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Spinach Bacon Quiche



Spinach Bacon Quiche…French Fridays with Dorie

It was teacher appreciation week at my son’s high school.  I volunteered to send in  blueberry muffins on Monday, then Nick read an e-mail about getting service hours for sending in more goodies on Wednesday.  Now how does me cooking count as service for him?  They were looking for quiches and egg casseroles…and when I realized a quiche was in our May queue for French Fridays, I told him we would be delighted to help.

I made both this spinach quiche and another recipe from Around My French Table…the mushroom and shallot quiche with thyme and Gruyere.  I found fresh morels in the market so I bought a few to saute along with the button mushrooms.  I sent the mushroom version in for the teachers as hubby, Bill, claims to be deathly allergic to mushrooms…hahaha. I’m on to him and his “allergies.”  I made these in pie plates vs tart pans for easier transportation (plus I had a tin plate that I didn’t need to be returned)….there wasn’t quite enough filling…a tart pan would have made a nicer presentation.

My oldest preferred  the cheesier spinach mushroom quiche which I featured last fall over this bacon version.  I felt the real winner was the mushroom quiche…oh, boy, do I love the combination of thyme and mushrooms…I only cut a teeny weeny sliver to sample…but how I wish I would have saved a whole slice. I’ll have to make this one again. 

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35 comments on “Spinach Bacon Quiche”

  1. Kudos for getting your son “service hours”! Your quiche looks delicious!

  2. You’ll definitely have to make this one again. I really really enjoyed it but now I think I will have to try the mushroom version!

  3. I, too, loved this recipe. Although reading your post, I think I would
    like to try the quiche with mushrooms. Tricia used frozen spinach in
    her tart and she thought it worked very well. I used baby spinach but
    if there is a good way for a shortcut, I’m for that. Great photos.

  4. What a lovely quiche, buy I have to go check out the mushroom version you mentioned. Seems I can’t get enough mushrooms – they’re so yummy.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. I love quiches and this with spinachs look amazing! delicious, have a lovely weekend! gloria

  6. Looks really delicious, and your quiche has a good amount of crust which is a bonus:)

  7. Very nice. It looks like a perfect breakfast treat. And don’t you love those “allergies” that come up…

  8. The quiche looks wonderful! I’m not a big spinach fan and bacon and cheese quiche is my personal fav. My husband would make short work of your spinach and bacon one.

  9. Baking 2 quiches for your son’s class should have gotten you an A+. I can’t wait to make the mushroom quiche…sounds so good. Your photos are lovely and your quiche looks delicious. Enjoy your week-end!

  10. I love, love, LOVE spinach and baco in a quiche. (I love the mushrooms also) Dorie does it again. And allergies are here to stay and increasing. I work with kids – you just do it.

  11. Ooo I do love a good quiche, yours looks just lovely! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  12. What a delicious savoury tart! That golden crust looks so very enticing!

  13. YUM! I adore quiches in spring and this looks absolutely great! Your food photography is also AWESOME! xxx

  14. You are so good to help your son with his service especially when it involves baking quiches, yum;-)
    They look lovely and I think a very satisfying thing to bake and share;-)

  15. This looks wonderful and I am anxious to give this combo a try. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  16. Lizzy I do love quiche, and this one looks beautiful!

  17. Of course anything with (lots of) cheese is a winner for me!

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  19. Both quiches look lovely! I am looking forward to trying the mushroom quiche after enjoying the spinach-bacon one so much.

  20. Ohhh yeah! Some more French food… send it my way please! :-)))) I love quiches!!! Great combinations of flavors too Lizzy!

  21. I just made my first quiche last week and I can’t stop thinking about it. This one sounds great!

  22. Mine is in the oven right now… my stomach is grumbling between the smell and your beautiful pictures!

  23. This looks wonderful. I’m a huge fan of spinach in quiche! Thanks for sharing!

  24. This looks gorgeous! What a great way to use that bacon in the fridge. Yum!

  25. Love this post! Fabulous! I was just thinking about making a quiche. Thank you for the recipe.

    p.s. I linked to you in my latest post. Hope that’s ok! 😉

  26. What a beautiful quiche! I love that crust – it looks so crispy on the sides!

  27. I love quiche. It’s great that you helped out your son and his “service” requirements at school by sending in some quiche. Both flavors sound really great. I haven’t met a quiche I didn’t like 🙂

  28. What a great idea to bake it in a tin pie plate that doesn’t need to be returned. Your quiche looks so good and the other ones sound delicious as well.

  29. Hi Liz! This quiche is beautiful! I would be all over it if it didn’t have the bacon (being a vegetarian haha), it looks delicious! That mushroom tart you described sounds amazing! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)!

  30. Your quiches look beautiful and I can’t wait to try the mushroom and thyme version! That sounds so good! I’m sure the teachers were thrilled to get to sample these delicious dishes!

  31. Love your spinach and bacon quiche, Lizzy! Will have to check the recipe in Dorie’s book. The mushroom shallot and thyme sounds yummy, as well.
    Such a sweet gesture you did for your son’s school…I’m sure it was gone right away and everyone asking your for the recipe:D

  32. Your quiche looks wonderful! Can’t wait to try the mushroom, since I have some fresh thyme. You definitely get an A+, sharing morels!

  33. Both the quiches you tried sound fantastic, but i am a sucker for morels so I would love to try the mushroom one.

  34. Sounds great! I wish morels were easier to find. I liked the bacony spinach one, but haven’t tried the mushroom version yet. I just put it on the list.

  35. Hi Lizzy! I’m catching up on my reading on your posts today. 🙂 This quiche looks beautiful! I’ve never made a quiche before (yeah it’s about time, right?), and your pictures are totally encouraging me to try one day, very soon. And when I make one, it’ll be spinach and bacon! 😉

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