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Tropical Napoleans

Tropical Napoleons #TuesdayswithDorie

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Tropical Napoleons: Thin rounds of meringue are layered with fruit and  whipped cream for a dreamy dessert!

Tropical Napoleons

Tropical Napoleons

I was doubtful about receiving a positive reaction to these Tropical Napoleons from my family as I read through the ingredient list: coconut, mango, papaya and kiwi. The hubby was more a strawberry and banana guy.

You know that. This “tall dessert named after a short general” was from contributing baker, Charlotte Akoyto. Instead of the classic puff pastry layered with cream and fruit, we were instructed to make thin coconut meringues. I decided to go rogue and make some sans coconut, for Bill, and the rest fully tropical.

Tropical Napoleons

Napoleons with Meringue Wafers

Nick was home from college for a long weekend before summer school began. He and Bill were much more interested in the jumbo chocolate chip cookies I had baked earlier in the day.

Nick was a good sport (the key to getting more cookies!) and took a bite. ” Not bad,” was his verdict. I’ll take that. I thought they were lovely, light and ideal for dessert on that hot spring evening. The meringue wafers were a little fiddly to make.

Tropical Napoleons

Tips for Making Meringue Wafers

Instead of greasing and flouring my baking sheet, I just covered them with parchment. But when they wouldn’t come off after my first attempt at removal, I popped them back in the oven to firm up to crispy perfection.

These meringues were made by using a template cut out of a plastic lid from my kitchen. Definitely a learning curve involved…but luckily, they can be made a couple days ahead for an easy company dessert with very little prep work to get them to the table.

And for Bill, besides leaving the coconut out of the meringues, I used more conventional fruit: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. He eventually enjoyed one, truly he did. But chocolate chip cookies trump almost everything in his book!

The Napoleon Recipe

The recipe for these summery Tropical Napoleons can be found HERE.

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39 comments on “Tropical Napoleons #TuesdayswithDorie”

  1. Your meringues do look lovely and light, Liz. The power of the plastic plate is not to be underestimated =) Your cookies are perfectly circular. Appreciate the tropical rainstorm of fruits, too =)

  2. I just love these little cute cakes! And you have used such great fruit and berries!

  3. I’m with your husband. Strawberries and bananas for me too please.

  4. Woow Liz, bravo!! Is it a kind of Pavlova?
    I do love everything in your tropical Napoleons, I’am fond of tropical fruits so this dessert is for me!!!

  5. Any fruit works will with these! I am glad they were a success.

  6. soo cool. I know that is such a lame word but really it is so cool! Like a pavola or ice cream sandwich but with pizazz:) So dainty. I love it

  7. I love this recipe Liz, in fact everything about it. Tropical flavors are a favorite of mine. I’m making strawberry shortcakes today in celebration of our 30th wedding anniversary and now I’m tempted to make them tropical. Although like your husband I’m not sure mine would care for all the tropical fruits. Great recipe.

  8. Love how honest you always are about your recipes, Liz. It makes me even more excited to bookmark this recipe and try it in the future! Also, growing up my parents always called Neopolitan ice cream Napoleon ice cream, which was an embarrassing mistake we didn’t fix until recently…this dessert makes me feel better knowing the title does exist though, hah!

  9. I have not thought of adding fresh fruit to the classic dessert.

  10. I would have happily devoured some of these for you. Those flavors are right up my alley and they are beautiful, just like everything else you make.

  11. Meringue ‘wafers’ – love that! This dessert looks so elegant, Liz, and yet it sounds pretty easy to make once you’ve done the slightly harder work of getting those meringues nailed. Beautiful!

  12. These are so pretty, love the tropical fruits and coconut!

  13. Gorgeous! Love all the colors!

  14. It’s hard to pass up a chocolate chip cookie, but your napoleons look so fresh and colorful, I’m sure they were delicious!

  15. Looks light and fruity! Perfect for summer:@)

  16. I would have been delighted to have had this put in front of me, all that tropical fruit looks beautiful and will have tasted amazing. Good job with the meringues, they looked stunning ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. This is another versatile recipe. You could play with the meringues, you could play with the whipped filling, or the fruit – whatever makes you happy ๐Ÿ™‚ The desert looks beautiful with all the freshly cut fruit.

  18. Mmmm. They look so good! Pinning to our coconut board!
    Have a great evening!

  19. That’s so fun ny how men for the most part don’t reciprocate our ‘fine palate’ for good desserts ๐Ÿ˜‰ my fav dessert in the world is a white chocolate custard tart w kiwi & berries. This Napolean stacked dessert is right up my dessert alley! Pinned!

  20. I love your Tropical Napoleons, they sound yummy. I think I would get the same reaction with my family as you did with your family. If there are chocolate chip cookies around, I think they would grab one of those over the Tropical Napoleons.

  21. I must side with Bill on this! these look gorgeous and I love fruits and meringues! But I’m definitely a chocolate kind of girl!

  22. Pretty and delicious!

  23. Awww Lizzy! We loves meringues and my mom always want these.
    I will save this recipe Lizzy:)
    These reminds me some meringues nests we ate in my town when I was little we always ate fir Easter with some little eggs!

  24. Crispy, creamy and fruity! Beautiful little things, Liz!


  25. I loved this recipe BUT I would always choose a good chocolate chip cookie over it, but it would have to be a GOOD one. Loved all your fruit!

  26. I’m not a fan of meringue cause I often found them too sweet. But the idea of meringue wafers certainly intrigued me, Liz!

  27. They look so pretty, Liz. Tropical or not, I love anything with fresh seasonal fruits!

  28. These look great! I would so go for the coconut version.

  29. I love that you said, “he eventually enjoyed one”!

  30. Neat, these looks nice and light–which I love in my desserts! The combination of fruit also looks perfect. Lovely! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Haha…the whole introductory paragraph was hilarious…had me smiling! Looks so lovely and light. Perfect!

  32. Would you mind if I ate this tropical dessert up in a second? Stunning ๐Ÿ˜€

    Choc Chip Uru

  33. interesting. i think i may have under-baked mine. next time i will follow your advice re the parchment and longer baking time…i’d have a hard time choosing between these and chocolate chip cookies! your family members are very lucky.

  34. Lizzy,
    Finicky or not these look delicious. Love Napoleans.

  35. Such pretty meringues! I am totally drooling over the sound of all the tropical fruit and would gladly polish these up in no time ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. My goodness, that would be a lovely dessert for a dinner party.

  37. My husband would prefer a chocolate chip cookie over any other kind of dessert too. They look lovely Liz.

  38. Tropical or not, I knew your version would be perfectly shaped and a showstopper ๐Ÿ™‚

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