Orange Olive Salad

This elegant Orange Olive Salad is a riff on a Moroccan classic according to Dorie Greenspan. Sliced oranges are sprinkled with onion slices, Nicoise olive and a drizzle of olive oil before a final dusting with Maldon sea salt. Back to Morocco This Week If I was on the ball, this Moroccan inspired Olive Orange Salad […]

Mediterranean Endive Boats #SkinnyTip

Dinner Club Debut Bill and I joined a dinner club with 3 other couples. The goal was to get together four times a year for good food, fellowship and to utilize the dishes gathering dust in our china cabinets. Our first gathering was in early May. Our lovely hostess, Sabra, offered up a finger food salad […]

Summer Pasta Puttanesca #SundaySupper

A delectable sauce made from roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, garlic and olives over linguine makes an out of this world, summer version of Pasta Puttanesca! Pasta Puttanesca with Fresh Garden Herbs I don’t have the greenest thumb. Or maybe it’s just that I forget to water my garden. But I love to grow herbs, and […]

Pissaladière #FrenchFridayswithDorie

   The best part of this dish was all the laughs my family got with my attempts at its pronunciation.  My year of junior high French apparently was not enough as I totally butchered it: Pee-sah-lah-dee-air. I did get the first syllable correct…maybe that was part of the problem.  And then no one wanted to touch it. […]