Fudgy Cocoa Brownies

As the hubby finished off the last gooey bar, he started worrying about his next dessert. That’s the way we roll at our house. He requested brownies so I tweaked an old¬†recipe for Fudgy Cocoa Brownies to make them even more decadent.

Cosmic Brownies

Maybe I’m just too darn old, but I don’t remember Cosmic Brownies from my youth. But seeing photos of the copycat version of these frosted brownies topped with a rainbow of candy ¬†orbs, I had to test out a batch. My Flawed Childhood I do remember my mom treating us to the occasional Little Debbie […]

Chocolate Glazed Walnut Brownies

A plate of fudgy brownies is perfect for any occasion. These Chocolate Glazed Walnut Brownies are rich, ultra-delicious and a wonderful way to offer comfort. Those who know my family may be shocked that I actually put nuts into a brownie recipe. This is practically a mortal sin in my household. But I was making […]

Raspberry Chambord Brownies #fwcon

Rich and irresistible, these Raspberry Chambord Brownies with White Chocolate Icing are out of this world. I promise. Raspberry Chambord Brownies for the Win! We have had lots of successes in the Skinny Chick test kitchen, but these Raspberry Chambord Brownies were a home run. Nick was home from college, so I decided to whip […]

Quintuple Chocolate Brownies #SecretRecipeClub

I’m back! After taking a couple months off for the holidays, I’m here for my one final Secret Recipe Club post. I started with this group the month after its inception, but I’ve made the difficult decision to cut way back on my group involvement. These Quintuple Chocolate Brownies were the perfect way to salute […]

Fudgy Red Wine Brownies #SundaySupper

Due to my crazy, self imposed, blogging schedule, I was cooking up a slew of new recipes that weren’t exactly thrilling the persnickety family. But when I mentioned red wine brownies, the hubby perked up. He was obviously relieved he wouldn’t have to stock up on Oreos while I baked my way through the list. […]