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Simplest Breton Fish Stew in a white soup bowl

Simplest Breton Fish Soup

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This Simplest Breton Fish Soup brought some toasty warmth to this week’s menu. Dorie Greenspan’s recipe combines a mix of fish, potatoes, herbs and aromatics in her version of a French cotriade.

Simplest Breton Fish Stew in a white soup bowl

Simplest Breton Fish Soup 

After being absent for the past three weeks of French Fridays with Dorie, I had a few options for this week’s post. I could have made the fishy aspic (savory jello, per se) topped with caviar, this week’s assignment, curried mussels, or this Breton Fish Soup. The picky hubby would never partake in any of the three, so a warm, comforting soup seemed most appealing as an ice storm beared down on our neck of the woods.

Simplest Breton fish soup on a green and white checked napkin

Packed with Flavor

Fish stock was supplemented with sauteed onions, leeks, garlic, shallots and celery along with a bouquet garni of parsley, thyme, bay and celery leaves tied with a strip of leek. Potatoes were added to the simmering soup first, then the fish chunks (I chose cod, which was a wee bit too crumbly, and salmon) and lastly mussels. Carrots were an optional addition for a boost of color. Drizzled with a simple vinaigrette of Dijon mustard, champagne vinegar, shallots, minced parsley and olive oil, gave an extra punch of flavor. Truly a lovely complement to the dish. As Dorie suggested, I served this Breton fish soup ladled over a piece of toast. Another terrific idea.  This delectable stew-like soup was the perfect remedy for a cold, dreary day!

You can view the recipe here. Check out a similar Breton Fish Soup recipe from Saveur. Or find Dorie Greenspan’s version on page 96 of Around My French Table. See what the other Doristas thought of this Simplest Breton Fish Soup on the LYL page of the French Fridays with Dorie website.


A few photos from our New Zealand Trip

For those who didn’t see my updates on Facebook, I’ll share a few photos from our phenomenal trip to New Zealand. We flew to Auckland (13 long hours from LA), then to Queenstown and worked our way north through Tekapo, Christchurch(to catch a flight only), Rotorua, and back to Auckland.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand with Mt. Cook in the background

Taking in the incredible view of Lake Tekapo with Mt Cook in the background. The color of the lake was truly breathtaking.

Liz and Suzanne

With my blogger friend, Suzanne, from Strands of My Life, in Auckland for lunch!

MIrror Lake near Milford Sound

Our kids were forced to pose on our way to Milford Sound for a ferry tour–the gorgeous views were pure Polynesia!

Family On Tasman Lake

One of the highlights for me, was a boat ride on Lake Tasman with Tasman glacier in the background—photo taken after tasting ice from an iceberg.

Rotorua View

The view from our Rotorua lodge–where we visited geysers, boiling pools of mud and even toured some glow worm caves (one of the other highlights of my trip)!

Liz with iphone

The kids got a shot of me doing my thing!

Kids in  Hobbiton

Until our visit to Hobbiton, I didn’t know what a Hobbit Hole was. I’ve been fully indoctrinated!

Liz and Bill on New Year's Eve in Queenstown

Toasting in the New Year in Queenstown (my real life friends know the beer is a prop!)

Sailing on the America's Cup Yacht

On the America’s Cup Yacht sailing Waitemata Bay in Auckland! This was a once in a lifetime, dream trip! I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the highlights.

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29 comments on “Simplest Breton Fish Soup”

  1. Your trip looked lovely Liz! And you got caught up so fast! Your soup looks great and I don’t even like fish!

  2. Looks like an amazing trip! I would love to make it over there one of these days. My husband is currently hoarding away airline miles each time we go home:-)

  3. What a fabulous trip you had, Liz! Your family pictures are gorgeous, and of course the scenery is too. I hope to get to New Zealand someday – you’ve certainly inspired me!

  4. The soup was a good choice for such cold weather. Love your NZ photos – the lakes there are so pretty.

  5. Lizzy , I wouldn’t mind a bowl of that pretty hearty soup , it’ll certainly warm up my innards 😀

    What a wonderful trip you had in New Zealand ! I’m expecting to find at least one photo of Legolas but alas , nada lol

  6. Wow Liz, Your trip photos are absolutely gorgeous! Love the last one of you and Bill! Our nephew lives in Christchurch, NZ. It certainly is a beautiful country!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed the fish stew…it was quite an enjoyable meal in my house! Here’s to a fishy month!

  7. The soup looks great, but the photos are totally upstaged by the NZ photos! I’ve always wanted to go there, but have “only” been to Australia. Such a long plane ride! Glad you’ve been indoctrinated to Hobbiton and that you enjoyed your trip!

  8. Breathtaking… wow the mountains are so other worldly. I guess that’s why they filmed The Hobbit movies there. What an amazing trip… well, I’m impressed that you were up to making anything and I think you choose well for a snow storm. Hope it wasn’t too bad.

  9. The soup looks amazing, both light and hearty and comforting, but OMG your New Zealand pics are amazing!! Looks like a wonderful trip! I’ve never been to that corner of the Earth, but I’d love to someday. Wow, gorgeous!

  10. What a gorgeous post, Liz! Love the happy photos of your family, the scenic NZ and yes, that comfy Breton Fish Soup. Thanks for the tip about how to substitute fish stock =)

  11. Liz, I have enjoyed all the photos from your trip, fantastic and beautiful. It is so fun to travel
    with the whole family before they go their own way. Tricia and I are on makeup recipes too,
    and so far everything has been great this month. Fishy, yes, but good too. I plan on the Breton
    soup for next week, and it certainly looks wonderful.

  12. Your New Zealand trip and photos are fabulous (the seafood photos are great too!)

    What a great experience to share with your family! I hope they know how lucky they are to have such a close-knit family –

  13. I hope you found this soup to be the perfect “welcome home” recipe. I was following your NZ photos. Looks like a fabulous trip!

  14. Although I thought I saw all your Facebook pictures, there obviously were some I missed. Thanks for posting them here. You obviously all had a wonderful, memorable time. Your soup looks delicious. I liked this, as well, but I don’t remember my Cod being crumbly but I did feel I could have made better choices regarding fish. Salmon is a good pick. Sorry that you came home to bitterly cold weather and no heat but the happiness brought to mind by those good memories might warm you up a bit. Welcome Home and Happy New Year.

  15. Your New Zealand trip looks incredible and I’d happily eat this soup on a cold January evening!

  16. This soup looks fabulous, Liz! I LOVE all your NZ pictures! Looks like such an amazing time! What a beautiful family!

  17. Oh how I love a nice fish soup or stew. So easy to make, flavorful and healthy. Got to try this version. So jealous of your trip, amazing pics!

  18. Thanks for sharing pics from your trip!

  19. Mmm what a wonderful soup. I haven’t had fish soup in ages…what a treat!
    Your trip looks beautiful Lizzy…but I must say, I LOVE your phone case!! 😀 …and OMG you visited the Shire. Too cool. Just way too cool.

    Wishing you a fantastic weekend! xoxoxo

  20. So wonderful to see you and your beautiful family!! What a fabulous trip that must have been. Your breton fish soup looks fantastic!

  21. This Breton fish soup looks delicious! Love the flavours! NZ looks amazing, definitely country down on my bucket list! 😀

  22. Dear Liz, what a nice choice for this week – your Breton Fish Soup looks like a dream! What a wonderful presentation! And all your pictures from your trip were (are) breathtaking – you must have had the most wonderful time there with your husband and your kids!
    Have a fabulous weekend, dear friend,

  23. Look delicious Lizzy ! And you always look beauty!
    And love your kids pictures:)

  24. Love your cooking & holiday shots, Liz! You’ve such gorgeous-looking kids! Happy Sunday, dear! xoxo
    Luxury Haven

  25. I am sure the soup was delicious, but the trip looks stupendous! Glad you had such a lovely time.

  26. Welcome back. Looks like you had a really good time. Wonderful pictures.

  27. Oh my, what a wonderful trip!

  28. I’m craving your fish soup right now with our gloomy weather. Looks delicious Liz.

  29. The Mr loves fish maybe I could convince him to try this dish. Thanks for sharing your photos you guys sure had an amazing trip!

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