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Today’s Tuesdays with Dorie/Baking with Julia hosts are Renee of The Way to my Family’s Heart and Anna of Keep it Luce.  The recipes for this semolina bread can be found on either of their blogs. Please check them out…it’s great fun to see the variations in shaping, styling and to find out if this recipe was a hit or miss with other bakers. 

When starting out today’s baking project, I had no idea what this bread was supposed to look like. Google was no help at all. I was extremely curious whether my flat loaves were the norm or whether I had cruelly deflated them by slashing them with a knife instead of a razor. The dough was quite light and sticky…and with two 2-hour rising times, making it was an all day affair. Then there was the accidental overproofing of the sponge…I also gave that two hours, too, instead of the mere minutes needed…and I had to cross my fingers that the results would be edible. Multi-tasking is not my strong suit… especially when running to the mall to buy the teenage son some sunglasses coincided with the bread making time.

A couple notes…this bread is best fresh. It is great for toasting when it is a day old, but plan to eat it on the day it’s baked.  I would reduce the amount of salt in the recipe. Smeared with butter and jelly, you may not notice, but served alone, your palate will pick up the salty undertones. 

Nevertheless, when the scent of yeasty goodness filled the house, the hubby started asking questions…what kind of bread? Semolina. What is semolina? A flour used to make pasta. Will I like this? Yes. Yes, indeed. He loved this bread.



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