Fudgy Chocolate Sheet Cake with Cocoa Icing #ProgressiveEats

This Fudgy Chocolate Sheet Cake with Cocoa Icing is the perfect way to serve dessert to a crowd. Who doesn’t love a tender, frosted slice of chocolate cake??

Flourless Chocolate Torte with Raspberry Sauce

This Chocolate Torte was a post-Valentine’s Day treat for my chocoholic family! Chocolate Torte We were lucky enough to be treated to a gourmet Valentine’s Day dinner  with some dear friends, but this meant a void in my kitchen. I had no need to bake up an uber-decadent dessert for the hubby, a die-hard chocolate fan. So […]

Chocolate Sheet Cake #SundaySupper

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years approaching and all the gatherings in between, we’re all looking for easy holiday entertaining recipes. This Chocolate Sheet Cake recipe never fails to please. Plus it’s a simple way to provide dessert for a crowd. Chocolate Sheet Cake: Perfect Dessert for a Gathering! A sheet cake is always an […]

Chocolate Buttermilk Bundt Cake #TwoSweetiePies

This past weekend, Bill and the kids took their annual trek to Green Bay to watch the Packers. I mentioned sending along a cheesecake, but when Bill hemmed and hawed about whether his brother would eat it, I rethought my decision. I knew this Chocolate Buttermilk Bundt Cake would thrill the family. The chocoholic gene […]

Chocolate Souffle Cake

It was time for our annual summer book club dinner. We all bring a favorite dish to share. Of course, I nabbed dessert. This year, I baked up a Chocolate Souffle Cake and topped it with juicy berries and cream. Chocolate Souffle Cake Like most souffles, this cake puffs up to perfection then slowly collapses, […]

Tunnel of Mousse Cake

Who doesn’t love a chocolate mousse cake? But even better is a Tunnel of Mousse Cake with mousse used as both frosting and filling!   Tunnel of Mousse Cake My friend, Cindee, shared her family recipe for this tunnel of mousse cake after I posted a different mousse cake on the blog last month. When I’ve […]