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Vegetable Barley Soup with a Touch of India

Vegetable Barley Soup with the Taste of Little India

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Vegetable Barley Soup with the Taste of Little India: A flavorful, hearty vegetarian soup with some South Asian flair!

Vegetable Barley Soup with a Touch of India in a white bowl

Vegetable Barley Soup with the Taste of Little India

Dorie Greenspan transformed a fairly typical Vegetable Barley Soup into something with an extra zip of flavor from fresh ginger, turmeric and garam masala. “We” here in the Berg household typically go light on the Indian spices…since one of us finds the taste a bit too exotic for his pedantic tastes.  Since winter continued to hang on despite entering a new season, this was an ideal, comforting soup for a weeknight meal. At least for one of us.

A cup of Vegetable Barley Soup with a Taste of India

A Quick Flavorful Indian Inspired Soup Recipe

A lone parsnip and a replacement for the shriveled ginger root in my veggie drawer were added to my shopping list, but the rest of the ingredients were staples. I sautéed the carrots, parsnips and aromatics, tossed in all the special seasonings, chicken broth and pearl barley. In a little more than an hour, the barley was soft and puffed and the flavorful, tasty Indian inspired soup was served.

Vegetable Barley Soup with a Taste of India in a white bowl

The Verdict

At least to me, it was tasty, but the hubby snubbed yet another recipe. No surprise there. He looked suspiciously as I peeled the parsnip, not believing when I told him it was a pale carrot.  The final straw may have been when I found my turmeric supply depleted and he witnessed me emptying one of  the turmeric capsules, which I use as an anti-inflammatory, into the pot.

I think it’s high time he went back to work. I may prefer a more standard beef barley soup, but this was a nice chance of pace. Plus, since I didn’t have to share, I had a week’s worth of lunches. Lucky me.

Find the recipe for this soup HERE.

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40 comments on “Vegetable Barley Soup with the Taste of Little India”

  1. I love barley and this does really sound different! Bring on the warmer weather:@)

  2. Bill is missing out here. Your soup looks so bright and colourful – I could not resist.

  3. You’ll enjoy this for your lunches, Liz (I did too!). Yours is making me want to make it again and not purée the veggies…

  4. Vibrant colors you got there! My hubby found one of the two parsnips I bought (of course I bought two! insurance against hubby using the ingredients I buy specially for FFwD recipes!)…. DH said: very nice but pricey (RM4.80 per piece) – white tube thingy!!! This soup is only for me as hubby will be away from home next couple of days!

  5. I could use a big bowl of this soup for the next several days… we are having rainy weather for the next three days. 🙁

  6. Pedantic 🙂

    I can not get away with anything cumin related when cooking for Joe. Fortunately, i only had to make soup for one this week. The fresh ginger and turmeric would definitely been a deal breaker!

  7. That looks wonderfully delicious and I know what you mean about Winter continues to hang on! I admire your will to try new things that may only be eaten by those who have more advanced taste buds 😉

  8. “One of us”…that made me chuckle. I just think a media cooking expert and her husband who won’t eat anything would make a wonderful sit-com on tv. You have me thinking “will Bill like this one” each week when I log on check what the week’s recipe is. Its true.

  9. I love your pale carrot comment, too funny. Your soup looks really delicious. I loved the
    soup but not the spices too much. Hope all is going well with Bill.

  10. This soup looks absolutely delicious and the colors are simply gorgeous! And I love the bold flavors 🙂

  11. I love this soup Lizzy (how are you dear?) and look beautiful!!

  12. Your soup looks so pretty and I’m sure delicious, Lizzy! Lovely photos! I ate mine for lunch all week too! Bill just couldn’t get past the sweet spicy smell. Have a great weekend!!

  13. Ha–I like the image of Bill worrying while you emptied your anti-inflammatory pills into his dinner. Funny. Looks delicious to me!

  14. Okay I laughed out loud at the turmeric capsule. Your husband and his will-not-eat list cracks me up every time. This soup looks great in those photos.

  15. Tumeric is a tasty anti-inflammatory…One that is well used in this household so thank you for sharing the recipe to this yummy bowl of comfort =)

    P.s. Are you sure Bill didn’t sneak a bowl behind your back? Your veggie soup photos make me want to dive right in!

  16. Oh yes, perfect timing with this delicious soup on a foggy Autumn morning! Yummy.

  17. Every time I reach for the garam masala, my husband shudders. I would eat curry or some other Indian food much more often if he would just go along with exotic flavors. He is a meat and potatoes man. Sounds like he and Bill would likely order the same food at a restaurant.

  18. It looks healthy and quite delicious!!!

  19. I love Indian spices, what a delicious soup!

  20. I’m speechless, Liz! You continue to wow me with your cooking skills!

  21. Great soup, Liz. I like barley in my soups too! 🙂 ela

  22. Aw, that’s disappointing, isn’t it, when you work hard to make something nice and the hubs isn’t impressed? I think this looks lovely, though, Liz. So fresh and healthy. And yes, now you have lunches all week long!

  23. Love barley! This is one delicious and healthy soup, Liz.

  24. Yes Liz this is my kind of soup . Big chunks of vegetables and zingy spices with barley. Love

  25. I’m laughing about the turmeric capsules… I am found of holistic treatments myself, so I can see myself doing the same thing. I don’t envy your tough food audience. My husband will eat anything and I can tune out the kids complaints.

  26. LOL!!! OH Bill…. what happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen…. 🙂

    Your the first person I know though Liz, that takes turmeric as an anti-inflamatory – thats interesting to me! I know people that eat or chew on raw ginger to get a similar effect although I find it too spicy for me without being cooked into something else first… 🙂

    How much longer is he at home for? He probably wants/needs to go back to work too!

  27. Haha your husband watching you cook is not the way to go about it 😛
    Lovely looking soup in the end though, delicious job!

    Choc Chip Uru

  28. Barley was sitting in my pantry until I found some bugs trying to eat it. Now, I could have used it for this lovely soup!

  29. I think Bill is pickier than Howard. He didn’t like this one much (actually I didn’t either), but he told me he would still eat it for lunches for the week. Go figure.

  30. We don’t get excited about Indian spices in our household either Liz! That’s why I was surprised to like this soup. I wish Gary had been home to try it but he says Dorie keeps making soup out of things that shouldn’t be soup:)

  31. I wanted to begin this comment by saying if you were “more substantial” in the “backside”, you could block the addition of parsnips or heavy-duty spices just by placing yourself between where the recovering patient is sitting and where you are working. But, since I am trying to work with my kinder angel today (it’s Sunday) I will not discuss you svelte figure and my more ample one. Positioning is everything but you just don’t have the body figure to pull that off like I do. I don’t think I added enough spices – my soup, I realize now, was quite bland compared to others. My bagna cauda, however, rock and rolled. According to the weather report this morning, I fear you might get socked again with some snow. As Horace said, “Come back west, young lady, come west”. Actually Greeley never said that, it was a quote actually made by John B. L. Soule in 1851 in the Terre Haute Express in your home state. Your factoid for the day.

  32. I would gladly take Bill’s portion this looks scrumptious! My daughter in law gave me a rather large amount of tumeric and I haven’t been using it. Shame on me, but this is the perfect recipe to get me back in the groove.

  33. I love tumeric and barley and this looks like one delicious and healthy soup 🙂 Hehe, Bill is too funny – the bright side is at least you are all set for lunch for a little while 😉

  34. Beautiful presentation! I’m glad you got a week’s worth of lunches out of this – it was really good. Kevin and I loved the flavours, but he would have preferred a bit less heat.

  35. Liz, sorry, I am running a bit late with comments for the FFwD group this week but I wanted to let you knaw that your presentation of the barley soup looks wonderful – I like the plate as well as the big cup – comfort-style. We thought the recipe with those spices was quite a new experience!
    Hope you will have a great week!

  36. What a cool twist on a traditional soup!

  37. I am laughing at your use of the royal “we”. I hope we are finally past the soup weather for good but come to think of it I enjoy soup so much I tend to have it all summer long.

  38. Barley soup with vegetables is one of my favorites!

  39. A pale carrot is a great way to describe it. This soup looks beautiful and I would imagine it to be warm, comforting and the perfect start to a lunch followed by a slice of bread and a little cheese!

  40. I love your pale carrot line 🙂 Good try. I’m glad you enjoyed the soup.

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