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Veal Marengo | A classic French recipe with veal, tomatoes, onions and white wine

Veal Marengo #FrenchFridayswithDorie

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Veal Marengo is a classic, delectable French dish made with veal, tomatoes, onions and white wine.

Veal Marengo - A classic French recipe with veal, tomatoes, onions and white wine

Veal Marengo

Bill has fond memories of his mother roasting veal and pork together. This was back in the day before pork was the other white meat, meaning there was plenty of fat and drippings to make gravy.

Any time I mention veal, he perks up. Thank goodness Dorie threw us a bone with this veal Marengo. The fish soup and cabbage wrapped foie gras from our French Fridays queue of late were instantly rejected by the ol’ hubby. Sigh. But I was pretty certain I’d have no complaints about this entree.

Veal Marengo - A classic French recipe with veal, tomatoes, onions and white wine

Created for Napoleon

Dorie gave us a little history on this veal stew. Napoleon Bonaparte’s chef created this dish after the successful battle at Marengo.

It was probably more basic than Dorie’s version, from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, since fresh mushrooms, cipollini onions and the makings for parsleyed potatoes may not have been available.

The veal, onions, tomatoes and white wine were cooked along with a bay leaf, thyme and rosemary. The magnificent aroma just reinforced why this dish is found on menus all across France. If it’s good enough for Napoleon, it’s good enough for Bill. Sans mushrooms, of course—but I was happy to indulge in his share along with mine. Truly a winner!

Here’s a printable copy of Dorie’s recipe. See what the other Doristas thought of this dish on the LYL page.

French Fridays with Dorie
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36 comments on “Veal Marengo #FrenchFridayswithDorie”

  1. You know, as I was writing my post, it struck me that I have never seen this on a menu in France! I need to look harder. Glad Bill enjoyed!

  2. Love that beautiful bowl of great stew! Equally enjoyed over at my house.

  3. Yay for passing the Bill-test! Your marengo looks beautiful.

  4. Another Bill approved recipe? Way to go.
    I think we should all go to France and start looking for this dish on menus – we’ll have to eat everywhere…

  5. It sounds like Dorie finally had a man pleasing (or should I say Bill pleasing) recipe. I know I would certainly enjoy it.

  6. Liz, What a lovely food memory for Bill!!! and love that he got his how he likes it, sans mushrooms! although I would have asked for extra mushrooms! 😛 love this gorgeous veal marengo!!

  7. Oh happy day…a recipe for Bill!! It looks wonderful…after seeing Gaye’s, I decided to get the book out and mark it for sometime soon before our Comfort Food Season is retired for the summer. Stay dry…looks like it’s going to rain all day today.

  8. I agree with Cher, we should all do a taste testing in Paris, what fun that would be. I’m glad
    Bill approved this one, what’s not to like?

  9. Glad Bill liked it! And you, too! Looks great, Liz!

  10. I miss the days when pork had fat on it… you know have to ask for a butt cut to get any at all. I’m surprised Bill likes veal I always found it to be very lean and easy dried when cooking which makes a stew perfect because it keeps the meat moist. So glad Bill enjoyed it. Your sauce is so thick and wonderful. You did a great job on it Liz.

  11. Your photos are great – I was just reading an article on food photography that said you should always garnish your dishes with fresh herbs. We really enjoyed this too even though we added our own shortcuts!

  12. Sounds like there were lots of happy husbands this week:-)

    I actually just read a book written about Napoleon’s wife Josephine. It was really well done and very interesting. And he may have deserved a stew for his military prowess, but he wasn’t winning any good huband awards.

  13. LOL – glad Bill liked this one, even if he eschewed the mushrooms. I liked it too, but yes, next time I think I’ll chuck it all in the slow cooker.

  14. Napoleon and Bill have the same”goût” !! Vive la France, Vive Napoleon et Vive Bill 😉
    Seriously your Marengo looks amazing Congratulations to Bill, he deserve this recipe and even more ! When we are malade, nothing is better that a good Doctor !
    Have a nice weekend 🙂

  15. WOW! This dish is to die for!

  16. LOL re the fancy stuff that got rejected by Bill. 😉 This sounds good and hearty.

  17. I’d get no complaints here either, if I made this. Hubby loves veal, though it’s not my favorite. He’d be happy to eat my share. 🙂

  18. I have never made or had a veal stew. This looks fabulous!

  19. I’d fight Bill for a share of this. 🙂 I’ve only had this once and forgot about it for years but when I looked at your photos and the recipe, all that flavor came rushing back into my brain.

  20. Liz, I am quite delighted to read that both you and your husband enjoyed this wonderul looking Veal Marengo – even without the mushrooms – this was certainly a winning recipe amongst the Doristas and their famillies it seems.
    And congratulations again to your husband on winning the Healing Hands Award!!!
    Have a great weekend,

  21. just adding, “Bill is SO blessed to have YOU!)))) xx

  22. Thanks for the note Liz, I was able to close the window on my phone without issues. This does indeed look like a great meal and I’m so pleased that Bill enjoyed it too. I’ll pop over to Dorie’s for the recipe, I’m certain my hubby would love it too.

  23. Looking at that beautiful bowl of stew is making me drool. Bill must be very happy with your delicious stew.

  24. My stomach literally rumbled when I saw this. This looks so good!!

  25. So nice that Bill enjoyed this meal, I love that some dishes have so much history and great memories attached to them.

  26. I have never roasted veal and pork together! I’m so glad Dorie has a recipe Bill likes. This looks like something I would love very much and pile on the mushrooms please xx

  27. Lizzy,
    So glad your hubby liked a fancy French dish. It does look delicious and my hubby would love it.

  28. Nice to know that Bill is keeping good company. Although maybe I should rephrase. Nice to know that Napoleon is keeping good company. Bill’s the winner this week, being honored by his patients. Napoleon, as I remember, lost. Glad that you had some eager takers this week. Your photo looks lovely, as always. Somehow, in my photos, my beef photographed with a “tainted” look and my tomatoes photographed looking “neon red”. Not especially appetising pictures.

  29. I’m always glad when there are Bill-friendly dishes in the rotation. Yours turned out beautifully, Liz! Love the story, too, of Bill’s Mom’s cooking. I bet roasting veal and pork together made for wonderful flavours, but of course, so does this stew. Have a great week!

  30. Sounds wonderful, I’m sure with all those delicious herbs the aroma in the kitchen must be amazing!

  31. Oh! I am mouthwatering! It looks so delicious! Perfect dinner with perfect herbs aroma!

  32. Glad to know we finally made a dish that your Bill enjoyed, LIz! After being on South Beach for two weeks, and eating many salads, my Bill appreciated it, too! Your photos make this stew look as fabulous as it was! Happy weekend!

  33. We enjoyed this one but it was a bit fussy and too many dishes. Next time I will do a one pot meal.

  34. What a fabulous dish, so perfect for dinner!

    Choc Chip Uru

  35. I’m so glad you both enjoyed this one. I’m glad we have a few recipes left that aren’t fish or innards!

  36. I’m working my way backwards because I was on vacation. Wow! 2 weeks in a row that Bill liked it. I’m not that surprised. What’s not to like about this one? Amazing. I wonder what he’ll think of the beef salad?

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