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Summer_Vegetable_Tart (2)Summer_Vegetable_Tart

Can I be perfectly honest here? Working with phyllo/filo dough stinks…especially when the delicate sheets are supposed to be artfully placed to look like jagged triangles around the perimeter. My crust looked nothing like fluttering handkerchiefs. Instead, my sheets of phyllo preferred to rip and be jagged in general…and this was even before I touched them. And then came the slicing part. At least the dog was happy as crispy shards of butter soaked phyllo made their way from the counter to the floor as I cut this Summer Vegetable Tart into slices. OK. Got that off my chest…I was not a fan of this crust. But the filling was certainly tasty…simple and flavorful. It was nice to have a veggie dish that wasn’t piping hot to eat on a hot July evening.

If this veggie melange was placed in a classic pastry crust, this tart would have been a winner…or, alternatively, just served as a big bowl sautéed vegetables with goat cheese. Yeah, I’m all for that option, too. Lambeau might have been disappointed with a tidier kitchen floor…but I have a feeling I’ll be spilling something again soon.

I couldn’t find this recipe on the web, but I figured you didn’t want to make the crust anyway, right? The filling is just 8 ounces of sliced mushrooms, two sliced red bell peppers, a sliced medium onion, and two minced garlic cloves sauteed till tender. Fresh thyme, salt and pepper were added before a cup of crumbled goat cheese was tossed with the veggies just to soften it slightly. The crust was pre-baked, so the filling was simply spooned into the tart shell.


I’ll be unplugged for the next week…reading, boating, hiking, swatting mosquitoes and toasting marshmallows over our evening campfires. Feel free to leave questions or comments…I”ll check them out upon my return.

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  1. Wow!! This caught my eye on the front page. It looks beautiful not just for summer but any time of year! I could imagine it with brussels sprouts at this time of year….

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