Savarin #TuesdayswithDorie

It’s the 4th of June and I’m featuring the third berry recipe of the month. Not that I’m complaining. I’d never heard of this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie selection, named for a French gastonome. Savarin is a baba cake drenched in a sugar syrup and garnished with a berry compote. Sounds good, doesn’t it? It’s a typical yeast baba dough, but without the usual raisins…and baked in a ring mold. The center was filled with whipped cream, then gently warmed raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and/or sliced strawberries. Poire eau de vie was drizzled over the saturated cake for the finishing touch.

This dough was more like a batter…the first rise taking only 20 minutes and the second just 30. When spooning into the baking pan, the elasticity from the yeast and gluten interaction was quite evident. The cake was baked, cooled, and then the soaking process began…followed by plating and liquoring up with the pear-flavored liqueur. My first attempt with a traditional ring mold would not flip out of the pan…so I took a bite of the piece glued to the bottom of the pan. I was concerned about the lack of salt in the batter, and the sample confirmed my fears. Bland and tasteless. So I remade the cake the next morning, adding a half teaspoon of salt….and crossed my fingers that the sugar syrup and booze would add the sweetness and flavor it sorely needed.

Drum roll….Bill responded “muy tastio” in his best Spanglish, and even Nick declared it “decent” as he shoveled in his slice. Personally, I would prefer using this technique on a pound cake versus the bread-like baba cake. But having a positive review from the hubby was such a rarity when it comes to Dorie’s recipes that I considered this a whopping success.

We are going without a TwD hostess this week, so here is a link to the Savarin recipe and the Baba recipe.

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  1. I have never heard of this cake either, but it looks and sounds wonderful!

  2. This is such a pretty cake, Liz. I love anything with fruit in it. YUM! šŸ™‚

  3. So admire your diligence and dedication to producing gourmet works of art, Liz…Oh and I forgot to add always delicious looking and sounding desserts!

  4. That looks beautiful! It’s nice when it’s a success with the tougher customers in the family, too.

  5. Happier Than A Pig in Mud says:

    Another beauty I’d love to see on my table:@)

  6. I think after trying numerous times the best I’d be able to hope for is your initial version of this cake. šŸ˜›

  7. Beautiful savarin – the berries on top look gorgeous!

  8. I’ll have to ask my mom if she knows about this cake because I’ve never heard of it either. It looks gorgeous, though after what you’ve said, I might be asking for a spoon and will just take care of that center section for you. The berries are calling my name!

  9. Aaw sorry to hear about the first attempt not meeting your expectations. That’s wonderful that your efforts paid off to remake the cake again the next morning because this cake looks phenomenal especially with the raspberries and sugar syrup. Gorgeous!

  10. How strange that you had never heard of this cake. It looks fabulous Liz! And you have to distrust a recipe with no salt… nice change you did to it.

  11. Hi Liz!!!
    Whew! I finally made it!!! I’ve been trying to get here to let you know I’ve rejoined the blogging world and it looks like I couldn’t have picked a more perfect time to visit! Your Savarin looks so welcoming I could dive right in and I just may, lol…I actually baked a Savarin many moons ago and let me tell you, it was no easy feat for me, the girl with yeastaphobia:)

    Thank you so much for sharing…

  12. No salt in the recipe? Every time I’ve seen that it’s been wrong, wrong, wrong! There’s no flavor without salt. Interesting dessert. It sounds like quite a bit of work for what it is but I can’t deny it looks tasty. If you make it, Liz, I’ll eat it. šŸ™‚

  13. Awee..This is such a pretty cake !!

  14. I totally approve of berry recipe and this is a winner. Yum on the Poire eau de vie. Glad it was enjoyed by all.

  15. How pretty! I love the pop of color from the berries.

  16. Beautiful baking and photos, as usual. I am very envious of your perfect looking berries. It’s winter in Australia and we have sad looking berries in the shops…

  17. Just beautiful. Would you call it a cake? If so, please link it in to Food on friday – we now have over 270 fantastic cakes. I just drool looking at the Pinboard of them all. Cheers

  18. Ha! what a unique cake!! Looks wonderful!!! Never heard of this type of cake before but it is sure sounds good.

  19. Simply beautiful, Lizzy! Iā€™m making mine tonight. For some reason, I thought I had another to week. I have always wanted to bake a Savarin.

  20. Your savarin looks wonderful. Your husband sounds like my husband….I’d take one of his reviews (good or bad) any day, as I know he will tell me the truth! This time my hubbie wasn’t here to try it out though.
    This was an interesting cake. I think I’d like to try the babas next.

  21. petal and plume says:

    sweet and so darling, perfect for summer!

  22. Such a classic! And you do such a good job with them!

  23. It’s great to hear from you again Liz. Cheers

  24. Gorgeous pics. Beautiful cake. I did not realize it was missing salt. It did need something else. I bet that was it.

  25. I hope there are more berry recipes coming up. This one is a beauty!

  26. Keep the berry desserts coming! Such a beautiful presentation, your raspberries look pristine :).

  27. Oh, I am not complaining either about all of the berry desserts! As a matter of fact, THANK YOU! I love all of the delicious ways you are finding to use the scrumptious in season berries (besides straight out of the container). This one sounds interesting and a bit tricky to bake. I have made European dessert recipes that use a sugar syrup to finish but never on a yeasty cake. Its so pretty.

  28. Hubby approved is the best kind of stamp šŸ™‚

  29. Lizzy, it’s gorgeous!

  30. I haven’t had one of these since my grandmother stopped cooking and baking. I think I must try it for dear departed Mary Jane. She LOVED a well made savarin and she could eat all of yours. šŸ™‚

  31. Hotly Spiced says:

    I’m so happy Bill is eating something. I do like the sound of this with all those fresh berries. It’s so summery xx

  32. Lizzy,
    The cake is just gorgeous! Too bad the first one stuck in the pan. I was never a fan of baba type cakes and pastries from the bakery but when they’re homemade, that’s a whole different story. The reviews you got proves it.

  33. The cake is beautiful! The fresh berries look wonderful with the cake. Beautiful pictures as always.

  34. What a new beautiful looking cake my friend šŸ™‚

    Choc Chip Uru

  35. Amy Tong says:

    This is such an elegant cake. Looks so grant! I would love a big slice too!

  36. Liz, what a beautiful cake! I changed up the flavors a bit and I liked the taste of my little cakes, just not the texture. I can eat berries everyday! Love this time of year.

  37. I know of this cake from earlier in the year from a friend’s blog. Love the berry toppings. Absolute delish.

  38. Lizzy , this cake looks berry good indeed šŸ˜€ Lovely presentation and wonderful photos as always !

  39. Liz, picture perfect presenttion of your savarin filled with all those wonderful fresh and gently warmed seasonal berries and whipped cream. I enjoyed the simplicity of this recipe and the way it could be presented in so many different ways.
    Have a lovely Wednesday!

  40. nice presentation as always, I love the fresh berries on this cake šŸ™‚

  41. Wow! Those are gorgeous raspberries! All I can get right now are small ones. Very pretty Liz.

  42. You make the most amazing sweets, Liz. The savarin looks gorgeous.

  43. Just beautiful, Lizzy! This looks fit for a special occasion. Who can ever get tired of fresh summer berries?

  44. How beautiful! I can’t wait to make this soon!

  45. “drenched in a sugar syrup and garnished with a berry compote” is a wonderful enticement. The no raisin part helps too. Lovely!

  46. Oh my, I bet this is super super sweet with the syrup and the berry compote! It looks lovely!

  47. I never had this kind of cake Liz, but from your description and the looks of it, I am already in love with it…
    Thanks for introducing me to something new…hope you are having a lovely week šŸ™‚

  48. So beautiful! I love all those berries piled into the center. Thanks for sharing this lovely, summery dessert!

  49. I haven’t had a savarin in ages! They were somewhat popular in the 60s (Julia Child) but I rarely see them on menus these days, and we certainly haven’t made one in the last decade (or two!). Great dish – thanks for this.

  50. good call- pound cake would be awesome with this. Looks beautiful though!

  51. could it be any more beautiful! Almost too good to eat but then again I said almost! LOL!

  52. Such a gorgeous cake Lizzy! I love how you used abundant berries!

  53. I love Baba and i have made it quite some times. Yours looks divine Liz!

  54. Purabi Naha | Cosmopolitan Currymania says:

    I have never baked or tasted a savarin, but, wow, your savarin really looks very tempting! I would love to see more berry recipes here! And cake recipes too!! šŸ™‚

  55. Stunning and beautiful. I had no idea what the dish was from the name… but my eyes were very happy to see this beautiful cake with berries. Since it’s a baby cake… can I eat the whole thing and not share? šŸ™‚

  56. steph@stephsbitebybite says:

    Wow, this is so gorgeous! I think I might forget my manners though and eat all the filling first!

  57. Wow, that is simply gorgeous! You are so talented. Lizzy – sorry for being MIA. We were in Orlando, Florida for a week accompanying our son and daughter-in-law on their honeymoon. They went to Disney World during the day and we saw them briefly in the evenings for a meal. Usually buffet meals! I could not believe how many restaurants (mostly all-you-can-eat) there were in one area. I have never in all my life seen something like it. America is truly a beautiful country with amazing infrastructure.

  58. Liz: This is one of the most good looking desserts that I have ever seen. The berries on top look so luscious that I am salivating — and of course, pinning it!!!!

  59. Stunning cake! I don’t see a problem with posting lots of recipes that use berries. The more berries, the berrier! šŸ™‚

  60. this is absolutely gorgeous! Berries are the best šŸ™‚

  61. Isn’t it fantastic when hubbies do appreciate all our efforts in the kitchen and love what we make šŸ˜‰
    I love your mold as well, Lizzy.

  62. Muy tastio? I love that! Your savarin looks beautiful. I hate having to make something over because I worry I’ve wasted twice the ingredients. In this case I’m glad you remade it.

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