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Shrimp and Cellophane Noodles #FrenchFridayswithDorie

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Would you believe that I wasn’t worried whether Bill would sample the chicken liver gateaux last week, but I had some trepidation about this dish??? Wood tree mushrooms, 5-Spice powder??? Both on his not-so-favorite and “fake” allergy list. So when he arrived home from work and asked “What’s for dinner?” I hedged with “shrimp.” He was OK with that, in fact it even gleaned a compliment as he was dining. Then I saw his plate by the sink…the shrimp were gone, but I don’t think a single shredded mushroom entered his mouth. Oh, well…I still consider it a victory. And, for the record, I enjoyed this Shrimp and Cellophane Noodles.

Once again, I could not find this recipe posted online to share with you…so I’ll briefly describe the preparation. An ounce of dried tree mushrooms was reconstituted in hot water…boy did they expand (as did  the worries of how to disguise)…and then cut into shreds. Cellophane noodles were also soaked, then tossed in toasted sesame oil.  I sauteed finely chopped onions and garlic, then the dreaded mushrooms and shrimp were added and seasoned with sugar, salt and pepper, 5-spice and a pinch of cayenne. I substituted chopped tomatoes for the tomato sauce in the recipe..I liked the idea of more texture. The shrimp was poured over the sesame flavored noodles and garnished with chopped cilantro to serve. A lovely change of pace from our typical meat and potatoes dinners.

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47 comments on “Shrimp and Cellophane Noodles #FrenchFridayswithDorie”

  1. You got your hubby to eat the shrimp – now there’s a victory. Have a good weekend.

  2. Fake allergy ? Love that , maybe I should use it sometime 😀 Wood/cloud ear fungus looks weird , and yup , they do expand , they are almost tasteless and I love the slightly crunchy texture , though I haven’t cooked it for quiet sometime . It is usually added in Chinese hot and sour soup . That dish looks really good and I bet really tasty as well . So , how do you like the ear fungus then ? 😀

  3. Liz, you made me giggle with this. Can just imagine poor Bill with the mushrooms. Would he kill me if I asked if you could liquidize them into the sauce? This looks delicious! Bon weekend, my friend.

  4. Interesting – you might just be in the minority this week! Was NOT a fan.

  5. LOL any small victory still counts 🙂 sounds like you liked this one! I’m waiting for the hubby to bring me some shrimp tonight so I can make this one!

  6. how happy those shrimps looks in that bowl… lovely presentation

  7. “Fake” allergy list… LOL!!! I’m not into shrimp, but I do love mushrooms and this dish may get me to eat the shrimp. It sounds really good. I like the addition of tomatoes.

  8. As always, I would gladly have Bill’s share; you are an incredible cook!

  9. Well, it is nice to read that at least one of us liked this one. It sure looks beautiful.

  10. I like the idea of the diced tomatoes. I think that would bring a little more to the dish than just a tomato puree. As usual, yours looks gorgeous! Looks pretty tasty to me!

  11. Haha, someone said you could blend the mushrooms and add to the sauce! Clever! Love these big shrimp.

  12. This looks wonderful – and as always, your presentation is beautiful Lizzy! Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. I’m glad you enjoyed this shrimp dish with the added tomatoes! I have to say your dish looks very appetizing;-). I wanted to try the dried tree mushrooms but didn’t find them but the dried mix of wild mushrooms I used worked well, my hubs cleaned his plate, lucky me he liked this recipe but I’m not sure he would have been as a thrilled with added tomato sauce, so I’m happy to have left that ingredient out of the mix!

  14. I wander how did he do it: did you serve it with a tweezers? About a decade ago I was the same: wouldn’t eat anything that even had a slight smell or presence of mushrooms (same goes to olives). I didn’t even fake any allergy, I just wouldn’t eat it. Then suddenly everything changed: I was visiting some friends, and they had mushrooms and potatoes for dinner. Either I was very hungry that day or changes do happen, I ate a whole plate of potatoes with mushrooms! From that time I am in love all things mushroom, it’s my meat! 🙂 (I eat olives now too, by the way).
    The dish is delicious, especially with tomato. Shrimps and tomato go so well together! 🙂

  15. How funny…”fake” allergy. You were smart to change your tomato type…seems to have made lots of difference. Yours actually looks good, not many do.

  16. You know we are big lovers of mushroom at our home and I love this dish. I should take shrimps out from the freezer.

  17. The dish looks lovely. I am glad hubby enjoyed the shrimp.

  18. So smart using the diced tomato.. texture was definitely the way to do the tomato.

  19. Oh man you have no idea how much I want this for lunch right now!

  20. Yours looks much better than mine did. I think your husband would have come up with a new allergy had he been faced with my preparation.

  21. The plate looks wonderful and there are no complaint about the tomato on your part, which apparently was a big dissapointment to many. I´m glad you both liked it! I also have a shellfish `allergy´ so I skipped this recipe…

  22. I liked it too! It wasn’t FRENCH, but it was good. I used way less than 2 cups of tomato puree, though, and a squeeze of lemon was a nice finish, too.

  23. You had me laughing about your husband’s “fake” allergies. Mine has them too. I was amazing by the mushrooms “growth” in water. In the end, I was disappointed in this one, but I’m glad that you and Bill both enjoyed it.

  24. I loved the “fake” allergy thing. My husband has them too.

  25. the shrimp look gorgeous, i’m happy he enjoyed that aspect!

  26. I love shrimps Lizzy and this look delicious!

  27. Maybe that is what I have been dealing with in the family all these years – FAKE allergies!! HAHAHHA My Bill tasted it and kind of didn’t NOT like it, but…. We were not fans.

  28. Oh my gosh, Liz…this looks so good. I love shrimp so much….though I’ve yet to work with cellophane noodles. (they seem so fragile!). Beautiful dish! (and I think it’s so funny that you are on to your husbands ‘fake allergy’ list!)

  29. Tell Bill I’ll take is portion of the mushrooms. This sounds like a unique and delicious dinner to me.

  30. Your husband sounds like my son. 🙂 We try so hard to make everyone happy when when we cook… at least he ate the shrimp. 🙂 My son has “fake allergies” too. 🙂 I would love to try this Asian inspired dish. 🙂

  31. First, Liz, I must compliment you on your new site. It’s spiffy and clean and easily read. I did have to subscribe again, as you urged. I wish you’d write a bit more about your experience at the food blogging conference because, from the results on your blog after your return, I think it must have been an inspiring as well as a learning experience. As you already know, this was a dud with me, my first Dorie dud, which, after two years is saying a lot. Like Bill (I love that guy), I picked out the shrimp (made it into a tortilla wrap). I still don’t begrudge trying it as this is just part of the “going by the book” experince.

  32. It’s interesting to see a noodle dish coming from u, Liz! Certainly a delightful dish with prawns.

  33. I love shrimp and Asian flavors, what a great dish!

  34. Liz, what a very pretty presentation of the Shrimp & Cellophane Noodles! To substitute the chopped tomatoes for the tomato purée was a very good choice because the dish looks just wonderful the way you cooked it – I did not even use tomatoes in any shape or form for this recipe but opted for Sriracha sauce instead. How nice that your husband enjoyed (part) of this dish!
    Have a great weekend!

  35. LOL! On the “Fake Allergy List”! So funny.
    The meal looks delicious, I wouldn’t have left a morsel! I love five spice, mushrooms and prawn, I have just never thought to put them together!

  36. Lizzy, send me Bill’s share. This looks delicious and I think even if I were unfortunate enough to be allergic, I’d still eat this dish. Shrimp – yum, 5-spice, yum, mushrooms, yum!

  37. I think it was a good idea to substitute chopped tomato for the sauce – so many folks disliked the tomato sauce in this! I skipped it altogether and my partner was asking when we’d be having it again. He’s a fan of shrimp and mushrooms, though. I think it’s a pretty big victory to get someone to try something they usually don’t touch!

  38. Is this from Around My French Table? I don’t remember seeing this one. . will have to look tonight!! Looks fabulous! yum!

  39. That looks very good with the chopped tomatoes! I am glad it was a hit with you.

  40. I think you made a very wise choice to change out the puree for the chopped tomatoes.
    Lovely presentation 🙂

  41. This sure was an interesting dish…but my husband and I both liked it too! Not sure if I would make it again, but I did enjoy the flavor.

  42. Those big fat juicy shrimps would get my vote every time. Add the mushrooms and I am in heaven. Silly husband.

  43. I love that “fake allergy” list! Your dish looks great and what a good idea for the chopped tomatoes vs the puree.

  44. ha ha h a fake food allergies. I know many people who pull that card. Glad he tried the shrimp. I think the dish looks great. The could change the name of the noodle though…yumm cellophane lol.

  45. This looks scrumptious. My husband is also not too big fan of mushroom.

  46. Beautiful dish, and thanks for all of your gorgeous presentations.

  47. Hi Liz – I read a few reviews of this dish, they were not too impressed it seemed. But yours looks quite nice, I think because you used the chopped tomatoes instead of sauce?

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