Brown Butter Toffee Cookies

Chewy and irresistible, these Brown Butter Toffee Cookies have an exquisite nuttiness from brown butter and boost of decadence from chunks of Heath bars! Brown Butter Toffee Cookies Have you met my sweet blogger friend, Kate, of Food Babbles?  Kate is the mom of three gorgeous daughters, a wife, EMT as well as a talented cook and baker. […]

Brown Butter Snickerdoodles

Brown Butter Snickerdoodles are kicked up a notch with the addition of  nutty, toasty flavor of browned butter. Brown Butter Snickerdoodles We were heading down to Indiana University to treat my youngest and his roomies to another dinner on the town. I imagine after 3 months of cooking for themselves, any alternative to their skimpy […]

Brown Butter Coyotas #CookbookSpotlight

Oh, my. I could have eaten the whole bowl of this outrageously delicious cookie dough. But I’m glad I didn’t. These Brown Butter Coyotaswere just as wonderful baked as unbaked…chewy, caramelly with a subtle cinnamon undertone. You’ve never heard of coyotas? Well, like with Meghan Micozzi’s Leek and Mushroom Migas, I learned a new foodie […]

Brown Butter Cookies with Brookside Chocolate

Want a twist on the ordinary chocolate chip cookie? Try these delicious Brown Butter Cookies with Brookside Chocolate! Brookside Dark Chocolates My kitchen is full of chocolate. Chocolate bars of all varieties, candies, kisses, even some leftover holiday fudge. It doesn’t tempt me in the least. Then I received a care package from Hershey’s with […]

Brown Butter M&M Cookies #SundaySupper #LaborDay

On the day before we were to move Nick to college, I realized I had no homemade goodies to send along with him. Bad mama. Bad food blogger.  I opened up my pantry and saw a partial bag of mini-M&M’s and thought back to these Easter cookies made with white chocolate M&M’s. I love this base […]

Brown Butter Easter Cookies

These Brown Butter Easter Cookies are made with a fabulous chocolate chip cookie dough and full of pastel colored white chocolate M&M’s. Such a fun treat for the holidays! Brown Butter Easter Cookies What do you do when you win an Easter bunny cookie canister on a blog giveaway??? You fill it up, of course. […]