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These Simple Party Soups from Dorie Greenspan make a beautiful presentation. But would they pass the picky family’s taste test?

Simple Party Soups

Simple Party Soups

These simple party soups can be served as “shooters” or more traditionally in soup bowls. Gorgeous with their vibrant hues, they are actually quite easy to prepare. Veggies and chicken broth with bit of salt and pepper are simmered till tender then pureed. Topped with whipped cream flavored with a sprinkling of salt, then either ground cardamom, curry powder or piment d’ESpelette for a boost of flavor and elegance.

Asparagus, red bell peppers and broccoli were the stars…though a little zucchini was tossed in the green soups for some color reinforcement. And the choice of serving warm or cold is up to you. Pretty, no?

Simple Party Soups

Well, are you waiting with baited breath to see if these were Bill approved? I thought so. Well, he’s allowing me to quote him…another profound statement from my dear hubby, “I’d rather have chicken noodle.”

And that’s from a can. Harumph. But I actually thought these were rather bland…and could use a boost from some aromatics such as a few sauteed onions or shallots or herbs or a squirt of lemon juice. But, even without, there’s no doubt they make a lovely presentation…and have gotten the wheels spinning for my next dinner party.

Simple Party Soups

This recipe can be found here as well as in Dorie Greenspan’s marvelous cookbook, Around My French Table. To see what my fellow Doristas thought of this recipe, please check the French Fridays with Dorie site.



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53 comments on “Simple Party Soups #FrenchFridayswithDorie”

  1. This is so cute! Very nice presentation!

  2. soup bowl , i thought is juices

  3. Very pretty! Lovin’ that second pic:@)

  4. I WAS waiting with bated breath to see what Bill thought 😉 At least he tried them, right? Your soups look so pretty !

  5. LOL! Your Bill is pretty funny…And your veggie soup shooters are definitely high-end dinner party material =)

  6. I would be doing a little dance with this trio! Soup is the only way I get through the winter. These sound super yummy, plus I would be getting all my veggies.

  7. They sure do look pretty all set up together in their cute little shot glasses. Too bad presentation can’t make up for the absence of flavor. I guess they’d be easy enough to tweak and build upon, if you wanted to.

  8. These soups look so refreshing! I would not mind having a few of these right now!!

  9. I am obsessed with soup shooters for entertaining. They all look gorgeous!

  10. I adore the presentation!

  11. Pretty indeed! I’ve been wanting to try soup shooters and you’ve inspired me to give it a go.

  12. These soups look adorable and would definitely be great for a dinner party 🙂 Love the pretty colors!

  13. These are so cute!! They are truly party perfect. 🙂 I don’t really drink booze much … so these are my kind of shooters. 🙂

  14. Yeah, my guy prefers chicken noodle over vegetable soups, though he likes my home made variety the best. I think both look amazing. I’m tucking away that tidbit about adding zucchini for a more green hue. Brilliant.

  15. WOW! If I go to a party and these soups were served, I’m going to try EVERYTHING that’s served by the host! It’s beautiful, inviting, gourmet-like… I mean this is wonderful! I wish I can find similar glass and copy this serving. I’m in awe!

  16. Gorgeous presentation. These would surely impress party guests, if not Bill.

  17. Stunning presentation. I think many of us wanted to doctor up the flavors, but chicken soup from a can? Oh, Bill…

  18. I’m on board with your assessment. Too bland and not very special. So I guess it is ironic that I’m on board with Bill’s too. I’d rather have chicken noodle. Lets hope this doesn’t happen very often!

  19. I can’t believe these are soups! When I first opened your post, I thought these were dessert smoothies! Very enticing looking party food! 🙂

  20. Love the idea of these party soups. I would go heavier on the flavor like you in the base of the soup. I also like the shooter presentation, have seen it at a few events. The touch of whip cream on top is awesome. Have a great weekend.

  21. These look yummy Liz, and I love the colors – they’re so vibrant.

  22. Your soups are pretty. We all knew that Bill wouldn’t be a fan, so that’s OK. Have a great weekend!

  23. Bummer. Bill’s streak is one week shorter than it might have been (I know you said the mussels would have broken the streak anyway). I loved the tray of shooters! These are so pretty!

  24. Lovely presentation. Sorry your winning streak came to an end with Bill.

  25. Love that you served them as shooters. I stuck with bowls myself.

  26. Beautiful! The one time I presented gazpacho in a shot glass (posting recipe soon), everyone said how disappointed they were to have so little!

  27. I have never meet Bill but I could hear him say, “I’d rather have chicken noodle.” Weird that yours were bland… did you mix the spices in tha Dorie suggested? I used chicken broth not bouillon.. hmm.

  28. I love your tray and fancy shot glasses! A far cry from the hodgepodge we have around this house. 🙂

    If you get around tweaking these, let us know what you add to improve the flavor.

  29. What a pretty presentation!

  30. Yeah, I felt like the asparagus soup (the only one I made) could have used some kind of flavor booster. Seems like a nice base, it just needs a little something. At least they look good!

  31. What a creative way to serve soup, and so elegant!

  32. Soup cups? Is this a new fad?

  33. I love this idea. Will have to do it next time I have people over for dinner. I have to admit that my husband wouldn’t appreciate these beauties either. I’m sure he’d vote for canned chicken noodle soup, too. LOL He’d rather the same old foods he’s used to and I love to try new things. I guess he’s just stuck with my experimenting since I’m the cook in the house. Luckily, he does like most of what I create. He gives me a 95% rating. Not bad! haha

  34. LOL, oh Bill! I’m sure you make a great Chicken Soup, not from a can! At least they were pretty and he tried them right? 🙂 I’m thinking I might be serving one of these soups for company the next time we have ppl over for dinner!

  35. What beautiful presentation! I love the shooter idea, I’m definitely going to borrow that one! I’m so sorry Bill is not as interested in your lovely dishes, I’d love a taste, whether you thought it was bland or not! I can see these soups presented with a shrimp hanging off one side too!
    Personally, I would roast the red peppers either in the oven or the BBQ and because it’s puréed you need not bother to remove the skin unless it’s super charred (I’d also push it through a fine sieve to get all the icky bits out). I also think roasted red peppers go wonderfully with goats cheese so I would definitely sub out the whipped cream with goats cheese or at least a little crême fraiche. But I do love the presentation for sure!
    I didn’t see a link to the green soup in the photo…will search around a bit more.

  36. Dear Lizzy, These really look pretty!!! and they are healthy. I would probably like them with the lemon too. I love lemon in anything! blessings dear. Catherine xo

  37. Just beautiful , Lizzy!

  38. They may have been bland Liz but they almost look too pretty to eat. I love the colors!

  39. “They look so beautiful Liz! I liked them but I am on a diet at the moment so the fact the I could gulp down the whole pot without feeling guilty must have helped a lot with my assessment!

  40. What a great, fun way to serve soup. I love everything about this!!!1

  41. Lovely presentation! I thought these could use a little something, too. I guess we’ll all be having chicken noodle with Bill this week.

  42. Can I just say, I ALWAYS look forward to your posts Liz! This is such a cool idea, especially since soup in Jamaica at parties is akin to life and air! Also loving the vibrant colours!

  43. Presentation is gorgeous as always – if you served these to me at a party I’d be telling all my friends about the colors, presentation and how healthy they were. I don’t think that chicken noodle would work well for a party shooter. They definitely needed a little customizing and zhooshing up.

  44. Your shot glasses are great! So pretty! I’d rather have chicken noodle too, but these are perfect for a party!

  45. Very attractive presentation! Very French! 🙂 ela

  46. Beautiful presentation, Liz. I am sure they are very tasty too.

  47. Your photos are stunning. Yes, I loved the idea of these as “shooters”. We enjoyed them all but my hubby hit the red pepper one with hot sauce 🙂 Bill’s reaction was priceless. Gotta keep it real !

  48. The presentation is awesome! These would be so cute on a veggie and fruit buffet.

  49. As usual, Liz, your presentation is gorgeous. The colors of your soup are perfection indeed. That being said, the best thing about these three soups was the technique. Although…….something that is so quick and easy does not have the depth that one expects in most soups. I will admit that the red pepper-raspberry was quite tasty. Although I think a shot glass or demitasse cup would be sufficient. A bowl, too, too much. The chicken soup? He’s right.

  50. I love these little soup shooters and the whole idea of how you presented them for entertaining! I know that my Bill would say the same thing as your Bill! Argh! But then, more of us to enjoy, huh?

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