Bread is one of the things I hope to learn more about while in school. I can make it, but I want to know all the secrets!

  76. How terrific that you’re starting the new book! This recipe is a great way to kick things off.

  77. I would never have cared to visit the grocery store if I had been your next door neighbor,Lizzy;)I can’t believe you baked these amazing loaves at home – you could just put every store to shame!Yummy,chewy homemade bread – what more could one ask for?

  78. i love me a gorgeous home baked loaf of bread anyday! yours look so beautiful!

  79. Your blog template is so pretty! And I like how you styled the photos for this post.

  80. Your bread looks so amazing, I love fresh made bread! I love your pictures, they make me want a slice right now:-) Hugs, Terra

  81. Your bread looks great. Perfect 1st recipe for TWD-BWJ. Glad you’ll be joining the fun!

  82. It turned out beautiful Liz. I admire you bread bakers and all you talented bloggers who can bake with groups.

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