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Scallop and Onion Tartes Fines

Scallop and Onion Tartes Fines #FrenchFridaywithDorie

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Scallop and Onion Tartes Fines: An elegant starter with a crisp puff pastry crust, caramelized onions and succulent scallop slices. Dorie Greenspan’s recipe is just perfect for scallop fans.

Scallop and Onion Tartes Fines

Scallop and Onion Tartes Fines

What was I thinking? I made these Scallop and Onion Tartes Fines last Friday. We’re in Phoenix for Nick’s spring break, so I worked ahead on my French Fridays posts. The puff pastry was defrosted, the pancetta and scallops parked in the fridge. But it was a Friday in Lent and these tempting tarts contained meat. Yikes. No can do. Or more like no can eat.

Scallop and Onion Tartes Fines

Terrific Scallop Appetizer

Trouble is, these scallop and onion tartes fines were supposed to be eaten piping hot from the oven. Puff pastry rounds were weighted and cooked to make the base of this starter. Caramelized onions with either bacon or pancetta was mixed into the onions, then thin slices of scallops were arranged on top. I added a bit of thyme as I love this herb with onions.

A few minutes in a hot oven slightly cooked and warmed the scallops. I made half a batch as this bivalve is another one of hubby’s faux allergies…meaning he’s tried them and has added them to his long (and tiring) “will not eat” list. Tom was by for lunch so he zapped one of my minis in the microwave…and proclaimed, “Not bad.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement. But I thought they were divine…even reheated.

Recipe can be found here.

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39 comments on “Scallop and Onion Tartes Fines #FrenchFridaywithDorie”

  1. I love Scallops Liz. I sure wish we where neighbors because I would have devoured your husbands share! I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  2. Phoenix *sigh*… Soak up some of that sunshine and warmth for me too! Enjoy:@)

  3. “Not bad” I think that’s what we both said too!

  4. I’ve a box of frozen scallops in my fridge & been cracking my head what to do with them. Brilliant, Liz!

  5. Lizzy, I love scallops, but never have made it this way…so clever with the puff pastry, elegant and delicious appetizer! xoxo
    BTW-don’t be alarmed w/all the G+ 1-s on your Google + page…not trying to stalk you; catching up with all your amazing post! xo

  6. Love the versatility of puff pastry, never tried weighing it down. And I am a BIG fan of scallops, this looks great.

  7. Love scallops Liz! Looks divine!

  8. Yours look très délicieux, Lizzy! These were a hit in my house, although I had to make some changes to make them “Bill Friendly”! Have a great weekend!

  9. These looks so amazing!! I think I would be making a double batch.

  10. Love how elegant these tartes look! I love scallops!

  11. Glad to know these reheat well. While Howard did enjoy this one, why do our husbands have such a long “will not eat”, or as Tricia says “do not call” list and we’re more adventurous eaters? Of course, it means more for us! Hope Phoenix was fun.

  12. Love scallops! These mini savoury tarts look divine, Liz.

  13. Great save for Fridays in lent. I love this little tarts and I would have been just happy with the carmelized onions on top.

  14. I had my second tart (I only made two) for breakfast the next day. I couldn’t sell it to my Beloved. I do say you’ve got the puff rounds mastered. I have trouble trying to keep them from over cooking…

  15. Little masterpieces by Liz! 🙂 ela

  16. Such a delicious tart, perfect entree during parties 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  17. Kevin took one bite and gave up on these, unfortunately. I thought they were okay, but I’d have rather seared the scallops and served them separately, I think.

    Yours look lovely and I’m glad they reheated well!

  18. The look and the description just makes me hungry 🙂

  19. Shame about the Lent timing because otherwise I’m sure these would have been more popular. When I saw the title I was quite sure these would be on Bill’s ‘no-go-zone’ list. I’m glad you enjoyed them and I’m sure I would have liked them because I love little tarts. I hope you had a good time with your son on his break xx

  20. My husband would do the happy dance for one (or 12) of these.

  21. Scallops is one thing that I’ve still yet to cook with! I don’t even know why… this looks really good though! Maybe my way of breaking into the scallop world in the kitchen!

  22. Liz,
    I would take one of your Scallop and Onion Tartes Fines zapped in a microwave any day!!! just lovely! sorry you couldn’t enjoy these!!

  23. My seafood loving fame would develop these in a heartbeat! .

  24. The thyme sounds like a good addition. I felt that this needed an herb to bring the flavors together.

  25. I didn’t get to these at all. Yours look delicious though – and kudos for making ahead before jetting off to Phoenix!

  26. I didn’t add any bacon to mine and didn’t miss it. The caramelized onions on their own were so good and rich!

    I hope you keep enjoying your trip with the family. Some of the pictures you’ve posted are stunning!

  27. That’s quite interesting that the scallop isn’t cooked, just warmed. I’ve had scallops and caramelized onions with bacon and they are TO DIE FOR so I know this would be something I would love too. I thought fish was OK for lent, but I’m no expert nor am I at all religious, but I respect that you have such commitment and devotion.

  28. Oh these look so good!
    I would have preferred scallops to bacon any day!

  29. These look Lovely. I love anything with carmelized onions!

  30. Looks delicious, and two tartes will not do it for me, I’d want more 🙂

  31. Your tarts look very elegant. I am glad that you enjoyed them. was not an of the scallops on top – perhaps they would have been better seared.

  32. I made mine on Friday because I did not want the scallops around too long, and then I
    waited for Sunday to eat them. Just a few minutes in the oven to crisp them up. Yours look
    quite delicious and I love that little square plate, it is so cute.

  33. Thyme was a great choice to add to the onions, which were my favorite part of this dish. I don’t think my husband has even tried a scallop and they are on his “will not eat list”. What can you do?

  34. So, I’m asking myself, “Where’s the beef” because certainly you can have scallops on Friday, right? I’ve been working on that one for two days before making a comment. Bacon (or, in your case, pancetta). Light bulb moment. While God isn’t much of a cook, I suspect, he/she is forgiving. So whoever ate what, it’s okay. Your small bites look delicious, by the way. Thyme, a good choice. It appeared on Facebook that you all were having lots of family fun in Sedona. I know it was wonderful to escape the Indiana weather. Great for healing in many ways.

  35. Glad to hear you are having a nice family vacation. We took Runner Girl back to school Sunday – the house seems very quiet 🙁

    Your tarts are beautiful – we enjoyed these, but I keep thinking of things I would change…

  36. Absolutely beautiful, as always. Did you make smaller versions? They look closer to one-bite.

  37. Seriously you had me LOL – first at the “faux allergies” and then at your son’s endorsement. Too funny on both counts. My poor guys are either always so underfed or desperate for a change that they revel in the Dorie adventures and I now find if they don’t immediately start singing praises, my reaction is “what is the matter” ? This is followed up with me explaining that “well if that’s the face I get as you are tasting it, you must not be loving it” and similar defenses of Dorie. In just about every occasion I get a quick “no, no it is good, really good…..I am just figuring out the flavors”. Yes, they must fear for their next meal around here 🙂 At least they know their Fridays are safe. And great job on that Lent discipline !!

  38. LOL At least you enjoyed them, Liz. They look fancy.

  39. Your tartes turned out very delicate and delicious looking!

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