Vanilla Financiers with Raspberries #FrenchFridayswithDorie

I had not heard of financiers till I started blogging…and until I whipped theseVanilla Financiers with Raspberries up today, I knew nothing of the unusual batter either. Almond flour, sugar and egg whites were stirred and heated, then flour and browned butter (beurre noisette) were mixed till incorporated. It took longer than I expected for the butter to absorb…ooh, these were going to be rich! Some vanilla bean paste was my own addition, plus I took Dorie’s Bonne Idée and added some raspberries (you’re not surprised are you, Paula???). This batter must be chilled for an hour…and can be parked in the fridge for up to three days.

The financier was invented for the Parisian stockbrokers (hence the name) who wanted a treat on the go. The gold ingot shape was truly inspired. I made just a half batch…a few in mini muffin tins and a couple in teeny rectangular bread pans…with higher sides than the traditional financier tin. I spiked about half with berries. No one in this household was as excited as those hungry businessmen about these little cakes. I popped one of the mini rounds in my mouth…tasty, but nothing spectacular. Maybe I’m just spoiled by all the decadent desserts that come out of my kitchen that a buttery little tea treat seemed somehow…ordinary. Or perhaps I needed to try the chocolate version.

Edited to add…my friends went nuts for these…especially the raspberry version!

Dorie shared her recipe on her blog.


  1. Beautiful financiers, I love the raspberries!

  2. I’ve never actually had financiers before. But even with its ordinaryness, I’d gladly snack on these throughout the day!

  3. Happier Than A Pig in Mud says:

    They sure look like they baked up beautifully! Gorgeous color:@)

  4. They look really pretty, but I guess not everything can be an enormous success, can it?

  5. Formidable, Liz! I learned how to make financiers at a Cordon Bleu workshop in Paris. They turned out buttery and golden in Paris and at home. But, mais oui, yours which have the time out in the fridge look fantastique =)

  6. Aren’t these fabulous? I need a financier pan, I think!!

  7. Oh, I see! I have always wondered why they are called financiers. Lizzy, your financiers look absolutely gorgeous but my financiers are only interested in collecting interest on my mortgage every month. Hummph!

  8. Beautifully-baked financiers , Lizzy ! So dainty and utterly delish 😀

  9. Sounds like an interesting batter. Even if they weren’t your favorite, they look great as mini loaves.

  10. I actually loved these little guys, especially with the raspberries. I also did them with the beurre noisette which did make them more labor intensive. I do think these may have been all about the “molds” we made them in. Just a rich little cake for those on the run to be rich!!! Yes, chocolate may be even better but I still think you had “rolos” on your mind. LOL

  11. I loved these buttery little cakes…thought they were fabulous! I added raspberries, too. I also, put pine nuts on a few. I can’t wait to try the chocolate version. In my house…it’s a new favorite!
    Yours look gorgeous! I’m sure your friends will love them.
    Have a great weekend, Lizzy!

  12. Gorgeous! So you have a financier pan!

  13. Not surprised at all!! Beautiful raspberries will be forever associated with you Liz, jaja. And you even made a neat row with them!
    I found the chocolate ones to be much more interesting and absolutely worth it. I made half a batch and then reapeated it after tasting them. But they´re very french, not too sweet and, I don´t know, just different. There´s a recipe for a financier chocolate `cake´ in the BA site, that I´m very intrigued with. Have a great weekend my friend!

  14. I never realized I had financier pans! (And, yes I would love one right now but I need coffee first!)

  15. We really liked these. It is interesting to see how varied tastebuds are.

  16. So cute! I thought for sure you bought the special pans when I saw your thumbnail on fb – it was a good fakeout! 🙂 For some reason I was pretty enamored of these little guys but I would also love to try the chocolate ones too. Love the raspberries in yours!

  17. Scrumptious… love your berry touch.

  18. I adore financiers, Liz. They’re certainly buttery and that’s what I love about them. The Liz touch with the raspberries has to be your trade mark, non? Beauties.

  19. Hi Liz! I’ve never heard of these until right now, and they look delicious!!

    Thanks for stopping by and linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Party 🙂

    Have a happy weekend!

  20. I think I should simply remove my Financiers with Raspberries post… Your photos are so amazing and your financiers so perfect…

  21. This is my kind of cake. Buttery, with

  22. Jeff @culinaryschoolsconnection says:

    Great share! I have officially added your blog to my list of must follow blogs! Hope to share my experiences trying some of your recipes out! Thx again and keep it up!

  23. I agree Liz. They’re good but if it weren’t for the berries (I used blackberries) I think they would have been uninspiring. But at least they are easy! I plan to make chocolate ones this weekend. The recipe looks delicious and I would have gone chocolate first but wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I think French bankers were leading pretty dull lives:)

  24. Lovely financiers!!! I noticed it took awhile for the melted butter to incorporate into the batter, I briefly thought about dumping some of the butter out!! But, I regained control of my impulse and eventually all the melted butter disappeared into the batter..and I’m so glad I did because they were really good and fun to make;-) Have a wonderful weekend Liz 😉

  25. I love these treats, I made some a while ago with Cherries and they were delicious. They freeze quite well for a quick treat or dessert.

  26. My favorite French treat but I had no idea what went into them. These look super good. Superb job!

  27. I’m a bit hard pressed to think of any baked good that isn’t improved by adding a few raspberries. I wish they were in season right now, I could go for a few.

  28. Dorie is the one who introduced me to financiers. Becuase of her I sought them out on one of my trips to Paris and decided that I loved them. Now, after baking them myself, I know why… all that butter! Sorry that you didn’t like them as much, but they certainly look tasty.

  29. I have heard of these but have never tasted one. At least you’ve explained the recipe difference between those and a regular little tea cake.

  30. Okay – so how does one get to become your friend and get a bite of these?

    They look great, Liz!

  31. Oh, now I want to buy the rectangular baking mold!

  32. Lovely photo – so colorful – perfect as per usual!

  33. I want to try the chocolate version too. I liked these, but not enough to make them again. Your photos are great, as always!

  34. Lovely little french cakes, Liz!!!! The raspberries are a great detail and make them much tastier.

  35. Love it! They look so versitile

  36. Hotly Spiced says:

    I have never heard of financiers – maybe we’re just too far from Paris down here. They look a bit like friands to me. Shame they didn’t live up to the hype but I’d sure like to try one xx

  37. These are so gorgeous and perfect for spring parties! Love ’em, Liz!

  38. Your financiers look absolutely perfect and I love the look of the raspberries in them!

  39. Ha! You even had the pan! Lovely! These were so easy even *I* had the time to get these out on a Friday! Have a great weekend!

  40. My first time making these. I thought they were lovely, though rich with so much butter. The raspberries make yours look even more elegant.

  41. your financiers are absolutely gorgeous!

  42. Ah, the berries look just lovely nestled in those little cakes! Very well done.

  43. They look beautiful! I love that red raspberry color.

  44. I think they look wonderful. Perfect for afternoon tea with a coffee as a pick me up! The raspberry ones look amazing, the red really makes them look something special.

  45. Heidi Feller says:

    I tried the chocolate version and was so impressed that I thought I wanted to try this one too, maybe not? Beautiful post!

  46. I’d never made nor eaten a financier until I started blogging either. So much to learn. You have done these proud – they’re lovely.

  47. Liz, I do love the way your pretty little French tea cakes look like – actually we enjoyed them quite a bit, with and without the addition of some fruits – but then again, I think I enjoyed the excuse to use some of my beloved vintage mini cake pans even more than the cakes.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  48. Lovely financiers Lizzy….wish I still have ground almonds so I can make these too, my son love it the last time I made some!

  49. I have never heard of financiers until today. They look beautiful and they sound perfectly delicious. While making gluten free cakes I use 1:1 ratio of flour and ground almonds, though not egg whites.
    I can’t wait to try these now.

  50. Perfect financiers! You are so talented, Liz. I really enjoy reading and learning your recipes.

  51. I absolutely adore financiers! I have a recipe for a caramelized one that I really need to dig out of my closet! Beautiful with the raspberries too!

  52. Your financiers are gorgeous – they have stolen my heart and look decadent to me.

  53. Oh my! I am drooling over this! You and Mardi have me in a state of giddyness over these lovely treats!

  54. Lizzy,
    Your financiers look adorable. I know that they aren’t supposed to be adorable but what can I say? It’s hard to figure out what others will like sometimes. I’ve made some things that I think are so-so and everyone else gushes over them.

  55. Hehe I can imagine what a hit these golden ingots would have been with the sotkcbrokers years ago and what a hit these would be today! 😀

  56. Yes, they are beauts! but I’m with you, I’d probably choose something gooey and chewy. But since I’ve never had these it’s hard to say!

  57. Well how pretty are these?! SO pretty. That’s the answer. Now… I want to eat them all!

  58. I have just bought the little tins to make these but haven’t used them yet. I get so impatient with things that need to be put in the fridge for ages. I always want to get on with the cooking so I can eat the result.

  59. I can just imagine having these at a tea party. Beautiful little cakes. 🙂

  60. Your financiers look lovely, Lizzy! I am so sorry they weren’t a hit with the family. What I liked about the chocolate ones is that you didn’t have to make them ahead of time, at least the recipe didn’t indicate that, so I baked them off right away.

  61. These are perfect! I love the addition of the raspberry and the different shapes you choose to bake these in! Lovely!

  62. These look delicious and I bet the addition of the vanilla bean paste made these extra special. Gorgeous pics!

  63. I’m always attracted by the fanciers. I don’t have nice shape mold, but I’d love to make it in a mini muffin pan I have. I see myself eating three at one sitting, so easily…. love this recipe!

  64. I must have done something wrong. mine were heavy, very buttery, dark. 🙁

  65. Reminds me to use those tiny little pans for these that I inherited from my Mother.
    I also have STACKS of Tiny Tart pans—-also crying to be used !


  66. They look beautiful especially the raspberry-spiked ones. Sorry they didn’t wow you, though. I’ve finally gotten ’round to these this week.

  67. Your photos are pretty, pretty, pretty!! Have a great week, Liz. 🙂

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