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Vanilla Eclairs Topped with Chocolate Ganache~

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The dough piped onto a parchment lined baking sheet~


Ready to be split and filled~


A more daunting task this week for us Doristas…I am very comfortable making pâte à choux or cream puff batter, but piping is another issue.  As usual, I just trudged ahead, hoping for the best. Due to half a birthday cake parked in the fridge, I made just half a batch…which produced eight lovely eclairs.  But, despite some husbandly trepidation, these got a huge thumbs up from the picky spouse…I tried one of Dorie’s bonne ideés and topped these with chocolate…I think that clinched the deal.

This recipe involves making a basic cream puff dough, piping 4 inch strips onto a lined baking sheet, and baking in a hot oven till they magically poof up and become a golden brown.  Mine didn’t puff as much as anticipated, but no complaints from this household.  They were sliced open, filled with vanilla pastry cream, and iced with a shiny chocolate ganache…très délicieux!



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61 comments on “Vanilla Eclairs Topped with Chocolate Ganache~”

  1. the eclairs are amazing! no worries they look great and im sure they tasted even better!

  2. Lizzy, these are pure perfection and airy heaven! I LOVE choux pastry… so light and yours are just right.

  3. As usual, all your wonderful comments have made my day! Thank you all for stopping by and taking the time to comment 🙂

  4. Lizzy your eclairs look perfect! When I had the metabolism of a teenage boy (haha!), I would eat an eclair for a snack. 🙂 I wish I had one of yours right now. Ok more like two.

  5. Lizzy, your eclairs turned out beautifully. Picture perfect….they could easily adorn the window of the best pâtesserie shop.

  6. What beautiful eclairs! LOVE them – I wish I could taste some :-). I am also glad to learn about the French Fridays with Dorie, I am a member of the Daring Kitchen, and love their challenges. It would be great to have an excuse to make French food every Friday :-). I have to check them out. Thanks!

  7. These are lovely! Just found your amazing blog and am a new follower!
    – Jessica @

  8. Beautiful job!

  9. Love your classic take on this job! Job well done on this weeks FFwD.

  10. wow so impressive and look so irrestible! i’m envious!

  11. Lovely! I actually made low-carb ones many years ago; had the same reaction from my husband…yep, chocolate does help! lol

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