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I am giddy with excitement. I am hosting this week’s Sunday Supper Celebration….as we turn TWO this week. I have been a member of this marvelous group since nearly the beginning…cooking together within a theme each Sunday.

Special dishes have been planned for the big bash…along with sharing our favorite moments from the year.

Chocolate Mousse Torte

Our first Sunday Supper  event was  hosted by Isabel, our founding member from Family Foodie, on January 8, 2012. I joined the second month when we celebrated the Oscars with these recipes.

The fun has continued every single Sunday since then. I’m baking a cake for the big bash; surprised??? Here are the incredible recipes to look for on Sunday:

Brilliant Breads and Breakfast Fare:

Amazing Appetizers and Cocktails:

Spectacular Soups and Salads:

Enticing Entrees:

Decadent Desserts:

Is your mouth watering after glancing through our offerings? I thought so.  Make sure to come back on Sunday donning your party hats and noise-makers to check out these stellar recipes.

Join the #SundaySupper conversation on twitter on Sunday! We tweet throughout the day and share recipes from all over the world. Our weekly chat starts at 7:00 pm ET. Follow the #SundaySupper hashtag and remember to include it in your tweets to join in the chat. Check out our #SundaySupper Pinterest board for more fabulous recipes and food photos.

Would you like to join the Sunday Supper Movement? It’s easy! You can sign up by clicking here: Sunday Supper Movement.

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36 comments on “Sunday Supper Celebration Preview #SundaySupper”

  1. I saw a cake with raspberries. I haven’t had raspberries in ages. 🙁

  2. Sunday Supper turns 2?! Wow! I’m so sad I’m not taking part in this event but I’ll be home by Sunday and that means I can read through everyone’s wonderful, delicious posts.

  3. While I don’t participate, this is actually the weekly foodie party I look forward to the most. (I’m a sucker for a theme:@) Always tasty ideas shared, I’ve had focaccia on my mind and already see a post I’ll be clicking on. Congrats on two great years!

  4. I can’t believe two years have gone by since the first event. What a fun celebration to have and thanks so much for hosting it Liz!

  5. This is another stunning looking cake can’t wait for the recipe.

  6. I’m excited to be part of the party and see all the tempting recipes! Thanks for hosting, Liz.

  7. Definitely Awesome..Love to taste..great presentation too

  8. I love the idea of Sunday Super with friends exchanging thoughts and recipes! Have fun! 🙂 ela

  9. That cake looks so delicious, Liz!

  10. Yum! The cake looks beautiful and so delicious.

  11. Happy Anniversary my dear friend Liz. You have a beautiful blog and your commitment to posting every day is absolutely astounding! The recipes you post are complex, beautifully executed and presented! I take my hat off to you and congratulate you for this wonderful accomplishment.
    The cake looks perfectly festive for your anniversary! Such a treat to have fresh fruit this time of year and those berries are perfect (I know, I had to sort through many hundreds for a commercial!).
    Congrats again and I wish you much success for 2014!

  12. I feel very fortunate to be a part of Sunday Supper. It seems hard to believe this group is only two! We have shared so much! Thanks Liz for hosting this week and all you do for the group. (BTW if you have any tart leftover you know my address 🙂 Shameless I know!)

  13. Hi Lizzy, I’ve been trying to catch up with Google+…noticing all your posts and +1 -ing them. I’m so not a ‘social media’ person (wonder how I even get comments like I do) Didn’t even catch up with Lora’s Savoring (almost typed ‘saving’ LOL) Italy!

    Anyway, I pinned your gorgeous cake, and the previous one as well. Perfection is your ‘key’ to all your amazing baking my dear friend! Can’t wait to meet up with you in person…unfortunately, we haven’t seen sunshine here in our S. Florida location in several days; but I’m sure you will bring the ‘sunshine’ back to us when you get here this month! from your S. Florida friend…Lizzie xoxo

  14. aaah I love this cake with raspberries!!
    Always in this time (Im in summer and many of you are in Winter a really cold Winter!!
    But this year I don’t have a lot of raspberries something happens with the plants!
    This look amazing Lizizy!!:)

  15. Sunday Supper is always a feature I look forward to seeing, always so many great ideas and recipes! Can’t wait for this cake!

  16. Wonderful cake for the celebration!

  17. I’m so sad that I couldn’t fit in another post this week to be able to participate, but I can’t wait to read everybody else’s posts! I’m hoping to make it to the Twitter chat, too 🙂

  18. Congrats on the honor to host this 2nd anniversary 🙂 Cake looks amazing.

  19. Your cake looks spectacular – and my mouth is definitely watering!

  20. Thanks for the teaser! 🙂

  21. G O R G E O U S
    Raspberries!! YESsss. xxx

  22. What a great group…Your dessert is marvelous, Liz!

  23. This cake looks stunning Liz and can’t wait to see more on Sunday 🙂 That’s awesome that Sunday Supper is turning 2, such a great group and I always look forward to seeing all the wonderful ideas and recipes!

  24. Congratulations! What a gorgeous cake!

  25. Wow, Liz, I feel like I just perused an extensive restaurant menu. Sunday is looking to be a wonderful anniversary for this collaboration of talented bloggers. Congratulations on the milestone!

  26. How exciting, congratulations to the Sunday Supper gang!

  27. I love seeing what you all come up with. It’s a terrific group.

  28. Liz, nice to read from you again…the cake looks so yummy!!
    Have a nice weekend

  29. Miss fresh raspberries! The cake looks divine, Liz.

  30. That cake looks truly amazing! If I eat salad for the party, can I have 2 pieces?

  31. Looks amazing… love chocolate cake and some raspberries.

  32. I am so excited for the big bash!!! Thank you so much for hosting – I just love, love, love our group!!!

  33. Congratulations #SundaySupper group! I really need to get it together and join in soon. I’ll catch the Twitter party. Love your cake, Liz – the raspberries look so luscious!

  34. Wow…those recipes read like a fantastic cookbook! I don’t know how you have all the energy you do, Liz. Lovely cake!

  35. I cannot wait to see all of the recipes. One of my blogging goals is to join Sunday Suppers!

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